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Policies for listings on 123notary.com

Table of Contents

Zip Codes

One zip per entity

Each notary and / or email address or entity is entitled to one listing with one zip code on file. Please refer to the zip radius sectionbelow to read about which zip codes they would show up in.

Additional zip codes
Signing companies may purchase a "Home" listing where their office is and then purchase additional counties ( additional zip code on file NOT included in price ).   The signing company may then purchase an additional zip code in the new county for $225 (in addition to the price for showing up on the county page) which would entitle the listing to show up in a radius of zip codes in that new county.  Please refer to the zip radius section to read about the policies affecting zip codes


  1. All sales of additional zips must be approved by email by Jeremy Belmont
  2. Customers must read the rules affecting additional zips prior to purchase.
  3. 123notary.com reserves the right to choose where the new and original zip would be placed in a purchase of an additional zip.
  4. 123notary.com also reserves the right to change the additional zip anywhere within the county that was purchased atanytime during the duration of the term of the listing.  ( New rule as of 5-01-07 )
  5. Additional zips must be a minimum of 35 miles away from the home zip or any other zip held by the purchaser to avoid overlap with other zips held by the same individual in the first, or second tiers of the zip code search results.
  6. Notaries can buy one additional zip for the prices listed below.  For a third or more zip the price would be what we quote for signing companies.


  • Uncertified - $300 + book price for the position in the second county
  • Certified - $125 + book price for the position in the second county
  • Elite certified - $100 + book price for the position in the second county
  • Certification by agencies other than 123notary.com are not recognized.

Placement within zip codes
We do not guarantee how you will be placed within a particular zip code if you have a fixed placement on 123notary.com. The reason is that there could always be overlap from listings in other nearby areas. A listing will show up in a radius from their zip code. As of July, 2006, there is a standard (8) mile radius that notaries would be listed in. You may have the guaranteed 5th place by county and show up in 2nd place simply because you are outside of the radiuses of the other notaries. Placement is guaranteed by county or subcounty but not by zip.

Zip radius information
As of July 2006 there is a standard (8) mile radius. A notary listing should show up in 85%+ of the zip codes in their radius. In the future, we will be changing the radius on an area by area basis. Congested areas might have the radius reduced by a few miles while rural areas might have a wider radius.

Missing zips

Our zip locator system is 90% perfect. You will not show up in ALL of the zips within your radius. We guarantee that you would show up in at least 85% of the zips within your radius or we will allow you to switch the zip code on your file to another nearby zip code that shows up better in your radius.