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Policies for listings on 123notary.com

Table of Contents

New Listings

A listing on 123notary.com entitles you to:

  1. A listing on 123notary.com for one year and expires the first day of the following month of the next year.   If you get a listing on March 11, 2005 it would expire April 01, 2006.  We also sometimes include a few days grace period if you are late paying your bill.
  2. Your listing will show up in your local county and/or subcounty page ( applies only to CA ) and whatever cities that are in your county and/or subcounty.
  3. Your listing will show up in at least 85% ( generally an average of 90% ) of the zips within a radius of your zip code that's on file on your listing or we will let you change the zip to a neighboring zip that shows up better.  Please refer to the zip radius section to learn the details of zip radius policies.  Your listing will NOT show up in all zip codes of the home county and additional county(ies) you purchased but only 85%+ of the zips in the radius for the zip on file on your listing.
  4. If you purchase additional counties you will NOT show up in the zip code search for those areas unless they fall within your radius.   We only allow the purchase of additional zip codes under very special circumstances.  Please read the zip code section below.
  5. Please allow 2 to 5 days for your listing to go online.

Names on Listings

  1. One name per listing. Each notary listing may have only one name on it. If an additional person wishes to share your listing with you, please add their information in your NOTES section, and not in the name field. Or, it might be a better idea to have a company name, to add the impression that you are a larger company with multiple notaries. 123notary.com keeps stats on individuals, and we can not keep accurate stats if the names on a particular listing are always rotating. Additionally, it may be confusing for the browser not to know exactly who they are doing business with.
  2. Husband and wife teams. 123notary.com has the right to choose whether we will allow a husband and wife team to use both of their first names on a listing: i.e. Jane and John Doe. 123notary.com has a one name per listing policy, but sometimes makes exceptions.
  3. Company names. Notaries may list any company name that is registered to them on their listing on 123notary.com UNLESS the name has keywords that cause that page to show up instead the corresponding city page. In such a case, 123notary reserves the right to not publish the company name on the listing, or to not allow it to be shown on the search results page. Our research indicates that listings with company names slightly outperform listings with personal names. You may choose to indicate the personal names of individuals working at your company in the notes section of your listing.
  4. Changes to names. We don't allow transfer of a listing to a different individual. However the new individual can buy your positioning in an area if you leave the area or go out of business. Just email 123notary.com to inform us of a name change. Common changes include changes to surname after a marriage or divorce. Also, changes in middle names or initials are common.

Dysfunctional Listings

If your listing becomes completely dysfunctional on 123notary.com, meaning that NONE of your contact methods function, then we reserve the right to disable your listing. Your listing would still be in our files, but it would not appear online. This is to ensure that 123notary.com has quality listings online so that our browsers will have the best experience with our site possible. A completely dysfunctional listing would have phone numbers that are all disconnected, and an email that does not function. We would know that your email didn't function if we receive response emails from the network telling us that there was a fatal error. Also, someone would have to let us know that the listing was dysfunctional for us to even be aware. If you are nervous about this policy, simply put two email addresses in your file and many contact methods. That way, even if you move or experience problems with one contact method, your other contact methods would still function. If your listing was disabled, we can put it back online within 24 hours if you contact us by email so the problem can easily be remedied.

Expired and deleted listings

A listing purchased on 3-11-05 would expire on 4-01-06.  We sometimes give a few days grace period if you are late paying your bill. We generally call notaries a few days before or after the due date if they still haven't paid their renewal fee.  We generally delete notaries a few days after the due date if they are late renewing but we usually give them at least two days after we give them a courtesy call before we delete the listing.  If  a listing has been deleted due to failure to renew on time, it can sometimes be revived at the discretion of 123notary.com.


123notary.com does not give refunds for listings under any circumstances. Listings are always for one year.

We reserve the right to remove listings due to complaints or misconduct without offering any type of prorated refund, unless the prorated amount owed is in excess of $60.


We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone. We would not refuse service to someone unless we had a track record of complaints against the notary or unless they created enough problems with us of any nature.

Notary Competency

All Notaries listed on 123notary must get a 70% on our official Notary Test which includes questions about Notary Acts, Journals, Certificates and general Notary procedures. The study guide is on our blog and is called Notary Public 101.


To initially get certified on 123notary, the Notary must pass our online quiz or phone quiz. To stay certified, we quiz Notaries by phone to assure reliability of results soon after they pass their online exam and periodically after that as we feel necessary which in most people's cases would be once every two years. Those who do poorly on our quiz might have their certification removed. However, they have the right to study and quiz again.

We normally require 80% on questions relating to Notary competency, loan documents, and handling scenarios that deal with loan signings. Elite Certification requires an even higher and unstated score and also many questions on more obscure topics. We do not have a policy as to whether or not we charge for quizzing and requizzing as that is up to us.