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Policies for listings on 123notary.com

Table of Contents

Top Place Listings and Certification

Listings with p#13 to 20 on 123notary.com are considered top place listings and have fixed placement.  There can only be on p#14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 within one county or subcounty. P#13's we allow more if there are too many people in an area demanding top placement and seniority would determine which p#13 showed up above the others. Those notaries with top place listings are REQUIRED to pass our certification test as soon as they can. The penalty would be a much higher renewal fee. The purpose of the higher renewal fee is to weed out the uncertified notaries from the higher positions.

Moving up the list
When notaries do not renew their top spots on 123notary.com, we reserve the right to put someone of our choice in the empty spot. Generally we would choose a local certified notary to put in the spot. We might ask for an upgrade fee or might put the notary in the spot at no extra charge until the end of their term for their listing on 123notary.com.

Prices for top place listings
Prices for top place listings are determined on the quote page which gives customized quote for each position in each area. Prices change over time. Quotes for renewals are determined based on how competitive the area and whether or not the notary on the listing is certified by 123notary.com.


To renew a listing with p#13 or higher, the notary must have passed the certification test.
If the notary is not certified by their renewal date, then they can get a p#10 or lower renewal unless authorized otherwise.
If a notary with a p#8 listing passes the certification test, their p# will rise to a p#9.
If a notary with a p#10 listing passes the certification test, their p# will rise to a p#11.
If a notary with a p#10 listing passes the "elite" certification test, their p# will rise to a p#12.
A free listing with certification will have a p#5.

Notaries with a p#5 listing must email us every year to request a free renewal for an additional year when they get the renewal email.

Certification by 123notary.com is valid as long as you keep your listing.