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Notary Public Resource Page

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    Find information on hundreds of signing companies. Ask Carmen our loan signing expert, read about legal, technical and humorous notary issues and more...
  • List of Signing Companies
    Find information on hundreds of signing companies. Find out if they are popular with notaries or have pending complaints. Links to forum posts regarding specific companies are included in many entries.
  • 123notary Blog
    Notary tips, marketing tips on saving money, travel articles, and more.
  • How to Make Sure You Get Paid
    How to ask for references, how to thoroughly research companies, keeping records, and a compelling letter that gets notaries paid almost 100% of the time. 17+ techniques that will ensure that you get paid.
  • 123notary.com/T Tips Database
    Find hundreds of notary tips using your mobile phone. If you are at a signing, and have a last minute problem or question, use our tips database to find the answer. Look up by keyword or category.
  • Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Listing
    Tips for getting more visits to your listing and more work. Topics include: getting certified, having extensive notes, serving additional areas, company names, having a website and more...
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    Find out what the average click rates are in your county, state, p#, or in the USA as a whole on a monthly basis.
    Login to your listing to learn your individual click average and compare it to your county and other areas.
  • Q&A
    Information about: what a notary is; becoming a notary; the notary commission; errors and omissions insurance; identification; credible witnesses; capacities; notary procedures; backdating; translations; notarizing non-English speakers; notarizing photo's, immigration documents, wills, birth, marriage, and death certificates; employer employee relationships; journal information; faxed documents; becoming a mobile notary; mobile notary fees; marketing mobile notary services; learning loan signing; and much more...
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    Tips for Title, Escrow, and Signing companies to find the best notaries.
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    Tell all the benefits of being a browser member
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    Learn about other notary and signing agent related sites. Sites include other directories and notary public education organizations.
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    What is a mobile notary, what can they charge, how to become one, what is the best way to market my service and more...
  • Glossary: New
    Definitions of 285 important notary, mortgage, signing agent, and loan signing terms.
  • Notary Public Definitions and Information
    Information about notary public, becoming a notary public in each of the 50 states, term of office, jurisdiction, information on notary acts and tools and signing agent information.
  • Loan signing courses and certification
    This page has a long list of loan signing courses and combos, lists of signing companies, a certification test, and a book about marketing your mobile notary & loan signing services.
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    An early history of the notary public profession.
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    Lists all important pages that are 123notary.com including general pages, product and services pages, and pages of interest.
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    Quick basic information about becoming a notary, mobile notary, or signing agent.
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    Legal issues including identification, name variations, what "personally known" means, hospital notarizations and more...
  • Notary Public or Notary Private?
    A closer look at employee employer notary relationships.
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    A collection of our most interesting and humorous posts from the last several years.
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    Answers to most commonly asked questions to our customers most frequently asked questions.
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  • Notary Seal Embosser Stamp Information
  • Notary Documents - Information about documents that are commonly required to be notarized.
  • Notary Acts - Official acts commonly performed by notaries public.
  • How to become a successful mobile notary / signing agent
  • How to create an effective notary website
  • Bond, Certificate, Journal Definitions

Notarization Information

How do I become a notary?
To become a notary. First contact your local state Notary Public division. The contact info for Notary Public divisions has the contact information for all fifty states' Notary Public divisions. They will give you a booklet about state Notary Public law and information about applying for your commission.

Purchasing a Notary Public law primer from 123notary.com can help you prepare for your state's Notary Public test (if your state has one). For notaries in California, 123notary.com sells a book entitled, Preparing for the CA notary public exam. We sell both of these books in our bookstore. Just click on the books & supplies link to the left.

We also recommend taking a seminar (especially in CA) in addition to purchasing both of these two books. Unless you are willing to take the chance of perhaps failing your test the first attempt, a seminar is recommended. 123notary.com does not have any contact information about seminars at this point. The Notary Public law primer is good to read before the seminar, and to keep it as a reference for as long as you are a Notary Public.

How do I become a mobile notary or loan signing agent?
To become a mobile notary you need to provide a service where you go to the clients location which could be a home, office, hospital, or jail. Roughly 80% of mobile notary work is in loan signing. Loan signing, escrow, and title companies hire notaries to do loan signing. They pay anywhere from $50 to $150 per loan signing. We recommend purchasing our book, How to market your mobile notary & loan signing services or one of our loan signing courses.

How do I find signing companies to work for?
123notary.com has a list 50+ Signing companies that you can purchase. We also have a short free list of signing companies to contact. Please click on the button on the left entitled "Signing Companies".

How do I become a competent loan signing agent?
For a very professional comprehensive course and test on loan signing, please order one of my
loan signing courses, or combo's. My course covers everything from the major documents, to record keeping, to marketing your service, to listings of signing companies. This is a great way to jump-start your loan signing career.

For a description of the 123Notary.com loan signing course, click here.