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Main number - 310-210-6319 Please try this number FIRST since it will dial five numbers of our reps without you having to call each one separately.
Carmen - 323-734-2494
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Please click here to send us an email - I check my emails many times each day and even late at night. Requests for passwords and updates MUST be done only by email. Thanks you.

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How do I become a California notary public?
How do I become a notary outside of California?
How do I become a loan signer?













SALES - Help choosing the right products or books

Email - You can email Jeremy ( the owner ) by sending an email with the word "Inquiry" (and no other words please) in the subject bar and send it to jeremybelmont2004@gmail.com. Please keep the emails short and to the point. I generally check my emails three times per 24 hour period so I will have your question answered ASAP. I can very easily recommend the right product for you very quickly.

Phone - You can call Carmen for SALES INQUIRIES ONLY.

Please do NOT call this number for updates, shipping problems, e-course problems, general questions, or anything else. For all of the above types or problems and questions please visit the email section of www.123epayment.com.

Carmen's phone number is 888-838-1458.


Which books should I buy to become a notary?

To become a notary in CA, the CA exam combo CA#1 is a very thorough preparation for becoming a notary. If you want to learn loan signing too, then combo CA#4, or CA#5 are excellent preparations. Loan signing courses do NOT prepare you for the state notary exam, they prepare you to make an excellent living after you pass your state's exam. If you want to purchase notary basics made easy or the home study course too as a supplement, that is a great idea. However, notary basics and the home study course are NOT exam prep courses, they simply train you about notary procedure to help you be a better notary after you become a notary.


Phone numbers for our sales staff.

Please don't call our sales staff for customer service or general questions, these are handled by email ONLY generated from the email section of www.123epayment.com. Our sales staff is interrupted with many calls unrelated to sales every day that they are not authorized to handle. It disrupts their ability to give quality assistance to those who need sales help or certification test.

Please only call our sales staff with questions pertaining to which product or books are best suited to your needs. For all other questions, please click on a suitable link below.

For a sales phone number, please click here.

For e-course problems, click here.
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For ALL other questions, please click on the email link on www.123epayment.com
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Taking a certification test.

Please email us from the email section of 123epayment.com to request a password for the certification test.






Shipping issues.

If you did not get your product within 5 business days, you can assume that there could be a problem. Simply send an email with the word "Inquiry" and no other words in the subject bar to jeremybelmont2004@gmail.com . I check my emails three times a day so your problem will be resolved ASAP.
Please do not call our sales staff with shipping related problems. They are not authorized to handle this kind of problem. Shipping is handled by email only.

Simply state:
1. "My shipment did not arrive."
2. What you ordered
3. The date of your order.
4. Amount spent.
5. Your name, address, and phone number.

How do I become a California Notary Public?

To find out information about requirements for getting your notary commission (like whether or not you need to take a test and when the tests are etc.), please contact your state's notary division. Contact information for all states is available at www.notarypublic.com

Since I am from California, I know more about the procedure here than any other state. California does have a proctored exam that you must pass with a 70% or higher to become a notary public in this state. I am unfamiliar with the procedures for other states. Each state is completely different.

How to become a California notary

To become a California notary public you need to pass a test administered by an agency that contracts with the government. Please contact the secretary of state's notary division at 916-653-6814. You will need coursework to help you pass the exam. Please visit the California page of www.becomeanotary.us to read about our various combo's. Combo CA#1 is ideal if you need a thorough combo to get you through the exam. Combo's CA#4 and CA#5 get you through the exam and teach you loan signing too. CA#8 includes all of the material in CA#5 and many additional supplementary books too.














How to become a notary outside of California

For people in New York, please visit the New York page of www.becomeanotary.us. We have various course materials to help you get through your exam. For all other states, please call your state's notary division. Contact information is available on www.notarypublic.com. . Just click on the word "State" at the top right of the page. It is also advisable that you purchase a notary law primer or handbook so you know the laws of your state. Please visit the bookstore of www.becomeanotary.us to read about the law primers and other helpful books.













How to become a loan signer

To become a loan signer, you must first be a notary public in your state. It is highly recommended that you take a course in loan signing so that you will know about the documents and procedures involved.

Please visit the loan signing course page of www.123notary.com to learn all about our various loan signing combo's.





Problems with e-courses

If you have any kind of problem with an e-course or did not receive your e-course, this problem can easily be remedied by email. Please don't phone us with e-course related problems, we only handle this by email.

Please visit the email section of www.123epayment.com and click "Buy" on the free e-course problem form. I check my emails 3 times per 24 hour period and I'll get your problem solved ASAP.





Problems with e-courses

If you have a problem or need a password for your e-course, please visit the email section of 123epayment.com and send us an email from there.

Learn how to become a mobile notary / loan signer.

To become a mobile notary, all you need is a notary commission and a car. Most mobile notary work is loan signing. Our sister site 123notary.com has many loan signing courses that teach general mobile notary work as well as loan signing. The book entitled marketing your mobile notary and loan signing services is another excellent resource. Please visit 123notary.com for details.

Top loan signers make $60,000 to $100,000 per year. It is relatively easy for a signer to make $50,000 their first year. I recommend about 20 hours of study time studying loan signing educational materials before you start your career. 123notary.com also offers lists of signing companies to market yourself to.

How do I become a notary?.

To become a notary in California or New York, you must first pass an examination given by your state. www.BecomeANotary.us sells excellent preparation materials for both exams. You must contact your state's notary division to find out how to apply to take the exam.
The California notary division's phone number is 916-653-6814.
To find the NY state notary division's phone number, please visit www.notarypublic.com.

To become a notary in another state, we recommend purchasing one of the notary law primers if your state has one. Please contact your state's notary division to find out the procedure to become a notary.
Contact information for all states notary divisions is available at www.notarypublic.com







Instructions for paying online.

1. Please visit our sister site www.123ePayment.com to pay online.
2. Please look on the left hand part of the home page of www.123ePayment.com to find the category of product you are interested in.
3. Then click on the category.
4. Then, scroll down until you find the product you were interested in.

123ePayment.com is very easy to use. If you have any trouble, please call us at 888-838-1458.









Instructions for signing up for a listing online.

Please click here to sign up for your listing.

Please don't elect to get the free listing unless you linked to us from a qualified web site otherwise your listing will not go online.

Instructions for updating a listing online.

Please visit the update section of 123epayment.com and fill out the update form, OR, you can visit the email section of 123epayment.com and request a password.







Order over the phone.

Please call 888-838-1458 after 8AM PACIFIC TIME to order.

We will need your:
Credit card #
Expiration date
Your phone number
Your address where the products will be shipped.

The whole process usually takes about one and a half minutes.





Order by e-check

Sorry, we no longer accept faxed checks or e-checks. We had too many returned checks.

Order by www.Paypal.com.

Please follow the steps below to pay by paypal.

Step 1.
You need an account with paypal. We can't provide customer service if you have any confusion with them because we are also confused by their system. If it is too confusing, just send a check in to us. Paypal will email a confirmation email that will allow you to start using your account. You can't use the account without the confirmation.

Step 2.
After you have an account, login on the top left of www.paypal.com, then, click where it says SEND MONEY near the top center of the page. Follow the instructions from there. Please send funds to my personal email address which is jeremybelmont2004@gmail.com

Step 3.
The notes section. Don't forget to include all pertinent information in the notes section like, your Name, Address where the package should be sent, phone number, and items you are purchasing. If you omit any of this information, it will cause confusion.

Step 4.
Please send me an "Inquiry" email from the email section of 123epayment.com to alert me that you have sent funds via paypal. Please state in the notes section, "Paypal order sent, please check account". Please don't email me until the funds have been transferred. Thanks for ordering from 123notary.com.

Order by money order.

To order by money order, please write a money order
payable to 123notary.com
for the correct amount and send it to:
5850 W 3rd St Unit E #365
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Please include a brief note stating which materials you wish to purchase and where you would like them to be shipped.

Money orders sent in the mail will be processed in 15 to 45 days ( from the date the payment is mailed to when you receive your product). If you are in a hurry, please send a form of online payment like credit card or paypal which would be processed within 24 hours.













Order by Fax.

We no longer accept payments via fax.









Return policy.

If you purchase a product on www.123notary.com, www.becomeanotary.us, or www.123epayment.com, you are entitled to the benefits of our return policy. Our return policy is as follows.

1. "Redundant Product" Returns.
If you purchased a "Redundant Product" meaning a product that is already in a combo that you are purchasing. You are entitled to a full refund (not including the shipping costs) of the additional product within (21) days of purchase. For example, if you purchase the full loan signing course and also the marketing combo, that would be redundant because part of the marketing combo (the marketing course) is a based on several chapters of the full loan signing course.
Please read the Return procedures section.

2. The (3) day return policy.
If you purchased a product by accident, or later realized you bought the wrong product, or changed your mind about the purchase, you are entitled to a full refund within (3) business days of the purchase date on your invoice or the date on the postage of the letter you send (if you purchased by mail).
Please read the Return procedures section.

3. The (21) day return policy.
If you purchased a product and changed your mind about wanting it after your (3) day right to a full refund has expired, you are still entitled to a 75% refund (shipping charges are not refundable) if you return it within (21) days of the purchase date on your invoice. The remaining 25% is a restocking fee. It costs a lot of time and funds to move books back and forth from my office to the warehouse etc. The books must look "Unread" and "Untouched", otherwise I can't refund anything on the particular books that look used.
Please read the Return procedures section.

Return procedures. You should call 888-838-1458 first before doing a return.
Please send your:
A note explaining your return that includes your phone number and address where you would like your refund sent to.
OR A note explaining your return that includes your credit card number, expiration date, address, phone number, and email address. so I can refund the money to your credit card.
The products
Please send all of the above to:
Jeremy Belmont
5850 W 3rd St. Unit E#365
Los Angeles, CA 90036

The 4 day delivery policy.

Please read the terms of our 4 day delivery carefully. It is important that you understand all of the terms. 4 day delivery shipments are shipped by FEDEX 3 day express saver. We allow ourselves 4 days because the warehouse sometimes needs an extra day to get the shipment out.

1. (4) day delivery shipments will be shipped to you within (4) business days not calendar days of your purchase date on your invoice if you asked for signature release on your shipping. If you did not order signature release, FEDEX will attempt to deliver to you within (4) days of your purchase date. If nobody answers the door, they will make 2 more attempts on the next two days.

2. The (4) days period starts the day of the purchase assuming that you made your purchase online before 1PM Pacific time (4PM Eastern time). If you order after that time, the (4) day period starts the next business day.

3. If your order does not arrive, please call us on the 5th day. We will help you track the package. Please don't call before the 5th day because it is necessary to allow reasonable time for handling in addition to the shipping time.

4. Very few packages will be late according to the guidelines of this (4) day delivery shipping system. Only about 5% of packages will arrive late (or have late "attempted" delivery) probably due to communications errors of one sort or another.

5. If you ordered by check, money order, or paypal, your order will require more time to be delivered. We will still ship it out 2 day air. However, it won't be shipped as soon because it will take more time to process your order. If you ordered by phone, your order might take an additional day in some cases. But it should normally come as soon as if you ordered online.






Notary divisions for all states.
Please visit the bottom section of the forum accessible from the home page of 123notary.com. You can find contact information for notary divisions of all states to help you become a notary public.

















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