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Mobile Notary / Signing Agent Discussion Forum
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Top Oldies

Peter Newell: It is time for a class action lawsuit. Contact me with your name and amount owed. I am starting a list of possible litigants. ...
about 1 month ago.

Notary Notice on Getting Paid
Lee-AR: Ah, well...it sure can't hurt to let them all know their middlemen aren't paying notaries timely or at all as failure to pay will ...
about 1 month ago.

Getting paid
edelske: This is all so silly. Why do you "get paid later"? I did this for 15 years in NYC and all "new" clients paid via PayPal "up front". Once ...
about 1 month ago.

The Notary Cloud
ftsolutions: I did a closing on November 5 and have not received payment, I have called, sent emails and text messages and have received no reply.
about 1 month ago.

Lee-AR: Good company (aka Xome). They have an App (which I don't do). Pay quickly bi-monthly thru Direct Deposit. Pkgs range from 130 to 160 ...
about 2 months ago.

Title Companies
Big John K: I was contacted by title365 tonight. The want NNA certification and $25,000 E&O plus a ton of paperwork for a $90 ReFi, when I told them ...
about 2 months ago.

EMD Settlement Group
Big John K: quote:Originally posted by jbelmont Has anyone worked for EMD Settlement Group before? I have completed four signings for Beth ...
about 2 months ago.

Enough is Enough
JZeiger: In Pennsylvania, if "Notary" is listed on the CD, the borrower is ultimately responsible for your fee.
about 5 months ago.

New Posts

Do you know your notary acts?
Lee-AR: ...
about 28 days ago.

If you add a certificate, what is the biggest risk
Lee-AR: They lose it. Then you get into a hassle with them about providing a 'new' one--and they want it backdated, don't want to pay for another ...
about 1 month ago.

New Jersey Notary Public Manual
walthtz: What I am saying & the way I interrupt is that for an ID to be considered it must be valid. quote:Originally posted by jbelmont So are ...
about 2 months ago.

The first person to get vaccinated
jbelmont: England has a brand new and improved version of Covid. I call it Covid 3.0 and it comes with new features. It spreads faster. What ...
about 3 months ago.

If you forgot your forum password
DebraC: This is a test of my new account to see that I can post!
about 4 months ago.

Happy, healthy Thanksgiving to everyone.
jbelmont: Just for the record, I had Indian food for Thanksgiving. My gathering had only one person, (me) and I did not wear a face mask. I had ...
about 4 months ago.

Connecticut notaries
Lee-AR: Not in CT. What new law has gone into effect? If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
about 4 months ago.

Don't use a desktop
Lee-AR: Amen. "try to live their entire life on gadgets" So do companies with their Apps. No way to run a business, imo. If you don't value ...
about 5 months ago.

Recent Posts

Biden Presidency & Notaries
jbelmont: Our state is leftist beyond repair. I don't think writing the government (congress) will do any good as I am so outnumbered. They want to ...
about 2 months ago.

You're fired!
jbelmont: The "You're Fired" guy's term is up in a few days -- just for the record. For the next four years we will have someone who likes "Dignity" ...
about 3 months ago.

Great Lakes Settlement And Closing
jbelmont: Have you looked them up on Notary Rotary? They have the most comprehensive information on signing companies out there. That is no guarantee ...
about 3 months ago.

Should a Notary act as a document witness?
Lee-AR: In a perfect world, disinterested 3rd party witnesses would always be available and willing.. In my world, they're not--so following your ...
about 4 months ago.

eSignatures, eNotarizations, RON, vs. iClose
Lee-AR: Beats me. May come a day when one of these proves itself, but, imho, it won't happen for ???? Maybe not ever. Too many moving parts to ...
about 4 months ago.

How big of a consideration is Covid19?
rflahnma: This is a test of a revived account. Roosevelt Flahnma
about 4 months ago.

Thanks for keeping it real 123
jbelmont: That is correct. Instead of brainless cattle calls, the hiring party can select a Notary based on reviews, personal style, the type of ...
about 4 months ago.

Which eNotary systems do you recommend or use?
Lee-AR: None. Not interested. High cost & practically no demand equates to negative ROI. This, of course, is a state-specific opinion. If you ...
about 5 months ago.

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