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New Posts by jbelmont

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07/27/2017  1:22:37 PM by: Lee-AR Jump to Last Post

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The Notary Cloud Has anyone worked for The Notary cloud? Las Vegas, NV  
I have completed three assignments for them: #1 the doc packages are very large--200+ pages #2 They pay only 1/3 of the fee if there is a no sign In our rural area it is common to travel 40+ miles one way to meet signers. #3 My suggestion is get specifics before you accept an assignment!  ollie
I accepted a closing from this company and never got a confirmation. On the day of the closing, at 10am which was the time of the closing, I got a message that the docs were ready! In the meantime I had scheduled others. Anyway, a woman called me all ticked off and hung up on me. Not good for a newbee-  lanerocket
Haven't worked with them, but did get a call today for way too far away and man nearly had a coronary when I told him I'd do it for $XXX, but Appt. had to be moved to later in day due to distance. BTW, my fee for similar has been accepted by other companies, so I'm guessing this is a low-pay company.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
New Posts by catmama47

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07/26/2017  3:01:06 PM by: bakerbee Jump to Last Post

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Notary4Loans - Are they still in business? I did some loan signings for this company back in 2015. They're a great company, always paid on time. I didn't have any signings from them in 2016. I tried to contact the owner, Mark Formica, left a message, no response. Is he still in business? I would have appreciated it if he would have just left a response to my voice mail?  
Just got a call from them tonight. First time to do a loan with them. Will see how it goes. =^..^=  bakerbee
Signing Companies
Hot Topic with New Posts by n/a

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07/27/2017  1:58:52 PM by: mariabakies Jump to Last Post

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Beware of Notaries Express Signing Service Notaries Express of Walnut Creek, Ca does not pay if the loan doesn't fund, Beware! 
We should all just say no to the stipulation ( No fund no Fee ) then they will begin to wave that due to pressure and in time drop it. RAP  22806
This company doesn't pay! And they are mean about it Run! Do not work for them  On the Go
For the second time....I have had to chase down my fee from them....this time..two months overdue! I have just found out they have a "no fund, no pay" policy....which should apply to their clients, but they apply it to their service providers. So if a loan doesn't close you won't get paid. Mary K. Villalba  estre68132
I just spoke to Judy at Notaries Express. She was very professional and communicative. She asked what I would charge for a reverse (after establishing that I had never done any), and she quickly approved the fee I requested, saying they pay in 30 days as long as I turn in my W-9 and credentials. Then, without provocation, she said she would waive the "no fund, no fee" policy, and she did include it in the order in writing. Unfortunately, shortly after I received the order and called to confirm with the borrower, I got a voicemail from Judy saying that the signing had been cancelled by the borrower. Kind of strange since I had just talked to him, but things happen, I s'pose!  StLLadyT
No fund- no fee policy. Won't work for any company with this policy. How do we know if it didn't close unless we call the borrower or title co. If you contract to do work, and you didn't make any mistakes, you get paid regardless. Sorry all you no fund- no fee companies, that's the real world.  Dannotary
Originally posted by Dannotary
No fund- no fee policy. Won't work for any company with this policy. How do we know if it didn't close unless we call the borrower or title co. If you contract to do work, and you didn't make any mistakes, you get paid regardless. Sorry all you no fund- no fee companies, that's the real world.
Right you are Dan. My answer is PayPal up front. Then the motto for the notary becomes: No fund - no care. It was NOT your fault. As you so correctly said "you didn't make any mistakes" then you (per MY policy) have no reason to refund! Kenneth A Edelstein Mobile Notary, Apostille / Legalization Processing & Fingerprinting http://www.kenneth-a-edelstein.com  edelske
This outfit is completely unscrupulous. I handled a signing for them on 6/24. I left for vacation on 6/27. On 6/28 I received a call from them regarding the fact that I missed one of two signatures on a Name Affidavit. I was told to contact the borrower and set up a time to rectify the situation immediately. After some harassment by William Croce, I informed them that I was out of state on vacation and would handle it upon my return. He said he would get another notary. Fine. Then, on July 13 (over two weeks later!), I get a call asking me to go out and get the doc resigned. Ok. Did it, and acknowledged it the day it was signed (7/13). They then tried to tell me that I was to BACKDATE it to the original signing date. After, some discussion in which I let Mr. Croce know in no uncertain terms that I had no intention of doing so, I received a call from someone else at the company, whom I let know the same thing. The next thing I get is a correction of the original order zeroing out my payment altogether. DO NOT WORK FOR THESE GUYS unless you have no problem doing something illegal!  Susan Cook
Retraction: I meant Express Notaries. My apologies!!!!!!!  Susan Cook
I would like to post an update referencing my continued relationship with Notaries Express and staff I previously mentioned and completed (2) previous signings for Notaries Express and as of today 12/5/2016, I have been compensated for them. Moving forward, I was recently ASSURED by the Notaries Express staff that this would not be an issue for any future signings I may complete for them. With that, I sincerely believe and hope this to be true.   psmkkk
I have had to chase them down for my payment each and every time I have done anything for them. The latest payment took 3 months to receive. I won't be doing anymore work for them. I bet they don't wait 3 months to get their paychecks!   mariabakies
New Posts by lightk

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07/27/2017  1:55:15 PM by: mariabakies Jump to Last Post

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signingTRAC.com I received the following email from signing.TRAC.com. Has anyone have any knowledge in regards to this company? So far,my searches have come up with zilch. Hi Kimberly, We are excited to announce the launch of the industry's first online application, signingTRAC, specifically designed to help title and settlement service companies manage their signing service and mobile notary process. signingTRAC is not, "just another notary directory", it is a robust software application that will be used by title and settlement service companies large and small across the US. What does this mean for you the mobile notary? A 100% FREE profile has been created for you in our network which makes you available to ALL the companies using signingTRAC. When they add a new signing to their account that falls in your service area, they will see you listed as an available notary for the signing and contact you. You will work directly with and paid by the Title or Settlement company, no middle man signing service. Your Mobile Notary Profile in signingTRAC is 100% FREE. No premium/paid listings to show up higher or highlighted for signings. No paid “certifications” to help you stand out. Complete your 100% FREE profile, deliver professional and accurate service and the companies using signingTRAC will add you to their preferred list and continue to use your services. It is important your information is current and accurate so they can contact you! Your Notary profile was created using the following email, which can be changed at anytime in "My Settings" from the top menu: Click on the link below to set your password and complete your profile: http://app.signingtrac.com/ChangePassword/78WNuE2VQva2FBpr/ We look forward to helping you grow and better manage your mobile notary business! Best Regards, signingTRAC.com  
Thanks, Linda -- I can always depend upon you to answer :-) Hope you're having a great day!!!   lightk
This isn't good in my opinion, it will be too much like a robot summoning human beings for work. I prefer to work with people I know than shadowy figures sitting behind a computer network. Don't give into this Wizard of OZ stuff. Without agencies our careers would be adversely affected. They're looking for cheap notaries at $75 for such prestigous locations as Mill Valley. If they cut out the middleman agencies, they clearly aren't passing along the income to us but sucking it up like a black hole. I never signed up with them yet they're sending me emails. I never work for an agency that sends out blanket emails for people to respond and get rejected for. Only desperate people want this kind of work relationship with a inhuman system. Do not fall for this scam, never give in to a computer network system above human beings! It's evil and Satanic, dehumanizing! Sincerely yours, Notary's Life  notaryslife
Heh..apparently I signed up for this...I don't even remember doing it - also can't say I've gotten any calls from it.. Linda http://www.columbiacountynotary.webs.com  LindaH
I haven't received any business from this either.   lightk
I know I never signed up for this company and I'm getting offers to do signings for $75. Take a hike! I'm also getting emails from Global Notary - I may have signed up with them, but I don't believe I expected the business to be strictly electronic. While I don't subscribe to satanism :-) I certainly agree that dealing with live people is absolutely the only way to conduct business. And Global Notary's fees are all over the map, and very low - $40 - $70 tops. I don't leave the house for less than $90 - the costs of doing business have gone through the roof!   LeslieO
I'm proud of you Leslie. I bet I've received 20 calls this week all for refinance edocs that were under $100. I even had one scheduler tell me if I took a signing (2 1/2 hours one way) for $60 (yes, edocs AND faxbacks), they'd send me all their business. She was VERY shocked when I told her what my fee would be. NOTARIES -- STAND YOUR GROUND -- IF YOU DON'T THINK YOU'RE WORTH HIGHER FEES, THEN GO TO WORK FLIPPING BURGERS FOR MINIMUM WAGE How can notaries think they are making any profit by accepting $60 for edocs and fax backs???? even if the alternative is that you're just sitting at home, $60 doesn't cover printing approx 230 pages (ink and paper and time); driving to the signing; conducting the signing; faxing back docs; getting back in the car to go to UPS/FedEx. I wish more and more notaries would stand their ground instead of accepting ridicously low fees.   lightk
I told them my fee is $125, payable up front. Neil L. Kleeger  nkleeger
I too have received emails from this company and I know for a fact I DID NOT sign up with them. I would respond by letting them know MY fee, they never acknowledged my response to them. I have told them to quit sending me emails, but they have not stopped so I'm sending them to SPAM I am!! Go Fer You Mobile Notary - TX  TexasRose
I have done three signings for them. My thoughts are as follows: 1. They offer lowball rates, between $60 and $85 2. They do have live people you can talk to on the phone. They are not always available but they are there 3. They DO pay, but their terms are net 45 days. I have received 2 checks from them already 4. Their online platform is awesome, logs all times and keeps everyone updated 5. Docs sometimes come late, in which case they will bump your fee. Personally not worth it in my opinion for the hassle 6. Bottom line, they are not the best company, but if the alternative is sitting at home making NOTHING, some of you will choose to do so, I might pick up one job from them in a blue moon if it is close to me  josephlei
I waited 3 months and many emails, as they do not have a live person to talk to when trying to collect payment, just trying to collect a print fee of $10!!!   mariabakies
New Posts by jbelmont

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07/27/2017  1:27:14 PM by: Lee-AR Jump to Last Post

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Legacy Signing Service Has anyone worked for Legacy Signing Service before?  
Have not worked for them but reports are this company is run by the same person who ran Premier Signing Services in Ohio - historically low pay/no pay. Again, I've not worked for either company...just read a lot Linda http://www.columbiacountynotary.webs.com  LindaH
I have done three signing for Legacy. The first two were paid promptly, but the third is way past due and Miles Prange isn't answering emails. I sued his former company, Premier for four unpaid closings.Never received any payment. Bob Wells  rmwells@tds.net
I have also worked for this company in March have yet to be paid after numerous phone calls and emails. When you call you only receive a recorded message.[xx(] Carolyn Gleitz  cgg821
Did a signing for them in September 2016. Have not received payment and do not respond to email or VM. Stay away! Bruce L Ashman  blashman
Did a signing for them in February of this year (2017), it's now 5/31/17. Still not paid. Have entered their name and number in my phone with a note: DO NOT ANSWER. EGW  egw91145
This company has gone out of business owing thousands to unsuspecting Notaries. I am so sick of these ppl stealing from us. Anne McBride  amcbride
I contacted the mortgage company and I just recieved an e-mail from Legacy that says the check is in the mail and it is being paid by ipay solutions. I'll let you know. Anne McBride  amcbride
Originally posted by amcbride
I contacted the mortgage company and I just recieved an e-mail from Legacy that says the check is in the mail and it is being paid by ipay solutions. I'll let you know. Anne McBride
Good news Anne...hope they come through for you! Linda http://www.columbiacountynotary.webs.com  LindaH
Just read on another forum that they are oob. Fair warning.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
Hot Topic with New Posts by jbelmont

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07/26/2017  04:56:10 AM by: 20681 Jump to Last Post

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Signing Trac Has anyone worked for this company before? Signing Trac http://signingtrac.com/  
[:(!][?][8]I keep getting e mail from this company. Their fees are way too LOW! They only pay $40 for loan mods. That includes your valuable time, printing and faxing back the docs. I don't know why ANY notary would accept their jobs! I finally asked them to remove me from their e mail list.   catmama47
No issues with Signingtrac. One invoice per month and payment via Echeck is almost instant! Rhonda Hall, CNSA  Torudi59
You are in business for yourself, YOU SET YOUR OWN FEES. Learn to say NO. If not, you may as well go work for some company somewhere where they pay you a hourly wage or salary.  Dannotary
Have not been paid by this company in nearly three months. Fuzzy1955  Fuzzy1955
We accepted an assignment with Signingtrac for an agreed fee of $150.00 because the signing address was a 90 mile drive. Today we receive a/an e-check for $80.00. We have left messages with 'billing', and will keep you updated as to how this plays out. I am curious--why has it been so long since any one has had any input about this company? Or, maybe we are not looking in the right place?  ollie
I received a notice from my bank dated 2/03/17 That SigningTracs payment had been returned for closed/frozen account. Left a message with billing today. If i do not hear back will be calling the lenders. [:(!] Wendy Mills John, the payroll guy responded to an email. Their account was compromised and i received an e check in 1 day.  11268
I did a signing for them in April 2017, I reported the signing, as per orders, the following month, they changed their distribution of checks to the 15th of the month. Contacted John when check wasn't received, no replies from then on. I have emailed, called, faxed and did so to the mother company in California. No replies at all, I think we are screwed by them, another company doing this to their notaries.  lawarren55
Was doing Ok with them for a while , but recently, from April , all went silent, no payment, no replies to inquiries about payment, no breathing , live person answers any calls. Very disappointing. I'm not accepting any signings from them until the bills are paid. A. Chris Hohenfels  20681
I have two signings I have not been paid for. One in January, one in February. I have made repeated phone calls, never getting to speak to anyone. Also emails, but I get no response. Based on the other comments, looks like I may as well give up on this one.  Stephhur
Originally posted by 20681
Was doing Ok with them for a while , but recently, from April , all went silent, no payment, no replies to inquiries about payment, no breathing , live person answers any calls. Very disappointing. I'm not accepting any signings from them until the bills are paid. A. Chris Hohenfels
7/7/17 Finally got paid, except for a small portion for a cancelled signing. At least not a total loss. A. Chris Hohenfels  20681
Hot Topic with New Posts by 398

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07/20/2017  12:59:43 PM by: Lee-AR Jump to Last Post

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Skye Closings I rec'd e invitation to do closings for this company. Never seen anything about them before. They state that they pay in 15 business days,between $90 & 150 depending on travel time, type of closing and method of package. Sounds good to me, but these days I have difficulty beleiving any signing service. Has anyone dealt with them before? I won't register till I hear something from someone, but if not then what the heck, need the $$$$  
I have never had any problems with them. Jocelyn Waters  jocelynj
I have four outstanding invoices with Sky. One as far back as February. When I call, I just get VM.[:(]  suebehere
I've found that it's easier to reach Skye if you email their accounting department: [b]accounting@skyeclosings.com[/b Lately, I have had to reach out to them around the 30 day mark because I no longer receive payment notification from their bill.com operation unless I submit a payment inquiry. To their credit, Skye has always responded promptly and I usually receive my check within a week. I have become more selective when accepting closings from Skye and as a result of this I'm down to completing only a few a year for them.  IntegrityNotary
I've always been treated very fairly by Skye. Little hiccup with my payments recently, but they responded very quickly and now I've been told a check is coming. This is unusual as they usually pay very promptly but I had some invoices that were over 90 days old. None the less, they treat me very professionally before during and after a signing and they pay a very fair fee. Amy in New Orleans  31146
I have always had a good experience with Skye Closings. I told them in July when I accepted another closing from them that I was concerned because of negative comments on this and notaryrotary.com and they said they had gotten behind but were still getting everyone paid and were catching up again. I did a job for them on 7/17/14 and was paid 8/18/14 and also another closing on 7/29/14 and was paid on 8/28/14. They paid direct deposit and even sent an email and called saying money was on it's way. Sarah Fuquay  sfuquay
Originally posted by sfuquay
I have always had a good experience with Skye Closings. I told them in July when I accepted another closing from them that I was concerned because of negative comments on this and notaryrotary.com and they said they had gotten behind but were still getting everyone paid and were catching up again. I did a job for them on 7/17/14 and was paid 8/18/14 and also another closing on 7/29/14 and was paid on 8/28/14. They paid direct deposit and even sent an email and called saying money was on it's way. Sarah Fuquay
That's good to hear Sarah - I always had very good experiences with Skye and was disheartened to hear about their financial struggles. My first thought was "ugh, we lose even the good ones!!" So glad to hear they're rebounding.. Linda http://www.columbiacountynotary.webs.com http://www.notary.net/websites/LindaHubbell  LindaH
Did a closing for them in July 2015 and just got paid in late October. I've done a couple of signings for them over the past year and each time I've had to email accounting in order to get an invoice resolved. Although they do pay direct deposit, their fees are lower than average and you most likely won't get paid until 60-90days. LJ-CPA  LJCPA
I completed a signing for Skye back in February and am still fighting for my pay. They tried to tell me that it was processed yesterday and sent to my bank through Bill.com. Not possible they don't have my account info. Now they are saying if I don't give this company my bank information I will NOT get paid. Whaaaaaaaat? Can't work for free that leaves the borrowers. Someone needs to stop this bullshit. We should not have to fight for what we earned. Tere needs to be a better system and giving them our bank information is definetely NOT the answer.  amcbride
I was paid! Anne McBride  amcbride
I always like working with Skye, but payments were getting later and later. Most recently, (Feb. & April)one took 45 days and the next, a few days later was nearly 3 mos. Interested in others recent experience.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
New Posts by Kaye08

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07/18/2017  10:46:13 AM by: Kaye08 Jump to Last Post

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ServiceLink ServiceLink sent me a email requesting this. Has anyone been asked to sign into ClosingStream and upload your picture and type of car you drive so they can send to the signer you are meeting? Sharon 
Free For All
New Posts by jbelmont

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07/27/2017  7:18:43 PM by: jbelmont Jump to Last Post

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A good attitude is hard to find I found out that many Notaries cheated on our certification test over the years. Some had others take it for them while others memorized answers. So, I have to give all 1600 of my certified Notaries a pop quiz to make sure they know their stuff and didn't cheat. Unfortunately roughly half either cheated or forgot most of what they are supposed to know and the other half are not perfect either. What bothers me much worse is that the attitude in this industry has gone from bad to worse. It is only about 5% of Notaries that have a good attitude. A good Notary cares about what he/she does, cares about attaining the necessary knowledge, cares about keeping good records, proper identification, taking Oaths correctly, and upholding the law. With the quanity of bad Notaries out there, we might as well not have Notaries. Or in my opinion, get rid of 98% and keep the good 2%, train them better and pay them quadruple. Good people avoid this profession as it doesn't pay well. But, the public pays the price every time they get a bad Notary who doesn't give a damn about what they are doing. I'm fed up and I'm going to write to many of the state governments and see if something can be done. CA is moving in the right direction but is still not good enough. The other states are pathetic and should have their Notary divisions shut down. Donald Trump might be able to Federalize the Notary industry and give us some basic but necessary good standards since the states refuse to function as adults.  
Legal Issues
New Posts by walthtz

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07/27/2017  7:13:05 PM by: jbelmont Jump to Last Post

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New Jersey Notaries - beware! The following has come accross my desk & has been verified. This post is meant for any & all New Jersey Notaries. The NJ DEP is requesting that Notaries in NJ do an electronic Notarization on their forms. The DEP will provide their stamp to the document. The link to this form is: http://www.state.nj.us/dep/dshw/swpl/2016%20annual%20report%20collectors.pdf This is just 1 of the forms. I have spoken to an official at the state level & he has told me that several complaints have come accross his desk concerning this. I have also spoken to an offical at the DEP who has put this request in writing & it has been fowarded to the offical at the state level. If a NJ Notary does this & is caught, it could be considered FRAUD & a possible Felony. I will follow up as I get more information. Walter Notary On Wheels, LLC. "Where Excellent Service is Not Only a Commitment, But Also Our Policy"  
eNotarizations are dangerous and a security issue. For informal documents perhaps it is fine. For Deeds and POA I have issues. On the other hand a digital signature has metrics and a ink and paper signature does not. Which is safer? Not sure. The technology is so new that it is still scary to many of us!   jbelmont

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