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Notary Tips
New Posts by jeninohio

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03/17/2017  11:20:42 AM by: Angela V Jump to Last Post

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UPS supplies I've been battling UPS for 12 years about supplies and I please need help. I finally broke down a few years ago and set up an account to only order supplies but it gets closed for non-activity. Customer service was sending me envelopes every few months but now they have cut me off. UPS hubs and stores treat me like I'm stealing from them! Work here is starting to pick up again and I'd rather spend my time doing closings vs driving around looking for UPS envelopes. Thanks in advance for your help. Jennifer Cotsmire Notary Signing Agent 
Yeah, they are a PITA. I just keep opening new accounts. I tried dragging out ordering supplies, thinking that 'something happening every month' might prevent them from 'cancel due to non-use'. Didn't work. Doesn't seem to be any other solution other than opening a new account annually.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
Although I have a couple boxes of their supplies finally, I still ask for an envelope at their outlets because it was like pulling teeth to get an account and get supplies. Their envelopes wont fit docs inside (too small) and too cheap to make them a little bigger. I went to their MAIN headquarters looking for supplies twice and was told they couldn't find any envelopes or pouches or labels. Wow!! Slime. Hate using them.  Dannotary
I've run into this issue once wa-a-ay in the past. Forget whether it was UPS or FedEx. But what I do is once in a while I send something to my son or daughter using both accounts - no issues since in gettin supplies. EGW  egw91145
I just pick up more supplies when I drop a package off at a location, which happen to be convenient to me. Angela V   Angela V
Vote on signing companies
New Posts by Notary_Narayan

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03/21/2017  06:38:15 AM by: ohionotarial Jump to Last Post

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NAT USA INC They are based out of PA and Delaware. They payment is fast. They send work via Snapdocs. I email over a nonpayment after 87 days. Wayne, the owner & the person in-charge of payroll called me & told me he payed me within 15 days and when the check was cashed. I was able to go back in email to that day and confirm the check was indeed cashed. I thanked me for calling me late in the evening on a saturday and spend some time walking me thru until i reconciled it. I wish there are more honest signing companies and owners like Wayne. Date of signing 11/23/16 , Date of Payment 12/19/16. Now that is fast >>> 
Wayne is great to work for. He offers a fair fee and trusts that the Notary will get the job done. No handholding, no reporting. Just sign and drop. Payment is very fast too. Jay Schankman www.ohionotarial.com 740 804 1643  ohionotarial
New Posts by Notary_Narayan

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03/21/2017  04:31:44 AM by: KHSTjudi Jump to Last Post

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Driscoll Firm or Driscoll Law firm They say they are law firm, based out of missouri. They heavily advertise on TV, snag clients who have had issues related to medicine. Has anyone had experience with this company about a signing for medical related claims. Usually they are few pages and pays around 75 to $100, but the ripoff report says they don't pay notaries. I demanded payment upfront to do that signing, and didn't hear from them. Are they trustworthy? 
I have had 2 or 3 easy signings from Driscoll Law Firm. They pay fairly and in about 45 days. Jay Schankman www.ohionotarial.com 740 804 1643  ohionotarial
Thanks, Jay. I finished one for them about 30 days ago and am right on my usual "reminder" point for payment. They were prompt with doc delivery, clear with their expectations, and offered a fair rate. I hope they call again.  KHSTjudi
Originally posted by KHSTjudi
Originally posted by KHSTjudi
Thanks, Jay. I finished one for them about 30 days ago and am right on my usual "reminder" point for payment. They were prompt with doc delivery, clear with their expectations, and offered a fair rate. I hope they call again.
Payment received right on time. Good company!
New Posts by jbelmont

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03/18/2017  05:43:27 AM by: mentalmi Jump to Last Post

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JSJ Management Has anyone worked for JSJ Management, LLC? 9643 Isles Cay Drive Delray Beach, FL 33446  
I did a signing for them in January 2017. They have not paid after promising the "check was mailed" several times. They are no longer responding to emails or answering their phones. I have sent out a demand to pay letter and have reached out to the party that hired them. Will update if and when I get paid. The only info I had found on them prior to taking the assignment was that they were listed as "out of business" on NR, but further investigation showed that information was not correct. TMG NOTARY PA  mentalmi
Signing Companies
New Posts by jleccbc

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03/21/2017  09:41:21 AM by: 103707 Jump to Last Post

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Signing Wiz, LLC I have done several closing for Signing Wiz, LLC in Washington, PA. John Kulik is great to work with and is always available if you have a question. Pay is good and on time. 
Still working with john at Signing Wiz and still very satisfied! Thank you John and I look forward to hearing from you soon!   ALNOTARY
I have been doing signings for John for a couple of months now. The communication is great, the docs are on time, the instructions are clear. My fees have been paid on time and without a single call for their status. Bravo Signing Wiz!! Barry Glassgold  bgmarket
I have had an open invoice with Signing Wiz, LLC since November 4. They no longer answer my emails or return calls. Aaron O'Leary was very nice to work with, but that doesn't pay my bills! [:(] Monica Johnston  103707
I have an outstanding invoice from January and John promised my check would go out last Tuesday, no check as of today. I told him if i didn't have the check by yesterday, I would call the title company involved in the transaction to let them know Signing Wiz does not pay it's notary's. I will never do work for them again.  Lala
I have two signings with the "WIZ" one is 50 days out, the other is 26 days out. Their answer to my first request for payment was you should receive a check in the next 5-7 Business days, maybe earlier. Hopefully they will pay both at the same time!  Retiredkop
Signing Wiz has joined the list of deadbeat signing companies. I will never work for them again! I have five outstanding invoices from June thru October 2016 and mostly seller side so the fee is low and payment is general quick to the signing company. I will be calling the signing companies today and everyday until I get paid or they are out of business.   Phyllis John
I have been waiting to be paid for a closing done in October - John is 75 days late in paying. He is not answering my calls. A lot has changed in the last 5 years. I will be notifying the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office and the Pennsylvania Secretary of State - we need to put this man out of business Ray Cox  Abbondanza
I am doing a purchase closing for these guys today. $125... Thanks I read this. I am going to make sure I GET PAID AS SOON AS ESCROW SETTLES & FUNDS ARE DISBURSED. Please read up on my posting on HOW TO GET PAID FAST, especially when doing business with new or shady signing services. I have also posted ALSO on NotaryCafe. I do a One Page insert in the loan packet, the contents of which serve as warning and obligation to PAY NOTARY ASAP.. NOT 15 DAY, NOT 30 DAYS, DEFINITELY NOT 45 DAYS. I Will update once i get paid and how fast I do   Notary_Narayan
Good luck - unless you're named on the CD (NJ being a table funding state) you'll get paid when they decide to pay you - IF they do. Their ratings on other sites are not good - in fact 1 out of 5 stars for the past 6 months. Reviews both here and elsewhere show slow to no pay. Good luck. More careful vetting of who you work for would be far more advantageous in the long run, IMO. I hope you do get paid. As for your insert, I won't chew that over again - you know from other boards how I and others feel about that concept. Linda http://www.columbiacountynotary.webs.com  LindaH
I finally got paid from them after more than 6 months. I had to contact them through their website and send several copies in the mail. Just thought I'd give you an update.
Originally posted by 103707
I have had an open invoice with Signing Wiz, LLC since November 4. They no longer answer my emails or return calls. Aaron O'Leary was very nice to work with, but that doesn't pay my bills! [:(] Monica Johnston
Monica Johnston  103707
Hot Topic with New Posts by notaryslife

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03/17/2017  08:54:43 AM by: catmama47 Jump to Last Post

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Signing Stream - New Agency I was sent an inquiry email by this new agency on a job in my area. They asked for my fee. Has anyone had any experiences with them? I generally don't take on new agencies this way. Their info: Signing Stream, Inc. Attn: Notary Signing Requests P.O. Box 4349 Huntington Beach, CA 92605 Sincerely yours, Notary's Life 
I will not take assignments from this company. They have continually deducted $5.00 off of my $60.00 fee, which included faxbacks. Each time they have some excuse why they are deducting from my fees. Bad signing co. to work for. They also take over 60 days for payment. T. Scarpelli  TinaMarie
Please tell me that's $60 for a one or two document signing and NOT a loan signing.. Linda http://www.columbiacountynotary.webs.com  LindaH
These people are the worst. Very low pay, slow pay and high expectations for reporting status over and over again. Never again  overquailified1
everything that is posted regarding this Company is true. I have never worked for them before and never again. I knew they were a new Company, but they are cheap. The first time they called and it was for a Lady who lives 7 and 1/2 miles from me. Nothing was mentioned regarding fax backs. This was cancelled after I had accepted it probably within the hour. That was ok, but then the Company called back and I said well I am not busy. Then this Rep said I knew that you do such a good job. Then he proceeds to tell me that I would have to do it for the original fee which he claims that I agreed to do a full Loan package of 160 pages for $75.00, I said I don't think that the amount was what I agreed upon. You never said how many pages this was going to be. I told you how many pages to start with. I said this undercuts every Notary around this area. He said we don't get paid much so you agreed that you would do it for that. I said I don't remember your saying there were faxback either. Now not only are there Faxbacks but you are suppose to get this package to Fed-x or UPS within 4 hours after the signing has taken place. I said well. None of them are open after 6PM and this signing won't start until 5PM. I said I will do this for what you said I agreed upon, but I am marking you off my regular list and putting you at the top of the List of Do Not Work for this Company. I am not sure who the Bank is that is footing the Loan. I am sure they will find something wrong with how this goes down. They must be a bunch of real Dead Beats! So I am not looking to get paid very fast and from now on I will check the company out before I do this again. I thought this Industry got rid of these types of fly by night Companies, apparently this one has gone under the radar. Audrey Jane Spaulding  available1234
Did a full loan signing with fax backs on 4/30/16, and had a similar experience. I have not yet been paid, but did get a call about a week ago, asking me to reduce my fee and that they do a lot of work in my area. Ha! I don't fall for that. What irks me is that the fee was agreed upon, and over a month later, they try to negotiate me down. I explained that I do NOT negotiate my fees, and that you get what you pay for. I am now waiting for my check, and after reading the comments below, I am sure I won't get it anytime soon. Wish I had read the comments on this company sooner. After their phone call, I had already made the decision not to take another assignment. Your comments have cemented that decision for me.[xx(]  yrodeo11
The caller ID said Signing Stream so I did not expect much. Well, they did not disappoint. It's 10AM tomorrow, "about" 130 pages, will require "about" 20 pages fax back. Our lender approved a fee of $55 I asked "Are you serious?", she said "I don't understand" - I said "Thank You for calling" and pushed the red button. Another entry for the Android "Extreme Call Blocker" list. Kenneth A Edelstein Mobile Notary, Apostille / Legalization Processing & Fingerprinting http://www.kenneth-a-edelstein.com  edelske
Same story - different notary. Trying to renegotiate my fee from $75 to $70 because I didn't do fax backs. Had a previous call asking me to reduce my "regular" fee to $70 because they have a lot of business in my area and that I would get more calls - they are sequenced starting with the lowest fee. I told them all new clients happily pay $100 for a standard refinance with no fax backs. Karen M. Howard  kmbshoward
STAY AWAY !! Don't even answer phones, unless you like to be insulted and slapped. They Dont Pay , Then They deduct ridiculous fees and pay after 90 days. U might as well find work elsewhere. Dont be desperate and get connned. They call me for a reverse mortgage, and ask for fax backs with $55 for the entire signing. I told the lady , If She is kidding and told her my fee is $150. Reverse mortgage packages are "YUUGGE". They are so huge, that it is unbelievable. :) She then back tracked and offered $125. I had told them to have me removed from their website and emails. Now they started calling me.   Notary_Narayan
They just called me to meet someone at the state line, about 30 miles from me or so. Standard refinance, edocs, FULL fax back. $55. Since it was a distance, they offered $10 more. I said "No way", and laughed. She wanted to know my fee. I offered $125, which seems more than reasonable to me. She shrieked, that was really high. Apparently, they can't get anyone to do it, this makes the third day they have been after me to do it. They sent me texts all weekend. Their pay is ridiculously low. [xx(] Cathy Minor  Cathy
[?]WHAT A JOKE! Someone named Isiah left a voice mail message yesterday and I responded this morning. When I asked about their fee, I was told they pay ONLY $55! I LITERALLY LAUGHED AT THEM! I told them their fee was TOO LOW AND INSULTING to any experienced notaries in the area. The associate told me that they do "negotiate," what a joke! I've also read some of the reviews about this company. I'll simply DECLINE their requests.   catmama47
New Posts by 20891

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03/15/2017  12:03:02 PM by: 20891 Jump to Last Post

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Vista National - Rick Greenblat Service this company at your own risk! [:(!] Unfortunately, I don't have a good report for this company. I was brand new to them and agreed to perform a signing on a Saturday morning at 7:00am - pretty short notice too. He promised to pay on the following Monday via PayPal. No payment on Monday, or on the following Monday. When I called the second Monday, he complained that his back problems were causing his delay but that he would mail me a check. Then his assistant Kristen left me a voicemail that the "check was in the mail." Of course, another week later there is no check. Calling the office results in a RUDE Kristen now - how dare I ask for payment? I was encouraged to call Title - so what, they don't care. They don't care to pay their bills. Signing Agents beware. Kelli R - Idaho I'm thinking of something great to say....... 
Newbie & Mentoring Section
New Posts by Notary_Narayan

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03/17/2017  3:15:31 PM by: Angela V Jump to Last Post

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How to not get ripped off Hello New Notaries.. If you are contacted by a signing company and if you can or cannot find any data, about payment and their practices, I have not made it a point to put a couple of these inserts, especially where there is special instructions to settlement agent. I have printed this leaflet and highlight important lines in COLOR and keep them handy and insert them in every loan package, that comes from a signing service. My goal is to have these signing services put out of the business and end notary's misery . If you are interested, copy the below and create your own notice of prompt payment ATTN: SETTLEMENT/ESCROW/TITLE /LOAN OFFICER If this closing has been contracted via a signing service It is the responsibility of the SETTLEMENT/ESCROW/TITLE /LOAN OFFICER to ensure that the notary closing agent gets paid on time. That means upon settlement or upon disbursement of all fees. Off late many signing services are not paying notaries. A few have been folding up, or holding payments far beyond after disbursements has been done. Some signing services employ PONZI model of payment, by waiting on payments from future transactions to pay notaries as late as 45 days/60 days and beyond. Credit terms for notary payment are never allowed & the above mentioned people will be held responsible for non-payment/default and other civil liabilities Notaries must be paid for work done, irrespective of whether transaction consummates or not. Please ensure that the signing service pay the notaries promptly & that they have the financial stability to do so. Some signing services continue to thrive on deception. They do this by changing business entity names and restarting this deception. There is currently lack of compliance and checks on signing services. I am honored to be the closer for this & should you require my services in future. 
Narayan, sorry - you are incorrect. When a notary accepts an assignment through a signing company they become a subcontractor for the signing company. The lender/escrow/title company is not responsible for payment to subcontractors. You can try a mechanics' lien, but the filing fees far exceed any amount due a notary. Pressuring signing company clients is a good way to find yourself served with a lawsuit by the signing company, as well as have those clients refuse to allow you to close for them through ANY signing company they may contract for services. Occasional nonpayments, while not right and not fair, are to be expected in any small business. Write them off and move on.  KHSTjudi
I have to disagree with you too, Narayan. The only thing I enclose with a signing package is my card, and possibly an invoice if it's going back to the person who hired me. Your terms of payment should be acknowledged in a written email, followed up by your invoice after closing. Another suggestion for not getting ripped off, is to make sure you have been compensated by a company BEFORE you work for them again. Do not rack up a bunch of bills before you know the quality of a client. Angela V   Angela V
New Posts by Dannotary

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03/17/2017  3:04:39 PM by: Angela V Jump to Last Post

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This is what a signing agent makes HOW MUCH DO YOU MAKE AS A NOTARY SIGNING AGENT??? Here are your expenses: Costs of commission testing Any other testing, certification costs Bond and filing it E&O ins Notary Law Primer and any other related books/educational material Journals Notary stamps Other stamps (name, date, etc) Ink for stamps Thumbprint ink NNA or other membership costs Business card, other advertising, listings on internet etc Alcohol wipes or kleenex for peoples thumbs Stickies to mark your notarized pages and make notes in package Paper clips, rubber bands, pens, pencils, binder clips and manila envelopes for your borrowers copies Locking file cabinet, file folders, file hangers, alphabetic accordion files for your invoices and check stubs Calculator Brief case Office furniture, desk, shelf, chair, storage etc, desk lamp Your computer costs divided by how many years you use it Your printer costs divided by how many years you use it Monthly maintenance fees for your printer/copier Repair fees for computer /printer/copier Cell phone and land line costs Parking and tolls Printer paper and toner Self employment tax/ paying into Social Security at about 15% Costs of having taxes done Gasoline, car ins, and car maintenance and repair bills Mileage (about 80% for business ) Write off a portion of your home for office, and utility bills, and internet costs All your business clothes are not a write off and you must be dressed like you work at a bank or professional office, anything less, and you are undermining your possibility for any success at this. Remember as a self employed person , you are paying your own health insurance too. Add up all these expenses yearly, divide these expenses by HOW MANY SIGNINGS YOU HAVE DONE IN THE YEAR.. ( keep track daily , weekly, monthly , yearly in your planner with a note on how much each appt. paid.) Add up your yearly gross and subtract the expenses, plus subtract 15% for taxes and this is your NET PROFIT, ( what you actually took home). Divide the number of appointments you did in the year by your NET profit and this is what you made for each appt. Now divide that by how much time it took you on the average to do one appt. Doing 15 appts a week is about 780 appts a year (52 weeks). Averaging 125. An appt, you net about 62. An appt. If it takes you about 2.5 hrs on average to do an appt, you made about 24.80 an hour. For appts that are within 10-12 miles from home, 15 mins to get there, 20 mins to go to Fed x UPS, wait in line to drop package, 15 mins to get home, 30 mins to print and set up/prepare package before going, and average only taking 40-45 mins to sign if you are experienced and fast. Give or take some minutes. If there are more than 2 people signing, CHARGE 25-50. MORE, your printing costs go up, and your time is longer, also more notarizations which in Calif. Is based on 10. A signature. If you use another language, $25. More, this is a skill set that you possess and that is a service you are providing Ė charge for it! 125. an appt is not enough folks. Also consider that Notaries Public have UNLIMITED LILABILITY- THIS MEANS YOU CAN BE SUED AND LOSE YOUR HOUSE, CAR ETC. What self employed jobs carrying this type of responsibility??????? Scary. Also in California, your journal entries have to be for every document you notarized, and you have to write their ID info, and address FOR EACH BORROWER, over and over again in the book, NO DITTO MARKS!, plus attached acknowledgements and jurats a lot of times because the pre printed verbiage many times, is something we canít use. More time. NEVER travel farther than 10-12 miles- not worth the extra $20-$25. They offer. What if you have to go back for something missed? Now you made nothing. CAUTION!! THIS IS EXTREMELY SERIOUS AND DIFFICULT WORK.  
So true Dan! Great list. I would like to add to your list the expense of doing jobs that end up paying you nothing! As many precautions as we take, sometimes, it just happens. On the other hand, I have had some invaluable experiences helping people that have made my day, and I've even been tipped! Angela V   Angela V

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