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Free For All
New Posts by jbelmont

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01/23/2021  3:07:01 PM by: jbelmont Jump to Last Post

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Which is more risky? -- attachment certificates This is a regular question that I ask notaries. Which is more risky? 1. You cross out an initial on the acknowledgment wording embedded in the document. If the document ever goes to court or is questioned, it is impossible to prove WHO did the cross outs and it is possible that other name(s) are added after the cross out and initialing. 2. If you add a separate new acknowledgment certificate to a document RATHER than crossing out a mistake on the original acknowledgment verbiage, many notaries think that is even MORE RISKY as it could be taken off the document if it wasn't stapled. COMMENTARY 1. Court cases do not happen often, but if they do happen, you can't prove who did what, and the document's notarization could be nullified or voided by a judge if they can't figure out what happened. It could lead to a long court case and fraud could happen if additional names were added. It could in short invite a very long and confusing and expensive situation if you cross something out on an acknowledgment. The chance of it happening is small, but the damage would be huge. 2. Notaries comment that an unattached certificate could be reattached to a wrong document. My argument is that: (a) It is ILLEGAL not to attach a certificate to a document. If a Notary is so stupid that they don't staple the attachment to the document, they should be suspended or terminated as a Notary as they are a danger to the community. (b) A quality Notary will LABEL to loose certificate with the # of pages, title of the documents, signers on the document (whether they are notarized on that ack or not), and the document date. It would be impossible to GET AWAY with putting that acknowledgment on another document unless that document had identical specifications which is possible, but not likely. (c) A stapled attachment would show EVIDENCE of tampering as there would be little holes on the upper left of the certificate if it were removed. An investigator would see proof of tampering very easily. 3. A stapled (attached = legal language), and well filled out certificate (including doc date, # pages, signers, doc name, etc.) would eliminate the risk of question marks about cross outs, would eliminate the possibility of adding additional names to an acknowledgment after the fact, would be clean, and cannot be transferred to another document without showing obvious signs of tampering and therefore is the safer option.  
New Posts by jbelmont

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01/16/2021  1:31:22 PM by: jbelmont Jump to Last Post

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Biden Presidency & Notaries This post http://blog.123notary.com/?p=24277#comments Seems to have triggered a lot of polarized comments. I guess that Notaries are collectively bipolar just like the rest of the nation. I don't know about the election, but the comments for this one were definitely RIGGED. They either agree strongly, strongly disagree or want me to leave politics out of it. But, at least people put in their two cents for it. Notaries might be out of work if the Biden laws about declaring freelancers as employees passes. We might all be in big trouble! How will 123notary make a living then?  
Well, there are 2 nearly identical bills in the US Senate (still in committee, last I heard) to legalize RON in the USA. One is SB3533, don't know # of the second one, but it has way more supporters. So, between trying to make us employees and legalizing RON... going to be interesting. Might be time to get informed, write your Congress-person. Bad things can happen when good people do nothing.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
Our state is leftist beyond repair. I don't think writing the government (congress) will do any good as I am so outnumbered. They want to destroy the economy here in CA as much as possible. That is the rationale behind AB5, rising taxes, and shut downs. The result is that big tech and other types of companies are moving out to Texas and other states. That is the goal, so that real estate tycoons can buy cheap Real Estate and wait a few years for the population to come back up which would make the prices go back up. Also, they want to control a bunch of helpless and pathetic residents -- and it's working!   jbelmont

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