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New Posts by Carla

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09/13/2017  12:55:47 PM by: Carla Jump to Last Post

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First American Title Just Horrible For such a big company they are the worse in notary appreciation and their website/text messages/orders. They bother your em with a notification of a signing 40 MILES (who's gonna drive 40 miles??) within your location and then pay $50 for LM and $75 for Refis and $90 for Faxbacks. You have to click on their icon..log in. go to inboxes and then wait and I do mean wait to scroll the whole page down to see where the signing is and they don't give you a link to decline?? Waste of time. Their IT people need to get with it and roll with the new technology and not go BUMP!. Then you cant get anyone to talk to you in a reasonable time at a closing. They don't pay even $10 for a cancellation (last minute) while you've blocked out the time sometimes a week in advance! This company is the WORST! 
Signing Companies
New Posts by 20891

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09/18/2017  09:37:42 AM by: 38346 Jump to Last Post

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Vista National - Rick Greenblat Service this company at your own risk! [:(!] Unfortunately, I don't have a good report for this company. I was brand new to them and agreed to perform a signing on a Saturday morning at 7:00am - pretty short notice too. He promised to pay on the following Monday via PayPal. No payment on Monday, or on the following Monday. When I called the second Monday, he complained that his back problems were causing his delay but that he would mail me a check. Then his assistant Kristen left me a voicemail that the "check was in the mail." Of course, another week later there is no check. Calling the office results in a RUDE Kristen now - how dare I ask for payment? I was encouraged to call Title - so what, they don't care. They don't care to pay their bills. Signing Agents beware. Kelli R - Idaho I'm thinking of something great to say....... 
It appears that I also have been played by this company with a signing I completed back in early April of this year. I have emailed, called and even spoke to Rick G and as of this date, 7/28/2017, I have not been compensated for my services. Their phone number 877-658-4782 is also now out of order. What a flake...  psmkkk
Me too! Rick Greenblatt is definitely a Flake. Talks a real good story, what a con! Freda Mann Falk  38346
New Posts by kevinwbyrd

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09/18/2017  08:48:55 AM by: kevinwbyrd Jump to Last Post

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Mobile Notary Search website and or company Has anyone signed up with this company? I received an email from them about joining for free and creating a profile on "Podio" Content Management System. This is their website but any scammer can put up a site. the ph/number listed goes to a VM. Fantastic Services Kevin Byrd 209 983 1731 http://stocktonmobilenotary.com Discount Notary Supplies now sold on facebook https://www.facebook.com/notarysupplies Follow me on FB at https://www.facebook.com/stocktonmobilenotarypublic Twitter https://twitter.com/stocktonnotary 
New Posts by catmama47

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09/18/2017  05:07:16 AM by: 38346 Jump to Last Post

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Mortgage Docs, LLC Has anyone worked for Mortgage Docs LLC? I had received a "recruiting" e mail from them, completed their application, etc. All I have received from them thus far are two e mails/texts to do a HELOC for Stewart Title for $30, which is way below my fee and an insult to any qualified notary. Are these guys low ballers? Would love some feedback.[V]  
Everyone you are so right! This company is a dud!!! The do not pay, answer emails, are answer their phone unless you are a title company. They are so off my list -Too bad the title companies cannot shut them down. Kerease Margita  kerease
Awful company!! Payment is always super late, when I finally get paid this time, I'll never do this again. I have made numerous calls and emailed Rudy Baldoni, sometimes he will return the call and say he is checking status but nothing. This is my second bout with 90 plus days late payments. Stay Clear!!! Rhonda Hall, CNSA  Torudi59
I don't like their constant texts - "Are you available?" - with no follow up. Nor do I care for their apparent policy of not providing docs more than 2 hours prior to a signing. To accommodate that means scheduling an entire day around their appointment. Reluctant as I am to limit business in my highly competitive area, I cancelled my availability with them. Judi Kidd  KHSTjudi
They will typically have about 12 notarizations to do for each signer, which in Calif. means that you will have to attach an Ack or Jurat for each one because the wording on their paperwork is not compliant. Lots of work. Packages are all HUGE like at least 200 pages. I don't deal with them anymore, not even for my requested fee.  Dannotary
YES! Beware of this company! I am awaiting on payment from end of April 2016. Steve Baldoni has said check was sent, never received it. Called several times and emailed since then and still no payment. This is my first time working with them and will not be doing anymore with this company.  17408
Do not sign with them. You will not get paid. Maybe a class action lawsuit is needed.  17408
Do not confuse this company with one that has a similar/same name based in Arizona run by a honest man named Mike. Mike is very selective with who he calls and treats them fairly. Kenneth A Edelstein Mobile Notary, Apostille / Legalization Processing & Fingerprinting http://www.kenneth-a-edelstein.com  edelske
Thank you bythe information about this company Generally I not accepting rush services because it show the company is a mass.[8)] Rafael N Varona  rafa2910
It appears that I am one of a long string of notaries, who have not gotten paid. The transaction closed in February 2017, and after over 10, documented correspondences and promise from Mortgage Docs that they would pay me, I am still waiting. June 2017, and still nothing. They owe me $125, that I will likely never see. Pulling the plug on working for this signing company  yrodeo11
Do not work for MortgageDocs.com. Did a signing 4-13-17 and have Not been paid and doubt that I will. Have called, e-mailed, left messages and have not been paid. I have reported them to the Title Co. involved in the transaction. Freda Mann Falk  38346
New Posts by Carla

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09/14/2017  06:46:05 AM by: Lee-AR Jump to Last Post

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First American They may be a BIG company but they are the WORST to work for. They bother your em with a "notification within 40 miles) who the heck wants to drive 80 miles for a $50, 75 or 90 closing????? Their app is totally unacceptable in today's tech world. You click, log in, hit in boxes..wait, wait, wait, and they the order comes up and you have to SCROLL down through all this BS till you see the address and their lowball fees. Why don't they just go to Snap Docs?? Save us a lot of stress. Can't reach them at a closing table either. Very embarrassing and then you can't understand them...Worthless Company and I see they are losing business as even Freedom is using other sevices. And this "white glove" BS..I agree..that's what it is BS! 
Have long thought that 'White Glove' was their code word for Idiot Cheap Notary. Just sayin'... I haven't worked with them for over a decade...thank heaven.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
New Posts by 21015

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09/13/2017  07:55:38 AM by: 21015 Jump to Last Post

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American Signing Connection I received a bankruptcy letter for Lorrie Todd owner of American Signing Connection. To file a claim: www.gasb.uscourts.gov or www.pacer.gov. The case #17-41358-EJC. The case is under the name of North Georgia Home Rescue. Good Luck to all of us!!! 
New Posts by esnotary

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09/11/2017  7:39:16 PM by: 20937 Jump to Last Post

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National Paralegal & Notary, Las Vegas NV This company called me back in August to do a debt settlement. Print 50 pages, fax the whole package back. They offered $45, I said $75 and we had a deal. Little did I know that I would have to pay to then send the package back USPS mail and then wait 45 days to receive payment which came via PayPal, shorting me $2.50 for the pay pal fees. Won't be doing that again!  
Received and offer for $65 settled higher but then found out they had a 60 payment cycle in their email. Fuzzy1955  Fuzzy1955
They do not answer their phone, even if you have an issue at signing the only way to communicate with them is by text message. Crappy way to run a business. The whole deal was a bust. I hope they pay me.  garciaal
I love working with NPN, they always pay on time & are very easy to work with. Love them! Andrea Jo Sutherland  20937
New Posts by psmkkk

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09/11/2017  11:36:43 AM by: psmkkk Jump to Last Post

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Alaska Community Credit I was initially contacted by Alaska Community Credit (ACC) -John for my notary services early last month https://www.akcommunitycredit.com/ to sign Sales Contracts for the business. The first notary signing, I provided an invoice to his assistant Brandi Heppner with John paying me in cash. John also commented and suggested that he/ACC would have additional signings in which I could invoice and provide such to Brandi and they would then pay me by check. After (3) additional signings later in the week, I have since attempted to drop off/submit my invoice to ACC. However, after the (4) different times I have been back at their location: 624 West International Airport Road, Suite #206, Anchorage Alaska, no one is ever present and NO ONE has returned my numerous messages left on Brandi's cellphone number: (907) 565-9870 or John's (907) 202-1437. READ and HEED 
New Posts by Notary_Narayan

Last Reply:
09/11/2017  11:31:00 AM by: Notary_Narayan Jump to Last Post

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American Signing Connection: Files Bankruptcy I received a letter from Southern District of GA, US Bankruptcy court that the husband wife team of Terrence J Todd & Lorrie LTodd , filed for BANKRUPTCY under the business of NORTH GEORGIA HOME RESCUE. The letter says that Debtors can file claim to be exempt from discharge of DEBT to the court. NOTARY FEES must be exempt of discharge. I am going to file necessary paperwork for the monies owed for me. However If anyone of you received such a letter, please share. All collection emails/ phones letters etc must now go the court and not addressed to the parties.US BANKRUPTCY LAW allows automatic stay on collection, While these deadbeats already plotting their next move to con people. 
New Posts by hal914

Last Reply:
09/11/2017  07:54:51 AM by: wponsot Jump to Last Post

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Thumbs up for Speedy Notary & Doc Signinng I have completed many loan signings for Dorit at Speedy Notary & Doc Signing. It is always a pleasure to work with Dorit. She is fair, pays well and promptly and is always available if you need to ask a question. I will always accept jobs from Dorit. She is good people! Harold H Savin "Savin Mobile Notary" Mobile Notary/Signing Agent Harold H Savin 
Dorit is excellent to work with. Paid my fee within 8 days. No handholding, etc. 5 stars for Speedy Notary!   esnotary
Good communication, paid my fee ($125.00) and quickly! Thank you! Rick Phillips Portland, Oregon 503.659.4417 http://www.notarieswithintegrity.com mail@ktvavideo.com  Oregon Notary
I second that! If Dorit's calling, I'm doing the job. She and her company are great to work with. Glad she's in the business. Bruce Wandmayer, Notary Public/Certified Loan Signing Agent Santa Cruz, CA  brucesign
When Dorit has called I have found an easy person and company to deal with... doc delivery as promised,readily available to answer questions, very prompt payment..... Thank you Dorit! wponsot  wponsot
New Posts by 102740

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09/10/2017  02:21:44 AM by: 102740 Jump to Last Post

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Now Closings Does anyone have a street address for Now Closings? Kimberly J Brennan 
Notary signing agent courses
New Posts by joanbergst

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09/13/2017  10:14:43 PM by: joanbergst Jump to Last Post

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Loan signing classes scheduled We at notaryclasses.com have a loan signing classes available next month in Anaheim on October 22, 2017. It is 7 hours of instruction and how to advertise. Call 909 915 1201 or contact me directly at Joan Bergstrom 915 522 4919. I have completed over 6,000 loan signings. I have co-authored with Dan Jones (owner of www.notaryclasses.oom) the book: LLoan Signing Agent Certification Course. Joan Bergstrom 24/7 To Riverside & San Bernardino Counties. CA State Notary Exam Instructor For www.notaryclasses.com www.joanbergstromnotarypublic.com joan.bergstrom@yahoo.com Cell: 951-522-4919  

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