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New Posts by jbelmont

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05/22/2017  04:09:06 AM by: jdescafano Jump to Last Post

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US Signings Has anyone worked for US signings or U.S. Signings? 2125 E Katella Ave Ste 330 Anaheim Orange CA 92806-6018  
Originally posted by jbelmont
Has anyone worked for US signings or U.S. Signings? 2125 E Katella Ave Ste 330 Anaheim Orange CA 92806-6018 Yes, I have completed 3 assignments in 2016. Paid within 45 days. documents were received in timely manner. Fee was met, but end of year.
SMM  35992
Had 2 signings with them. I was suppose to be at the client at 630 pm did not receive docs. Called 3 times. At 9pm they cancelled. I charged 25.00 cancellation and the other signing (which was scheduled for the next day) was cancelled as well. Bad customer service and unprofessional as far as I can see. Joe Descafano  jdescafano
Signing Companies
New Posts by jbelmont

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05/27/2017  02:31:27 AM by: FLnotary1 Jump to Last Post

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Paramount Signature Services, Inc. Long time ago there was a company called Paramount Signing Service, but this appears to be a different company. One notary on NR signed for these guys, and invoiced them multiple times, but got a big fat zero in return! Paramount Signature Services, Inc. Wesley Chapel, FL http://www.paramountsignatures.com/Contact_Us.html  
I accepted a signing and was paid immediately, upfront, via Chase QuickPay. Good communication and everything was as promised. Kurt R Gross Knoxville, TN 37923 Mobile: 865-382-3010 Fax/Voice: 866-678-3754 www.NotaryPublicTN.com   kurtray
I just did a closing for this company today, the money is already in my account which I must say is impressive, but on the phone when they hired me, they said the entire package had to be faxed back, we had already agreed to a fee of $100 before they told me about the faxbacks, I asked the whole pkg? and they said well they would check, it might just be funding documents, I told them if it was whole package, I would have an extra $25 fee, she said no problem. She sends over confirmation and in the instructions again, whole package to be faxed or scanned and overnight label would be sent after approval. I called and left messsage, I sent email, no response, I went ahead and did closing, and after trying to get ahold of someone again, started scanning package, I get a phone call at 5:10 wanting to know if I was scanning, and I told her of my issue with the pay, but yes I was working on scanning, she said no problem to the $25, but I never got anything in writing. Deposit in my account was for $100, I spent over 2 hours scanning and emailing, because I had to send in separate emails because attachments to large, I know I need a better scanner/faxer, but I can scan or fax up to 30 pages no issues, actually just got a new machine, but 160 pages, is ridiculous.  lcox60
I did a signing in Alaska for this company back in December (2013) last year. I have yet to be paid for this signing. I have called and spoke to Lynn early last month and to this day, still have not been paid or have received a reply or return phone call from anyone. When I spoke with Lynn, she did mention to me that they usually pay through Paypal/Direct deposit but gave me a choice of those option(s) or check. I asked for a check and have not received ANYTHING. I really am upset to be put on the runaround.  psmkkk
I've been waiting over 2 months to get paid by this company. The checks in the mail they say.........yeah right  On the Go
I did my first closing for them last week. Agreed fee was in my Paypal account before I did the closing and I received the closing packet in a timely manner! This company also replied to my emails in a timely manner. I will definitely be working with them again if possible. Jennifer Cotsmire Notary Signing Agent  jeninohio
This company paid promptly for the first three signings I completed for them. Now I have not been paid for the last six signings I completed. I was told the check was in the mail January 9, 2015. As of January 23, I have not received same. I have left a message for a call to discuss this matter but as of now, it has not been returned.[V]  gbaugh
I've worked for this company for many years now and they are a delight to work with. They are very professional and pay quickly. Their fees are also good. gjk  gjk-fl
I have done one job for this co. and was paid within 30 days by eCheck.  CMatisse
I'm going to have to recant my good comments on this company. I'm now fighting for my money. It is really sad. They WERE a good company to work for, not so much now. I keep getting told they're sending my request to accounting and accounting will contact me. I don't need to be contacted, I need to be paid! I'm semi retired, so small claims is next, I have all the time in the world. Don't mess with my money! gjk  gjk-fl
I worked with this company for several years with no problems. I wish I could continue the good comments, however they have not paid me for two signings that are almost 3 months old. I get the delay messages when I e-mail them, "we have your invoices, they are in accounting for e-check payment, etc. They are a Florida based company. Small claims court action my be necessary.  FLnotary1
New Posts by 36768

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05/22/2017  05:15:55 AM by: IntegrityNotary Jump to Last Post

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Timios, are they still in business? I used to get about 50% of my work for them until this past November of 2016. I haven't received a single call or email blast in months. My account is still active there. I've sent countless emails asking if I'm still active in their system and only one person got back to me saying that I had to file my Fidelety authorization over after 1st year. I did that in Jan but still no calls. I've sent more messages and left phone messages. I can't get anyone to answer me on if I'm still valid or what the problem is. I've sent all my new background checks etc... Completely frustrated.[V] 
I haven't done a signing for Timios since 2013. But they started lowering fees and sending email offers for $80. I was occasionally able to negotiate with them for a higher fee, but they have just dropped off the radar completely.  IntegrityNotary
Free For All
New Posts by jbelmont

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05/18/2017  04:49:03 AM by: 44114 Jump to Last Post

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What has your experience been like with SnapDocs? 35% of Notaries like the convenience and quantity of work they get from SnapDocs. The others are complaining about low fees, cattle calls, and fax backs. What is your experience like?  
Been watching the changes as they develop for a while now and it seems to me that they aren't as good as they think they are...for either the notary or the hiring co. For hiring party, they are 'fixing' things (questionable practices, at best) and increasing the fee charged--which hiring party will most likely 'pass on' thru lower fees offered to the notary. Like a certain national notary organization we all know, I see no end to their 'new thing/new fee' to hiring party. Seems to be a long, slow bunch of 'improvements for a fee' that smells like a bait & switch 'con', imho. When hiring party's current data base is so out of date, they won't have a choice but to continue paying whatever charge SD wants. And then trying to recoup by offering still lower fees to the notary. As a notary, the fees offered are mostly very bad and the few 'users' who were offering a decent fee seem to be catching on to the recent practice of turning offers into an auction: Who will take this at $65, $70, and on and on for hours/days, even tho' notaries have replied with the fee they require. Doesn't seem to bode well for anyone going forward--except, of course, SD.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
The companies that use SnapDocs absolutely do NOT read the comments a Notary adds when turning down a 'signing opportunity'. I will get some lowball offer for a signing 150 miles away and reply with 'unavailable...location too far away'. Then you can't submit that unless you enter a fee that would be acceptable. Well, I wouldn't travel that far...period. And put in an extremely high fee ($600)and say 'no...really too far' in the comments field. This is totally ignored as I will get repeated 'offers' with ever-increasing fees for a location I've already told them NO WAY. About the only thing that seems to work to stop the spam is to NOT REPLY AT ALL.
If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
They have a place of honor and distinction in my email spam filter, cell call hangup list, and text auto delete list. Kenneth A Edelstein Mobile Notary, Apostille / Legalization Processing & Fingerprinting http://www.kenneth-a-edelstein.com  edelske
I am snapdocs verified, have a high ranking, settings are on and there are jobs in my own neighborhood that I am not getting called for. What do I do to get work either through 123 or Snapdocs. I feel I may have wasted quite a bit of money. It is definitely not paying off. Donna Schultz  44114

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