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Mobile Notary / Signing Agent Discussion ForumDear Signing Agents,
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Mobile Notary / Signing Agent Discussion Forum
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If you have not yet registered, please click, "register" and fill out the quick form. Then, please email info@123notary.com so that we can activate your new profile. There will be a delay of 12-48 hours before your profile is activated, so please be patient.

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If you already registered with a particular email, you will not be allowed to register again using that email. Simply use the password retrieval and then sign in.

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No problem. Simply email us at info@123notary.com and ask us to tell you your userID. After we give you your userID, you will need to use the password retrieval system to retain your password. If you remember your userID, but forgot your password, skip emailing us, but use the password retrieval system for the forum.

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If you are using your 123notary.com listing userID and password, that will not work for the forum. You will need a separate registration for the forum.

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There is no way to change your userID with your existing profile. However, we can remove your profile upon request, and then you can create a new profile with the same email address using a new userID. One other idea is to use a new email address and create a new profile and userID based on the new email address.

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Please click the, "Active Topics" link at the top right of the forum. Then you can see all new topics since your last login.

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Please click on the "preview" link on the top right of the forum. You will be able to see a preview of each discussion that has been created or responded to since your last login. This fun new feature allows you to see the content of the original post and most recent response, so that you can determine if that post is interesting to you. If it interests you, then click on the name of the post to see all responses.

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Please use the "search" function and look up a signing company that you need information about. Our forum has information on hundreds of signing companies. Just look up the signing company's name in the search box and click enter. Please be careful. Many notaries will enter different name variations for the signing company name. XYZ signing company would be referred to as XYZ, or XYZ signings. So, try to make your search terms as broad and general as possible to get all related posts. You would get more results by using the term, "XYZ", so that you get results for all name variations.

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Please use the "search" function and look up particular words. For example, need a collection agency? Look up "collection" and you will find a great company. Need information about the foreclosure picture taking business? Look up the word, "foreclosure" and you will find a wealth of information.

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If you click on the word, "forum", and then click on a section such as "free for all", there will be many filters above the posts. You can lookup topics within the last two days, five days, year, etc. You can also lookup in any order you like such as chronological, alphabetical, number of views, or number of posts.

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The most popular posts don't always show up in recent activity. Sometimes they are buried. You can find the most popular posts in any section by filtering on the basis of number of views, or number of responses. This could make for some interesting reading.

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You can lookup in "inverse" chronological order as well as chronological order by adjusting the filter for ascending verses descending. You can lookup in reverse alphabetical or regular alphabetical order as well. Using filters can greatly enhance your forum experience.

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Each section allows you to lookup by author. Results will be in alphabetical order according to the author's userID.

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The "subscribe" link allows you to subscribe to a topic. That way, you will be notified whenever anyone responds to any particular post you subscribed to.

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If you have a difficult technical question, the FAQ page answers many of these questions and is interesting to read.

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If you click on the "members" link at the top right of the forum, you can see all of our members. There are thousands of members. You can view them in order of how many posts they have made which is the default order. You can also see the new ones by clicking on the word "member since".

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If you still need help with a topic not answered in this page, the troubleshooting page, or the FAQ page, please feel free to email us at info@123notary.com

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Tips for using the forum
The most important feature on the forum is the search box. You can look up a particular word, phrase, name of a company, and see a potentially large list of search results with which you can obtain data. Filters are also valuable. If you want to find popular posts, you can use the number of views filter. You can also see whats new with the active topics link. Email us at info@123notary.com if you need any help using the notary forum.

The notary public resource page is valuable as it has links to all of the free information pages for notaries. Pages linked to the resource page include a page that teaches you everything you need to know to get the most out of your listing. Another page teaches you all the secrets of getting paid. There is a link to our free list of signing companies. There is also a glossary, learning tools, and much more. If you are a notary, the free tips we give are invaluable.

Popular pages
If you visit 123notary.com often, you might want to visit some of our most popular pages such as the California notary, Texas notary, Florida notary, and New York notary pages to browse the site. We also have valuable pages for notaries such as the free list of signing companies, and the resource page. Please also visit our get notarized and notarized letter page.