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 Notary signing agent courses
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Posted - 08/21/2019 :  05:16:39 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Not surprising. They are an excellent self-marketing entity for their own profit. Fortunately, all you really need is the SA BGC and Certification test. Go that route and you'll be much happier and have less expense.

If you don't value your time and experience, nobody else will.
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Posted - 08/20/2019 :  11:17:19 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

When taking the NNA Notary Signing Agent Continuing Education training course, ensure that you take screen shots while taking the course. Especially, at the completion of the course. Why? Because the NNA cannot be relied upon to accurately record that you have taken and completed the training.When you call to complain, they basically call you a liar. Please read on...

Last Sunday, I spent a considerable amount of my day taking and completing the Notary Essentials 2019 training course, the NSA CE 2019 course, and the NSA exam.

Monday, I checked my Signing Agent Profile for the updated information. Notary Essentials Completed (8/18/2019), and NSA Exam Expiration Date (8/31/2020) were updated. The Signing Agent Annual Training Completed (8/16/2018) was not updated. I emailed the NNA about this.

This morning (Tuesday), I received an email response from the NNA, stating, "We have updated your order and profile with the correct information effective immediately."

Problem solved... or so I thought.

I signed into my Signing Agent Profile to double-check and saw the Signing Agent Annual Training Completion Date was still incorrect. Following the instructions in their email response, I called the NNA.

I spent one hour and seven minutes on the phone with them. You will want to continue reading this... trust me.

The initial representative placed me on hold while she checked into this. She returns and tells me their "back-end" shows no record of me taking the NSA CE 2019 course. (They claim their "back-end" did show I spent over 4 hours taking the Notary Essentials training course.) Seriously?!?!?!

I pushed back, knowing what I did. After another extended hold, the representative restates their position again. Upon my continued protest, I was asked if I had any proof that I had taken the NSA CE 2019 course. I asked what proof? The representative replies... like a screenshot. Now I am furious. They are basically calling me a liar.

But wait... it gets even better.

It just so happened that I did take a few screenshots during the training course, for further reference and review after the training. I was asked to email them to the representative, which I did. I was placed on yet another extended hold.

When the representative returned, she said they could only give me credit for taking lessons 1 through 3 of the entire course, as my screenshots were only from those lessons.

First, to them I am a liar. I paid for the training, but did not take it. Then when asked for proof I took the training, I supplied what I had. Instead of acknowledging their system is screwed up, apologizing to me for the inconvenience and promptly updating my training record...

Begrudgingly, they offered to update their record that I took lessons 1 through 3. Their answer was that I would have to go back and re-take the remainder of the lessons in the course, as I could supply no proof to them that I completed the course.

I asked to speak to a supervisor.

The supervisor held the same position. Unbelievable!!! I attempted to rationalize the events. I said it made no sense that anyone would take 4 hours to complete a Notary Essentials course. (That should have been their first clue something was wrong.)

I kept pushing back. I do not take getting screwed over lightly. I told her how insulting it was to be basically called a liar... then when proof of participation was given, instead of taking my word and conceding the problem and fault is on their end... they instead continue to insult me by insisting I take the course over again.

When I told the supervisor I emailed the NNA on Monday and received a response on Tuesday stating the issue was resolved (even though it was not), she asked me to forward her that email. Once received, she decided to accept that email as "proof" that I completed the course. She said she would submit the pass codes to update my Signing Agent Profile and that I should see the update tomorrow.

This experience was unbelievable! There was zero acknowledgement of any system snafu on their end. Instead, they went out of their way to (politely) insinuate I was lying... then with screenshots... only offer partial course credit.

After telling the supervisor that I was going to share my negative experience on every notary social media network I was a member of, the supervisor offered to extend my NNA membership for one year, to compensate for my "inconvenience."

What the NNA should do (besides resolving their "back-end" snafu) is send me a formal written letter of apology, signed by their top officer.

What happened to me was totally unacceptable!

I would terminate my relationship with the NNA immediately, if I didn't need their NSA certification. In the days and weeks going forward, I am going to carefully weigh my options on other NSA certifications, in lieu of one from the NNA. FYI... I am also a Notary2Pro graduate.

One hour and seven minutes on the phone... remember to take those screen shots!!!
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