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Posted - 01/05/2011 :  3:20:52 PM  Show Profile  Visit jbelmont's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Wow, I got more than I bargained for. I'll be putting these in the question of the day section one by one after going over these innovative ideas with Carmen. Thanks a million!!!

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Posted - 01/04/2011 :  04:07:44 AM  Show Profile  Visit Renee's Homepage  Reply with Quote
I like surveys, because they can sometimes be very illuminating while removing a lot of subjective detail - plus, surveying programs have come so far that it's not hard to pull off. I'd be hugely interested in these surveys as potential myth-busters and information stream-lining:

1. What are the common elements found with clients who fail to pay as agreed?
For years I've watched the patterns to these complaints, and I find some clear common elements - I think a full-fledged survey would be a great way to scoop out the meat from the general complaints. I'd think that anonymous responses with simple, one-word answers might work best. Responses need to be limited to personal experience (not hearsay), 1 response per non-paying client over the past 12 months. Since "pymt as agreed" can sometimes be subjective, I would think that part needs to be defined for the survey to be most illustrative. Suggested questions to the survey would be:
* In 2010, how many jobs did you invoice?
* In 2010, how many invoices were NOT paid-as-agreed?
* In 2010, what was your general/average fee?
* In 2010, was it your practice to send invoices upon completion of service?
* In 2010, were you routinely checking ratings of new-to-you clients in forums?

For each invoice NOT paid-as-agreed:

1. What was the agreed fee?
2. Did you send an actual invoice upon completion of the service? (Yes, No, and/or Client-website completion report)
3. What type of entity was the client (a settlement agent, signing service, attorney, etc.)?
4. Was this a new-to-you client?
5. Did this client have a history of non-payment reported in forums? (Yes, No, or I did not check)
6. What was the agreed-upon time for pymt? (5-7 days, 15 days, 30, 45, etc.)
7. How many days lapsed between due-date and your inquiry for pymt? (1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month)
8. Was your first pymt inquiry by phone, e-mail, snail-mail?
9. When was pymt finally received? (how many days from reminder to pymt, or "never paid")

The questions a popular survey such as this could answer are: Is there a link between the fee amount and the pymt issue? Are certain entities more prone to these issues? Is there a link between being paid on time and providing your own invoice upon service? Does prior history hold a valuable key to avoiding issues? Among all responders, what is the ratio of jobs performed/pymt issues? Is there a link between those who did not have any pymt issue, and another factor - and WHAT is that factor? Is it fee amount, or invoicing practices, or forum ratings?

2. Survey for April 16th!
1. How many jobs were invoiced in 2010?
2. What was the amount of your total business expenses?
3. Divide #2 by #1 = $______=cost per job!
4. Having done this simple math equation, are you rethinking your fees?

3. Shipping issues - real or myth? THIS one drives me nuts. How can it be that some people never have problems with on-line shipping while others get re-directed charges? I believe there's a lot of 'hearsay' involved in this, and I'd love to see some actual numbers pulled out. Responses would need to be limited to actual experience (NOT hearsay), and current (not things that happened 5 years ago).

1. How many client pkgs did you ship in 2010?
2. How many times were charges re-directed to you?
3. Do you:
A) Use on-line shipping accounts?
B) Use client-supplied shipping labels only?
C) Use hand-written labels w/out any self-identification?
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Posted - 01/03/2011 :  4:01:17 PM  Show Profile  Visit DianaNotary's Homepage  Reply with Quote
Rather, the question is:

How to get your notary business ready for the tax season?

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Posted - 01/03/2011 :  3:59:20 PM  Show Profile  Visit DianaNotary's Homepage  Reply with Quote
another one:
Getting your notary business ready for the tax season.

considering the april 15 is just a few months away, i thought we all could benefit from this topic

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New York
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Posted - 01/03/2011 :  03:40:40 AM  Show Profile  Visit edelske's Homepage  Reply with Quote
NNA - The good, the bad or the ugly?

Congratulations! You're the Governor of your state - what changes to the notary law?

How has 123notary.com effected our industry?

Forming a nationwide notary "union" - what should we all pledge to do and/or not do?

Aside from the money, how has your life been improved/"deproved" from your notary activities?

Have your notary activities ever lead to romance or marriage?

Triumph and Defeat - your greatest notary accomplishment and failure?

Jeremy - human or some form of artificial intelligence?

Should this forum have an option for giving an anonymous answer?

Notary New Years Resolutions - aside from re-inking the stamp, what will you resolve (or we all should resolve) to change/do in 2011?

(S)he is "just the notary" - how can we raise our image?

Kenneth A Edelstein
Mobile Notary, Apostille / Legalization Processing & Fingerprinting
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Posted - 01/02/2011 :  11:06:49 PM  Show Profile  Visit jbelmont's Homepage  Reply with Quote
The notaries made great responses to our discussion questions that we made before. I think that it would be super to brainstorm to see what type of question would be the most interesting to introduce. I'm looking for questions where we can get a very three dimensional conversation going involving many people. Any ideas? I might introduce my own ideas in a few days, but lets see what you guys come up with.

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