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Welcome to the 123notary.com Colorado mobile notary page. Find a Colorado Notary Public by city, county, or zip code by clicking on the links below. Find a CO notary who accepts edocs using the search bar above. Get listed as a Colorado notary public with us today! Click on the advertise with us link at the top of the page to sign up. You can find additional search methods for finding a notary in Colorado on the advanced search page.

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Find a Notary - Quick Links

CO - Notary Public Division Website
Please visit our state notary division contact page to find contact information for the Colorado notary division.

CO - Notary Public Mobile Fees
A Colorado mobile notary may charge any travel fee they feel is appropriate.

Colorado Notary Fees
Acknowledgments $5.00 
Jurats $5.00 
Oaths & Affirmations $5.00 
Protests $5.00 
Copy Certification $5.00 
Bond Not Required 

Commission Fees
Notary Public Application Filing Fee $10.00 
Notary Public Change of Record $0.00* 
Certificate of Fact for Current Notary Public on File $5.00 
Authentication, Apostilles, and Magistracies $0.00* 
Duplicate Notary Public Certificate $0.00* 
Expedited Service for Notary Transactions $10.00 
Notary Public List on CD-Rom $500.00 
Updated October 3, 2017.  

CO - Other Interesting Information
To be an e-notary in Colorado, you must first be a regular commissioned notary public, and then be approved as an e-notary by the Secretary of State's office. An e-notary can do the same type of notary acts that a regular one can do such as Jurats and Acknowledgments. We will have a blog article published on this topic in July 2012.

Also, a notification of intent must be filled out which includes the type of technology that is used in the notarization. The Secretary of State would provide an electronic log for the authentication numbers that would serve as a journal. The approval to do e-notarizations also can expire if it's revoked or when the Colorado notaries' commission expires.

Please visit the Colorado notary division website for more information on e-notarizations.

Colorado is one of the only states where a notary public doesn't need to be bonded. However, it's still advisable for the notary to get Errors and Omissions Insurance to protect themeselves in case they make an error on the notary certificate for an important document. Another important issue in Colorado is that the terrain is so spread out and mountainous, that transportation in remote areas can be difficult.

Here is some sample Colorado Acknowledgment Wording

State of Colorado, County of _____________
The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me this _______ day of __________, 20___, by ___________________.
Document description _____________________

Notary Puplic Signature          (Notary Official Seal)

Notary Public Name

My Commission Expires

Dual State Notary Commission Information
If you are a Wyoming notary or a Wyoming resident, you can ask the Colorado notary division if you can apply for a Colorado notary commission. Also, if you are a Utah notary, Kansas Notary, or New Mexico Notary, please ask the CO notary division if you can apply for a CO notary commission.
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