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Welcome to the 123notary.com New Mexico mobile notary page. Find a New Mexico Notary Public by city, county, or zip code by clicking on the links below. Find a NM notary who accepts edocs using the search bar above. Get listed as a New Mexico notary public with us today! Click on the advertise with us link at the top of the page to sign up. You can find additional search methods for finding a notary in New Mexico on the advanced search page.

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Santa Fe

NM Notary Website
Please visit our state notary division contact page to find contact information for the New Mexico notary division.

NM Mobile Notary Public Fees
A New Mexico notary public is authorized to charge 30 cents per mile travel fee when called from their office. Please visit our forum and you can find many discussions relating to travel fees in states where there are restrictions on travel fees. Additionally, our notary blog has many interesting articles relating to all aspects of the mobile notary profession including technical, legal, marketing information, as well as unusual situations that notaries have gotten into.

New Mexico Notary Fees
Acknowledgments $5.00 
Jurats $5.00 
Oaths & Affirmations $5.00 
Non-Certified Copies .50 per page; $5 minimum 

NM Other Information of Interest
To become a New Mexico notary public you must have two residents sign a form attesting to the your good moral character. There is also a notarial certificate that can be used that is in Spanish which is generally prohibited in neighboring states due to the discrepancy and confusion between the Notary Public profession.

Notary Journal information
Maintaining a notary journal is optional. Journal entries should include the date of the notarization, type of document, name of signer, signature of signer. Its generally a good idea to get a thorough notary journal that has room for additional notes, notary fees, thumbprints, document date, type of notarization, etc. If you ever go to court, the information in your journal might be your only piece of evidence. The more information you keep in there about signings, the better prepared you are. A thumbprint is a very powerful piece of evidence in preventing identity fraud. You can often avoid a court case simply by mentioning that you have a thumbprint of the signer in your journal.

An notary whose commission has expired who still uses their seal to do notarizations can be fined $500 by the governor and would be guilty of a misdemeanor. A person who was damaged by an illegal act, negligence, or misconduct by a notary acting in their official capacity can bring civil action against the notary's surety bond.

Dual State Notary Commission Information
If you are a Texas notary or Texas resident, or an Arizona notary or Arizona resident, you can apply for a New Mexico notary commission.
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