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Welcome to the 123notary.com Oregon mobile notary page. Find an Oregon Notary Public by city, county, or zip code by clicking on the links below. Find an OR notary who accepts edocs using the search bar above. Get listed as an Oregon notary public with us today! Click on the advertise with us link at the top of the page to sign up. You can find additional search methods for finding a notary in Oregon on the advanced search page.

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Find a Notary - Quick Links

OR Notary Website
Please visit our state notary division contact page to find contact information for the Oregon Secretary of State's Notary Division.

OR Mobile Notary Fees
An Oregon mobile notary may charge any travel fee they like providing it is agreed upon in advance with the customer.

Oregon Notary Fees & Other Information
Acknowledgments $10.00 
Depositions Please check the Oregon Secretary of State's website 
Jurat $10.00 
Non-Certified Copies $5.00 
Oaths & Affirmations $10.00 
Protests $10.00 
Witnessing or Attesting a Signature $10.00 

Authentications with Apostilles $10.00 
Authenticating a Vital Record Sorry, please see the Oregon center for health statistics. 
Authenticating a Transcript or Diploma $10 per apostille 

OR Other Information of Interest
An Oregon Notary Public candidate must show a certificate of education to prove they took a three hour tutorial and passed an online test. Upon passing the online test, the Notary Public would receive a Notary Education Identification Number.

Identification advice from the Oregon Secretary of State
The Oregon Secretary of State recommends that all notaries carefully inspect identification documents shown to them to see if the photo on the ID resembles the signer, and to see if the identification has been forged, altered, or tampered with in any way. Another important issue is that the notary public might need to identify a signer's capacity or representative status. If the acknowledgment certificate is worded in a way that indicates that the notary has verified the signer's authority or capacity, then it is the notary's legal responsibility to make sure they complete a verification of the signer's capacity through whatever means possible. It is necessary to compare signatures on the identification and document and journal to verify similarity. People often sign with different name variations which can cause a lot of confusion as well. From time to time, you might even encounter an imposter.

It is wise to document how many pages the document was in your journal, it's official document name, document date (if applicable), and any other pertinent information that you feel is worth remembering after the fact about the document, venue, or signers.

Dual State Notary Commission Information
If you are a Washington State notary an Idaho notary, a California notary or a California resident, you can get an Oregon commission as well.
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