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Welcome to the 123notary.com Missouri mobile notary page. Find a Missouri Notary Public by city, county, or zip code by clicking on the links below. Find a MO notary who accepts edocs using the search bar above. Get listed as a Missouri notary public with us today! Click on the advertise with us link at the top of the page to sign up. You can find additional search methods for finding a notary in Missouri on the advanced search page.

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MO State Notary Public Division Information
Please visit our state notary division contact page to find contact information for the Missouri notary division

MO - Mobile Notary Fees
A notary may charge a travel fee, not to exceed the federal mileage rate and may charge an expedited convenience fee not to exceed $25 when traveling to perform a notary act provided that (1) The notary explains to the person requesting the notary act that the travel fee is separate from the notarial fee and is not specified or mandated by law; and (2) The notary and the person requesting the notarial act agree upon fees in advance of the notary affixing his or her notary seal.

Notary Fees & Other Information
Acknowledgments $2.00 
Jurats $2.00 
Oaths & Affirmations $1.00 
Notary-Certified Copies $2.00 per 8-1/2' by 11' page,
$1.00 for court requested journal entries. 
Apostilles $10.00 per document 

Term of Office 4 years 
Appointment Fees $25.00 
Bond $10,000 
Journal / Recordbook Required 
Seal Ink Stamp or Inked Embossing Seal Required 
Residency Resident or Employee 
Minimum Age 18 

MO - Other Information of Interest
There are more than 60,000 notaries in Missouri. Notaries are strongly advised by the state government to use caution when notarizing foreign language documents. The placement of the notary seal could affect the acceptability of the document wherever it's filed. If you don't understand the language, you might not understand where your stamp is intended to be placed. If you are asked to notarize a foreign language document, note this in your journal. It's usually better to refer foreign language notarizations to a notary who understands the language of the document and the language of the signer. It's also recommended that you get the document translated and notarize the English version of the document if possible.

Dual State Notary Information
It is common for a Missouri notary to be dual commissioned and have a Kansas Notary as well. Please contact the Kansas Notary Division for more information. It may be possible to be dual commissioned in other states as well, just ask the respective notary division in that state.
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