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Glossary of Notary Public, Mortgage, Signing Agent, and Loan Signing Terms.

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Phonetics: seal    \'sēl\

Function: noun

Most states require a notary to have a notary seal and affix it to all certificates for notarized documents that were notarized by that particular notary public. There are many vendors who manufacture notary seals that cost anywhere from $15 to $40 per piece. The document date and signature date(s) do not necessarily correspond with the date the seal is affixed to the document. In many states, a notary may not affix their seal to a document without creating an entry in their journal of notarial acts

It is not legal to affix a notary seal if the signer hasn't signed the document. Additionally, the notarial wording must be filled out before the notary seal can be affixed. The notary must keep the official notary seal under lock and key when not in use, and the seal is the exclusive property of the notary. Notary else may use it no matter what. Some notaries elect to have a second seal that is an embosser. Many states allow this. An embosser will leave a raised impression in the paper, but is not always used with ink which means that its impression can not be photocopied which is excellent for fraud deterance.

Some seals are leave a circular impression while many are rectangular. Each state's notary division can dictate what size and shape of seal they will allow. Additionally, the perimeters of seals have designs such as cerrated, or milled edges. The content that must be printed on the seal varies from state to state, but the notary's name, county, state, expiration date, and the words notary public are generally standard.

Definition 1:
The signature of a signer of a document.

Definition 2:
The rubber stamp or metal embosser of a notary.

Definition 3:
The signature of a notary public.

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