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Glossary of Notary Public, Mortgage, Signing Agent, and Loan Signing Terms.

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Phonetics: no·ta·ri·zing    \'no-tə-rī-zing\

If a notary is in the process of doing their official notarial work, they can be said to be notarizing a signature or document. This process includes checking the identification of the signers, creating journal entries, having the signers sign the journal and the document (unless they already signed a document to get an acknowledged signature which is okay), filling out certificate wording, signing and affixing the official notary seal. Certificate wording can take a while to fill out. There are many (s) he/she/they, his/her/their wordings where you are required to cross out the non-applicable wording variations. Additionally, the notary is required to fill in the venue with the county and state, as well as write down the name of the signer and the notary's name in the certificate section of the document, or on a loose notarial certiicate. Last, but not least, a notary sometimes will need to thumbprint a signer if their state law requires it, and for certain sensitive documents certain states do require a thumbprint. So, those are the types of activities that constitute notarizing.

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Infinitive: to notarize

Present Tense: notarizes

Past Tense: notarized

Present Continuous: notarizing

Definition 1:
The act of notarizing or performing a notary act.

Definition 2:
The act of completing the notary paperwork necessary to notarize a signature.

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