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Notarized Statement

Function: noun

A notarized statement is a statement that gets notarized. Sometimes statements will be embedded in a document while othertimes they could be subscribed within a notary certificate.

The notary act that most commonly involves a statement embedded in a notary certificate is a Jurat. The NNA has forms that have an optional area where you can write half a page of text. In a Jurat, the signer must sign before the notary and swear to the truthfulness of the information. A signer could swear to the truthfulness of a statement in an Oath as well.

Signers often ask the notary for help writing a statement that they want notarized. Often, it will be for an affidavit of citizenship, or a letter of permission for their children to travel with a family member. Many states prohibit notaries from drafting legal or other documents for signers. It is best if the signer can think deeply about what they really want to say, and then type it on paper BEFORE they call the notary. Notaries waste hours at signing due to unprepared signers.

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