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Glossary of Notary Public, Mortgage, Signing Agent, and Loan Signing Terms.

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Notarized Documents

Function: noun

Find a notary on 123notary.com to get your letters, documents, and forms notarized.  Please visit the advanced search page or use the masthead search methods above. Lookup a mobile notary by city, county, or zip code.  Our data is current and edited edited daily.

FAQ - regarding notarized documents

1. Where can I get something notarized? Please contact one of the mobile notaries on 123notary.com and they will be able to notarize your document. Please do not ask them to draft a document as they are not attorneys and can not offer legal advice or write legal documents.

2. What is the average price for having something notarized? Notary fees vary from state to state. California has a $10 maximum fee for Acknowledged signatures and Jurats. However, if you want a traveling notary to come to your location, the fee would generally be at least $40, and often in excess of $60 for the travel fee and first signature.

3. I need to know how to get a notarized signature. Simply have the signer appear before a notary public and bring identification. The notary will make a journal entry, and complete the necessary forms to get your signature notarized.

Q. What are some commonly notarized documents?
A. Commonly notarized documents include deeds of trust, grant deeds, affidavits, permission to travel for minors, affidavit of citizenship, and affidavits of support, as well as a host of common loan documents.

Q. Can I get electronic documents notarized?
A. That depends on what state you are in. Different states have different rules for electronic notarizations ( e-notarizations ), and the rules change over time. Colorado and Pennsylvania had the most futuristic rules for electronic document notarizations the last time we researched the matter. Please contact your state notary division and have them answer that question. The next issue invovled in getting electronic documents notarized is finding one of the very few notaries who has the equipment and online journals to be able to accomodate your request. The best idea is go search for such a notary on google typing in the terms electronic notarization or e-notarization and then some geographic terms such as city and state.

Q. Can an illegal person sign a notarized document?
A. Yes. The notary is not responsible for deciding whether the signer is legally residing in the United States. If the signer has proper identification and can pay the notary fee involved, then the notary has no reason to refuse service to anyone. However, if a person comes accross as a fugitive on the run and is acting very nervous or agitated, and the notary is suspicious, then the notary has grounds to refuse service.

Q. What is a notary document?
A. There is no such thing as a notary document. However, a notary can notarize a signature on a document. Certain documents are commonly notarized such as quit-claim deeds, and affidavits, but they would not be referred to as notary documents. A notary certificate is a form that is attached to a document that has a notarized signature, but that is still not considered a notary document.

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