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Glossary of Notary Public, Mortgage, Signing Agent, and Loan Signing Terms.

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Phonetics: doc·u·ment    \'dä-kyə-mənt\

Function: noun

A notary public's job includes notarizing signatures on documents. There could be endless variations in the types of documents that a notary could notarize. It is not the notary's responsibility to understand the documents, but only to perform notary acts according to their state's laws. Loan documents are common documents for notaries to notarize and supervise the signing of. The slang in the loan signing industry for documents is "Docs". A notary may attach a notarial certificate to a document, or the certificate wording could be included on a document.

Definition 1:
There are many types of documents that a notary will encounter in their career. The most common include various types of affidavits, adoption paperwork, immigration documents, deeds, contracts, letters of permission, powers of attorney, partnership agreements, and more. Non-attorney Notaries should be advised not to draft legal documents. However, some states allow notaries to draft non-legal documents (documents that will not be used in court or submitted to a judge, etc.). Many notaries are often asked to draft letters of permission for minors to travel accompanied by a particular adult. This is required for minors to travel out of the United States unless accompanied by their parent.

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