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Florida Notary Bond / Florida Notary Seal Information
After you receive your Florida notary public paperwork, you will need to purchase a Florida 
notary bond, and Florida notary seal ( stamp ).  Many bonding companies can help you submit 
your application materials and fees, get a Florida notary seal, and get bonded, all with 
one payment which is very convenient for prospective notaries.  Please visit the Florida 
department of state website where you can download a list of bonding companies.  The term 
of office for a Florida notary public is four years.

The Florida Notary Bond must be a surety bond for $7500 and that bond must be maintained 
through your entire term of commission or appointment.  The bond is designed to protect the 
public, but not the notary.    Should the notary engage in any misconduct or negligence 
in the performance of their notary acts, the bonding company would be able to pay damages out, 
and then would demand repayment from the notary. Its always prudent for the notary to 
have Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O Insurance) which is sold by most notary supply companies. 
The amount of E&O can really vary, but if you want to get serious large companies to become 
your client for signing agent services, they will often require or favor notaries with large 
amounts of coverage as its a sign of being serious. 
The Florida notary seal must have the words, "Notary Public State of Florida.  It must have 
the notary's exact commissioned name, commission number, and commission expiration date.  
The name of the notary's bonding company can also be included, but is not mandatory. The notary seal 
must use black ink only.  You can use an embosser in addition to the rubber stamp seal. Embossers 
leave a raised impression in a piece of paper which proves that the seal's impression is real and 
not photo-copied. 
You must keep your seal in a secured place so it doesn't get lost or fraudulently used by others.  
Its best to keep your seal under lock and key somewhere.  Many notary bags have mini locks, and 
that is a popular choice for mobile notaries.

Here are a few Florida Notary Bond companies to choose from
1st State Insurance Advantage Notary of Florida
P.O. Box 901475
Homestead, FL 33090
Phone: 877-356-6827
Fax: 786-243-9888
Email: ckstoner@1ststateins.com
Aaron Notary Appointment Services
Post Office Box 69-3002
Miami, FL 33269-3002
Phone: 800-350-5161
Fax: 305-493-3339
Accredited Group Agency, Inc.
P.O. Box 140854
Orlando, FL 32814-0854
Phone: 888-668-2791
Fax: 407-629-4553
National Notary Association
Chatsworth, CA
Nationwide notary supplies, bonds, education, and more.						
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