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411 Cleveland St #206 Clearwater, FL 33755

Spoke to Chris yesterday, told him my mother was in a private nursing home and I needed a few paper notarized. He said he couldn't do it until Saturday afternoon. He said his charge would be $80.00 because it was the weekend! But, this was not mentioned on his site. I told him both my name and my mother's, but he didn't write it down. He told me to send him the information, which I did, l had to return to work, because he wasn't ready to meet me with my mother during my lunch. At 3:00PM he texts me asking our names. He didn't bother to go to her nursing home, where the staff was there waiting for him! I just got off work saw his message and called him back. He was rude and nasty, and said it is my weekend now l don't want the job! What a Jerk! I also found it was very hard to understand him, when he spoke, and l had to guess at what he was saying! Like when he asked for $80.00 l had to have him say it several times.

Nancy Caudill on 10/10/2020 04:49:16 PM

Notary's responses:
When this lady called me, we had a very bad reception and we had hard time to understand each other on the phone.

She started to complain about the first notary that would have done this job for her mom the first time, but who was so unprofessional, had made many mistakes, didn't know what he was doing... She would go on and on criticising that first notary.
We agreed that I could help her on Saturday when I would be available in the afternoon after another signing. I didn't understand her name or the name of her mom, or the name of the nursery home. And I had no way to take notes when she called.

So I asked her to text me her name, the name of her mom and the name and address of the signing location.

She never texted me her name or the name of her mom. She texted me the name of the nursery home on Saturday after her lunch, but not the name of the signer.
When I finished a refinance signing and was available on Saturday afternoon, I saw that she had not texted me their names. So I called her but she did not answer. Then I texted her and asked their names, but did not get any answer - she was at work.
As I wouldn't know who to meet or who to ask for at the signing location, I did not go there.
No notary would go to a signing in a public place, such as a hospital or a nursery home not knowing who the signer might be.
I only know her name because of her review.
No notary can confirm a signing without having the name of the signer and the location of the signing.
When she finished work, she called me very upset that I had not been taking care of this signing.
By that time, I was no more available. I had other signings, finishing the last one at 11:30 PM that Saturday. And I was not going to be in town on Sunday.
I have a French accent as I am an immigrant from France. If she could not understand me and didn't like this, then why did she try to hire me?
Considering her nasty review, and the nasty critics she had about the first notary who took care of her, I am happy I didn't do this signing for her.
At no time I was nasty, rude or a jerk to her.

(ok) June 17 2021 email QUIZ RESPONDED

(-1) April 26 2019 login email sent
(-14) ONT by email 20% and omission
2. ............ok
4. wrong
(-5) Very slow and English is not clear. 55% on recert. Most mistakes were on Notary knowledge.

Jeremy Belmont on 14/07/2017 06:01:15 PM


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