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17815 Arbor Creek Dr Tampa, FL 33647

Mark was very organized, gave clear I instructions to help complete a smooth transaction. I highly recommend his services.

Cathy Donadio on 6/23/2022 2:32:02 PM

Our experience with Mark went without a hiccup. We started on time. He was patient with us for security screening. Explained what we were seeing and allowed us time to read and review on our own. We received our copies promptly and 30 minutes after our appointment, I''m writing a review. No fuss, no muss!
Thank You!!

Jene Webster on 2/16/2022 12:41:14 PM

Mark was prompt, super efficient and the whole process was super quick!
Mark is knowledgeable and was able to answer my questions. This was such a great way to sign!!

Tamara Dean on 2/15/2022 7:50:52 PM

Quick, easy, efficient.
So great not to leave my home.
Very professional.
Thank you.

Julie Schlageter on 2/14/2022 4:24:25 PM

Mark was super professional and informative throughout the signing. The entire process went smoothly and we finished ahead of schedule.

Chester Cun on 2/4/2022 5:56:31 PM

Mark was friendly, professional and prompt. Thank you

Stephen Wightman on 1/21/2022 4:13:47 PM

I had a lovey experience signing my closing documents with Mark this morning. He walked me through each page of the document, explained what I am signing and what the seller will sign, and answered questions clearly. Plus, it was a very efficient experience signing over a webcam.

Caitlin Clarke on 12/29/2021 11:03:41 AM

Mark was great and super easy to work with! We did an electronic signing to purchase a condo and Mark was prompt and really great at communicating. Would definitely use him again!

Keith Sant on 12/17/2021 11:47:52 AM

Very helpful, patient when difficulties arose due to wifi issues in foreign country, fast and efficient.

Adam Elias on 12/16/2021 1:00:40 PM

Quick and seamless process. Mark did a great job and made everything super easy!

Daniel Milsten on 12/8/2021 3:45:31 PM

Mark was professional and straightforward. He simplified the process for us and was patient as we had some internet issues. Thanks for a great, easy experience!

Megan Jackson on 12/3/2021 1:58:17 PM

Very efficient, early to the appointment which means we didn’t have to wait and was prepared and ready to go.

Brent Schindel on 11/23/2021 11:25:45 PM

We had a good experience working with Mark! He is friendly, professional, and very responsive over email and text. Mark was able to clearly and concisely summarize the pages and pages of documentation we needed to sign as part of our closing process.

Amanda Lui on 11/9/2021 2:03:18 PM

Mark made the experience pleasant by being patient and helpful when glitches (technical challenges) arose. He always checked in before moving on, and explained the process very clearly.

Regena  Bethea on 11/5/2021 6:36:02 PM

Mark was very professional. The process was clear, concise and easy, nicely streamlined. Mark explained the process clearly. It was a simple and quick way of handling an otherwise tedious and hand-numbing procedure.

George & Annette  Mastick on 11/2/2021 5:10:23 PM

Mark was very professional. The process was clear, concise and easy, nicely streamlined. Mark explained the process clearly. It was a simple and quick way of handling an otherwise tedious and hand-numbing procedure.

George & Annette  Mastick on 11/2/2021 5:09:29 PM

Mark was professional, courteous, helpful, and extremely efficient through the entire process. A pleasure to work with.

Rob Pendleton on 10/29/2021 4:18:56 PM

Mark did a wonderful job of helping us sign our Escrow document. He was courteous and patient as he guided us through the signing process. I would recommend him to anyone looking for this type of service.

William Tian on 10/15/2021 5:21:05 AM

Mark was very thorough throughout our signing process. He explained the information in great detail and was very friendly. Highly recommend!

Cadee Borgmeier on 10/12/2021 6:38:10 PM

Mark was great. He provided a very smooth and effortless virtual signing for us. Explaining each page clearly and walking us through the virtual version of signing very clearly. Highly recommend Mark’s services

Ryan Borgmeier on 10/12/2021 6:37:13 PM

Our experience with Mark was very positive. Prior to our appointment he communicated all pertinent details and action items to ensure our appointment went smoothly and quickly. He is extremely well versed in what he does and walked us through all steps, explaining everything along the way. Mark is very efficient.

Somer Hanson on 9/30/2021 2:06:02 PM

Mark did an amazing job working on my documents. He was very courteous and professional. Definitely will call him again for all my notary needs.

Ryan Pettypool on 9/16/2021 8:59:20 PM

Professional, efficient and friendly!

Theresa Shetty on 9/8/2021 11:26:39 PM

Mark efficiently walked me through the process of signing real estate documents. He was responsive to my questions and very professional; I felt I was in good hands. I signed on five minutes early and Mark was present, ready to go. The whole process only took about 20 minutes. I would recommend him to others.

Steven Pilcher on 8/27/2021 5:04:07 PM

This was the easiest, quickest signing we have ever done. I always dread the signing experience when buying and selling properties, but this was great. He’s to the point, explains documents in easy terms, and wasn’t unnecessarily chatty. I highly recommend Mark and his services.

Katy Vancil on 8/26/2021 9:54:49 PM

Mike was great. He walked us through the whole process and made it so easy and effortless for us.

Mohamed Mansour on 8/24/2021 2:15:26 PM

Mark was great at his job. Appreciated his help.

Marco Del Rosario on 8/4/2021 5:52:20 PM

Mark was prompt, straightforward, and informative throughout the entire call. It was our first time notarizing something virtually and he made it a painless experience. 10/10 would use him again! Thank you Mark!

Francesca del Rosario on 8/4/2021 5:42:54 PM

This was the easiest, smoothest closing ever! Highly recommend Mark Hodgkins.

Charlotte McCullough on 7/29/2021 12:30:07 PM

Mark is precise, well organized, and explains what is happening at each step of the way. A professional to be sure. Easiest signing process I've been through.

Kenneth Kiesow on 7/23/2021 1:14:08 PM

We have dealt with Mark on 3 transactions. Very well organized and efficient. Highly recommend!

Dennis Baker on 7/1/2021 2:02:48 PM

Mark was most professional (prepared, accurate, helpful and concise) and a pleasure to work with.

david pauletti on 6/15/2021 2:42:32 PM

Mark was very helpful and pleasant to work with for the signing of the sale of my Condo. I felt very comfortable working with him. Thank you so much Mark for your professionalism in my transaction.

Marguerite Walker on 6/15/2021 1:23:00 PM

Mark was very professional and patient with me. He made the whole process easy and accommodated me when I had to step aside because of kids. He was very understanding.

Cecilia  Wamburu on 5/13/2021 7:40:57 PM

Mark did an excellent job walking us through the otherwise difficult job of making sense of all the documents.
friendly and showed an expertise in his field.
5 stars

David West on 5/5/2021 4:05:15 PM

Mark Hodgkins is a real professional. He wasn’t just on time, he was early. The process went smoothly, I felt comfortable speaking with Mark. Mark answered questions with ease, many times before I even asked. I could tell he did this type of process many times before, but he understood I had not. That was the most important part of working with Mark, his understanding and patience.

Michael Riley on 5/5/2021 11:03:56 AM

Mark was wonderful! Excellent communicator (we really appreciated the info he sent us in advance which made things go very smoothly), very friendly, and prompt! We had a great experience with him.

KATHARINE ADAME on 5/4/2021 8:28:49 PM

excellent communication , directions and service - made the signing process easy - thank you SO much

Carole Hepburn on 4/22/2021 11:06:18 AM

Very responsive and professional

Andy Chan on 4/14/2021 12:30:05 AM

Mark did a great job walking us through the online electronic signing of our property sale transaction.

Kimberly Saunders on 4/6/2021 9:45:01 PM

Mark Hodgkins was very nice, very to the point and made the whole process seem flawlessly easy.

Keren Brown on 3/28/2021 11:52:57 PM

Mark was friendly while still completely professional and personal us at ease even when facing such significant paperwork. He had effortless answers to our questions and corrected an errant initial without missing a beat (some software quirk was the culprit). All around a positive and enjoyable experience. Thank you, Mark!

Daniel Sincell on 3/26/2021 9:51:14 PM

Very professional and organized!
Friendly and easy to connect with!

Martha Amirzadeh on 3/26/2021 5:15:02 PM

Mark was fantastic to work with. He reached out to us in advance with all of the information we needed so that we could be ready and make the most of our time. He knew exactly what issues that we might run into with the e-form and walked us through them step-by-step. Mark was the most helpful & efficient notary I have ever worked with!

Katie  on 3/12/2021 5:06:36 PM

I had a great experience with Mark as my notary. He explained each page thoroughly and was friendly to work with. After I finished my portion of the paperwork, he completed it and sent it to me quickly.

Katie Kramer on 3/5/2021 2:41:03 PM

I''m an older person, not good with PCs; but with Mr. Hodgkin''s hints was able to get video and sound working. Mark walked me through every step of the Notary Process with calm and time to help me out. All went just fine. He worked through the escrow office for his fees so I don''t have a detailed accounting, but the Notary web based process was very valuable to me.
Thank you Mr. Mark Hodgkins.

Robert Finnigan on 2/16/2021 12:32:19 PM

Mark was personable, explained each step very clearly, and made efficient use of our time.

Amanda  Eastgard on 2/12/2021 7:45:20 PM

Mark did a great job stepping us through our document. We was flexible with our change in schedule and get accommodating. He made this an easy process.

Tahlia Butler on 2/11/2021 8:45:40 PM

Mark was great! Easy to work with, familiar with the documents I was signing and moved seamlessly through the process even when we ran into some technical issues on my end.

Rane Shaub on 1/27/2021 4:05:37 PM

Very easy to work with. Mark is knowledgeable and will definitely doing business again in the future.

Tyler H. on 1/20/2021 10:46:03 AM

Very easy to work with. Mark is knowledgeable and will definitely doing business again in the future.

Thuan (Tyler) Hoang on 1/20/2021 10:44:54 AM

Mark was knowledgeable, helpful and patient. The entire process was quick and easy.

Gerald Carrell on 1/16/2021 11:56:31 AM

Mark was very professional, providing clear and concise instructions throughout the signing process. It was a very pleasant exchange. He is obviously very qualified and informed about his role.

Brooke Miller on 1/15/2021 11:43:13 AM

Fast, professional, and helpful! Thank you so much Mark, it was a pleasure.

Wonder Russell on 1/14/2021 3:37:39 PM

Mark was extremely helpful answering my questions throughout this process. He was prompt and explained everything thoroughly. Thank you!!

Kennedy McGahan on 12/30/2020 2:00:41 PM

He was professional and kind! He did a great job simplifying the process for us. Very quick and easy!

Susan Wade on 12/29/2020 2:56:36 PM

He was quick, and since im a first time seller and had questions, he know what every document and every number meant and was able to explain it to me.

Joseph Burger on 11/27/2020 7:12:09 PM

I always get a little nervous doing this. Mark was very helpful and calm and made this very easy and fast!! Great Guy!!

Maureen Mc Namara on 11/27/2020 5:48:12 PM

Mark was great and very helpful making the whole closing process a breeze for me - highly recommended

Robert King on 11/25/2020 5:26:16 PM

Mark was wonderful to work with. Very patient when my internet connection was poor and needing to reschedule twice.

Melinda Noordman on 11/20/2020 1:22:33 PM

Mark was friendly and professional. He was online when I logged in and ready to go. He moved us quickly through the documents while giving us plenty of time to review and understand them. It was my 1st time doing an e-signing for a loan - Mark knew the software and walked us through the mechanics of the process.
All around, nice job.

Dave Colpo on 11/15/2020 2:08:31 PM

Mark was very professional and friendly. He took the time to explain the process and answered any of the questions I had. It was a very quick and painless process. Thanks.

Rita Moren on 11/13/2020 6:56:43 PM

The notary was helpful, efficient, yet thorough. And, most importantly, he was very clear.

ERIN MAHER on 11/13/2020 4:11:24 PM

Mark made the signing process easy. He was well informed.

Jesse Jorn on 11/11/2020 11:50:30 AM

Mark was great to work with, very flexible as I was moving and timing was a little crazy, we had to reschedule once for data being incorrect and the second time we had to wait while escrow came on to clarify a few items. Very patient and professional!

Celeste DaVault on 11/9/2020 12:00:10 PM

Mark made the signing of my home sale documents easy - he communicated promptly and efficiently, explained the process and answered my questions. He was very prompt and returned the paperwork very quickly following the virtual meeting. Highly recommended.

Allison Vernon on 11/5/2020 5:19:36 PM

Mark clearly explained each step, allowed us to take our time, and answered our questions as best he could. The online signing session went off without a hitch.

Amitha Perera on 11/2/2020 12:37:52 PM

Mark Hodgkins made the experience of electronically signing the documents very easy, he was very helpful and knowledgeable. He explained documents I was looking at prior to and while signing them. He had a great personality as well.

Bart Olson on 11/1/2020 12:14:27 PM

Mark was kind and patient and very expedient at the same time. Would highly recommend.

Zachary Stauber on 10/30/2020 8:50:21 PM

Mark is professional, clear, and our escrow signing went quickly and efficiently. I recommend working with Mark

Diana Forsell on 10/5/2020 2:02:42 PM

Our experience with Mark was very positive and he made the entire signing process seemless and straightforward, assisting when we had a minor challenge and answering our questions to the best of his ability. It was a pleasure signing with him.

Courtney Heath on 9/27/2020 3:33:27 PM

Mark was very efficient and explained everything clearly. He did a great job and I am glad to have used the online notary rather than having someone come to our house.

Laurie Ovesen on 9/26/2020 10:17:42 PM

Mark did an excellent job walking us through the signing. He was very patient. The process was quick and painless and we did it from a different country! Pretty amazing, actually.

Joseph Chiaro on 9/15/2020 1:53:08 PM

Mark was great to work with! He was responsive, on time and helped answer all of our questions. He was very knowledgable about the process. He worked with us when we need to change the time of our meeting, even though he was in a different time zone. Thank you Mark!

Devin Lindor on 9/2/2020 12:39:19 PM

Mark was quick, efficient and was able to guide us through the entire signing process online with no issues. Everything you would expect from an online transaction/solution!

Matt Schoeneman on 8/31/2020 7:59:37 PM

I work for a title company and I have used Mark on several closings to provide notary services for the buyers. He is professional, punctual, and efficient. I appreciate that he is also flexible in his schedule to accommodate the buyer''s schedule. I would definitely recommend using Mark for your notary needs.

Elaine Jordan on 7/22/2020 8:35:26 AM

We had a mobile notary assignment thru 5 star signing, the notary Mark Hodgkins was very meticulous and communicated well through out the entire closing.

Any Title Companies looking for an exceptional notary, Mark is the notary to use!

Jessica Bailey on 2/17/2020 1:45:50 PM

Mark is fantastic! Our company does a lot of remote closings, and it is always a reassurance and comfort when he gets assigned to our files. He is courteous to our clients, and very thorough. I cannot say enough positive things about Mark. He is always on time to the closings, and keeps us posted on how the closing is going. We highly recommend Mark, and we look forward to continuing to work with him as frequent as possible.

Jill Williamson
Old Tampa Bay Title, LLC

Jill Williamson on 11/30/2018 8:05:47 AM

Did a wonderful job, quick on short notice and even drove the documents to my office. Very smooth closing with his help. So good he will be doing some more work for me.

walta lateer on 8/16/2018 9:10:49 AM

Mr. Hodgkins has handled multiple closings for me for purchase transactions and has always done a wonderful job. He is very thorough, responsive, and professional. He is highly recommended.

Stacy Collins on 3/5/2018 12:08:02 PM

Mark is such a joy to have come and do closings for us! The customers love him and he is very fast and efficient with his closings.

Danielle Keegan on 1/3/2018 4:19:08 AM

We have had more praise with Mark than you could count.....The Seller (M/I Homes) are very picky with who does their closings....They love Mark. Always early....never complains....Customers, realtors, us, brokers....all love him doing the closings! Thanks Mark for all you do for us!

Karla  Hampton on 1/2/2018 1:35:01 PM

Mark has on 2 occasions now gone above and beyond for us in our closings with him. Today he uploaded faxbacks that weren''t requested so that things could be expedited for the customer. Recently he went back out to help re-sign when a package was lost on a closing due to title''s error. He''s been a great closer to work with. Highly recommend him.

Theresa Hampton on 2/10/2017 8:04:21 AM

This was a last minute closing and Mark made it happen. Very happy with all the services, attentions and TLC given in this transaction.

Vanessa Rueda on 12/23/2016 11:01:13 AM

Our company has used Mr. Hodgkins on several occasions and have found that he is professional, organized, efficient and very communicative with both our company, the Realtors and the customer on whom he is performing the services of notary. The documents are all signed properly, legibly and he provides excellent service in returning them via overnight mail the same day. We highly recommend him for any mobile closings/notarial services and we will continue to hire his services for all our future closings in the Tampa area.

Nancy Domonousky on 5/16/2016 12:38:29 PM

Mark was knowledgeable about FL laws pertaining to spousal joinder and was able to prevent a mishap and resigning for us.

Great attention to detail and a friendly professional attitude.

Thanks Mark!

Kristy Marett on 5/4/2016 10:03:06 AM

Fantastic service. I was exceptionally pleased with the entire experience. I had a rather tough situation, and I couldn't have gotten this done without Mark. Suffice it to say I now have my go-to notary.

gideon nayoan on 2/20/2015 12:23:12 PM

Mark is thorough, and doesn't hesitate to ask questions to squash any doubts or misunderstandings. He does the job requested of him with professionalism and pride. He gets it done correctly the first time. I am sure any company in need of a mobile notary would be quite pleased with Mark Hodgkins!

Leigh Stephens on 2/12/2015 10:10:25 AM

Our office has closed a number of loans with Mark and I have to say that each one was handled with exceptional service. I look forward to working with Mark on future closings.

  on 5/2/2013 3:32:25 PM

Mark was incredible! very professional, friendly and timely. Thank you Mark!

Beth Blackburn on 3/1/2013 7:04:08 AM

I would absolutely recommend Mark to any company looking for a professional who knows his docs and does not hesitate to ask questions when something doesn't look right with them. Mark caught issues with the docs prior to the appt which later made for a smooth closing. We will definitely use Mark on every signing we have in the area. His knowledge, attention to detail and professionalism are the kind of qualities we look for in a notary.

Debbie Nicoletti on 2/20/2013 2:07:32 PM

I had a closing as Mark was the notary. The deal was very difficult. Mark went above and beyond the call of duty as kept his schedule open to accomodate my buyer and then drove the package to Federal Express to make sure that the deal closed on time. You should be vey proud to have Mark on your team!!

Cindy Archer

Cindy Archer on 12/20/2012 5:25:25 PM


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