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California notary commission application handbook
California notary handbook
To become a California notary public, you must take a mandatory course and pass 
the California notary examination.  It is recommended that you study from the 
California notary handbook as it contains all of the California notary laws which you 
will be responsible for knowing when you take the California notary examination. 
To obtain your California notary handbook, please visit the California Secretary of 
State's website where you can download a copy. Or you can have the California 
notary handbook mailed to you by the Secretary of State. 
Careers as a mobile notary
Once you become a California notary public, you may be interested in knowing how 
to make the most of your notary commission. Many employers will favor you if you 
have a notary commission which is one advantage.  Self-employed individuals can 
make extra cash by doing notary work on the side.  There is a lot of work doing loan 
signings and mobile notary as well.   123notary.com has many courses on the loan 
signing course page which can teach you how to become a mobile notary and loan 
signing.  Please obtain your California notary commission before purchasing any of 
our courses.

California notary commission
To apply for a California notary commission you must be at least 18 
years old, and be a legal resident of the state of California.  Please visit 
the state notary division contact information page to contact the California 
notary division about getting a California notary commission
California notary application
All notary public applicants in California must complete a background check 
by the FBI and Department of Justice.  The applicants must also get live-scan 
fingerprinting done.  All applicants must also attach a 2" by 2" photo to 
the back of their completed California notary application.  All applicants 
must complete a six hour government approved course before taking the 
California notary exam.  An applicant would most likely be disqualified from 
getting a notary commission if you failed to disclose any arrests or 
convictions, or had been convicted of a felony.

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