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603 Dunburry Drive Ambler, PA 19002

Very professional and courteous for a last-minute request. Would hire again and recommend to others.

Lorena Salazar on 19/03/2020 02:51:08 PM

Anna Maria was amazing! She navigated us through the refinancing process seamlessly and was extremely knowledgeable. We highly recommend her for your notary needs!

Jessica Santos on 17/03/2020 08:58:46 AM

Anna Maria Boland has been used by my wife, myself & friends. She has provided professional Notary Public services for a wide range of documents & circumstances, from Wills, Powers of Attorney, Mortgage Refinancing, etc. Anna Maria is accommodating, flexible & attempts to meet needs to the best of her ability. The fact that she is Mobile & travels to your location, makes the process so much easier, especially when you consider 2, 3, or 4 people needing to travel, park & meet somewhere. Documents can become overwhelming, but Anna Maria is a calming, patient influence. She is professional, but she brings her charm & easy going nature into the process. Her ability to juggle information, attention to detail, charm, wit, reassurance & still walk through the process in a timely manner, is an art. Every other Notary encounter we have had has been more similar to meeting with an accountant for tax returns, or a dental evaluation to plan needed repairs. Anna Maria’s encounters with my wife & myself have been more like having coffee with an old friend. She is a delight & we highly recommend her for any & all of your Notary Public needs.

MICHAEL KACHNYCZ on 16/03/2020 03:53:21 PM

Anna is a pleasure to work with. She is professional, reliable and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Anna for notary services.

Ed Samide on 22/02/2020 04:57:45 PM

Anna Marie was an absolute pleasure to work with. Firstly, she was very flexible in working around my business schedule to meet with me for a last minute signing for an out-of-state mortgage refinance. Secondly and most importantly, Anna Marie expertly guided me through the process and helped me to address a significant error in a document prepared by my title company. Having used the services of numerous notary publics through the years, Anna Marie is one of the most professional and experienced notaries I have ever come across.

GJ Minarich on 16/10/2019 09:23:10 PM

Anna Maria was very professional and worked with our crazy schedule. We are looking forward to meeting with Anna Maria for future Notary services.

Matia Gimbel on 24/06/2019 05:25:11 PM

Anna Maria was a pleasure to work with. I used her services while signing final paperwork for a home refinance. She was very professional and made the process very easy and stress free. She took the time to explain things in the paperwork that the average person may not understand. Any future business that would require a Notary I plan on contacting Anna Maria. Thank you so much for your help, it was a pleasure!
Joe Marquart

Joe Marquart on 20/03/2019 04:28:47 PM

Ms. Boland has assisted my family and I several times, serving as a notary in connection with wills, codicils and powers of attorney. She is prompt, efficient, courteous and professional. I would strongly recommend her to anyone in need of notary services.

James Gillespie on 18/02/2019 04:37:59 PM

Anna Maria is great! She always answers her phone and promptly makes arrangements to travel to wherever I am. I've used Anna Maria three times already and will continue using her services

Frank Mangi on 09/01/2019 06:21:13 AM

Working with Anna Maria was an excelent experience. She is professional, very clear in communication and did a fast and complete job. She also charges affordable rates so I would highly reccomend her!

Jason Wollbrink on 07/12/2018 12:17:55 PM

Anna Maria accommodated us on very short notice! Very professional and thorough! She went over the documents with us. We will use her again in the future!

Jean Gardyne on 04/10/2018 05:46:31 AM

I wish I that found Anna Maria first!
She came out to meet me on a Sunday to complete an I9 electronically and was very helpful and patient when the system was not responsive. Anna Maria did not give up even though it took more of her time than expected. She kept at it and I was able to get my I9 completed. She was very nice and funny which helped to bring the stress level down. I would definitely recommend Anna Maria for your Notary needs.

Rhonda Walker on 01/10/2018 06:37:00 AM

Anna Maria does a significant number of signings/closings for my office. She goes above and beyond for me and for my customers, and she truly operates as an extension of my branch. Professional, knowledgeable, reliable, punctual, detail oriented, and very strong communication and customer service skills. I can''t say enough about Anna Maria. She is a blessing and a joy!

Amanda Webb on 24/09/2018 07:07:16 AM

Anna Maria arrived on time, and was conscientious in performing her notarial duties. She was most professional, and we would not hesitate to call her again.

R. Gerhard on 22/05/2018 06:12:37 AM

Anna Maria notarized some probate documentation for me this evening. She showed up right on time, even after I moved our time up by 1/2 an hour. She was very professional and thorough. She actually caught a few mistakes that other notaries had made with earlier signings and was able to correct them. Her fees are very reasonable, especially for the quality service you''re getting. I would highly recommend her for your notary needs.

Rick Robertson on 11/04/2018 08:07:03 PM

Anna Maria was very helpful with a fairly complex case...everything was done correctly, promptly and at a very reasonable cost.

Pat Halloran on 26/01/2018 09:49:40 AM

While visiting, my Dad was admitted to the hospital. In order to get his records to take home, we needed a power of attorney for health care. Barb was compassionate and professional, coming within hours of our call.

Beth Abbott on 20/12/2017 01:38:47 PM

I highly recommend Anna Maria''s services. She is very well spoken, efficient and responsive. Documents were signed perfectly.

Irene Hernandez on 24/10/2017 06:01:30 AM

Anna Maria assisted me in the refinance of my primary residence. She was punctual, professional and courteous while completing the paperwork. Mrs. Boland explained all of the forms in a clear and concise manner. I felt very satisfied that everything was completed correctly.

Lawrence M on 26/09/2017 09:57:41 AM

Timely, Pleasant, Highly Recommend

Kathryn L on 06/09/2017 09:54:17 AM

Anna Maria assisted us in the remote closing of our house in Florida. She was on time, professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. She explained the various forms clearly and we felt very satisfied that everything was completed correctly. We would definitely recommend Anna Maria for all of your notary needs.

John and Cheryl Adams on 23/08/2017 01:06:38 PM

Anna Maria passed the 123notary Elite Cert Test on July 14, 2017

Jeremy Belmont on 14/07/2017 10:54:02 AM

efficient. pleasant

Nancy Wallace on 30/05/2017 11:44:54 AM

Anna was on time, efficient, and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her.

David Budney on 24/04/2017 06:54:05 AM

Anna Maria is a breath of fresh air. She is always punctual, professional and pleasant to work with. We are a home building company so occasionally our closings take some twists or turns. As the branch manager, it is reassuring that if Anna is conducting our closing, she will stay the course and make sure our buyers are happy. I highly recommend her services.

Sandra McQuail on 21/04/2017 07:00:40 AM

Anna Maria Boland was a pleasure to work with- professional, efficient, knowledgeable, open to questions and follow up if needed. Glad to have had her service for my settlement.

Dale Ayton on 16/03/2017 05:13:37 PM

We were fortunate enough to have Anna Maria on a mail-in closing. Anna is professional, easy to work with and consistently followed up with us as we navigated through some obstacles (that had nothing to do with her and her wonderful service!). Anna Maria called us regularly and provided updates when she heard things - which we greatly appreciated.When the time finally came for our closing - Anna Maria was punctual, and made the process painless. We definitely will be using her in the future and highly recommend her to anyone who needs notary services!

Blair & Rick Russell on 07/01/2017 05:42:19 AM

She was great. very professional and easy to work with.

Gary Patry on 07/12/2016 02:08:00 PM

I am an accounting professional. I have had two clients that went through refinance transactions. In both cases the settlements were held at my office. In both instances Anna was the settlement notary. She was prompt, professional, personable and knowledgeable.

John Hickey on 06/12/2016 02:00:55 PM

Anna was right on time and was well organized to make it a painless closing process. She explained everything as we went through the forms and would use her services again if needed.

Monte Inman on 05/12/2016 06:02:16 PM

I had the fortune of having Anna Maria Boland come to my house to close my refinance with me. She was so incredibly nice, organized and professional. She made the entire process so smooth and easy. I highly recommend her for any notary services you may need. Many thanks Anna!!!!

Robin Rosenthal on 01/12/2016 01:23:37 PM

Anna Marie did an excellent job. She arrived on time, had everything ready, was very efficient and professional. Fastest, easiest mortgage closing I have ever done.

Dan Keller on 26/11/2016 04:08:33 PM

Anna Maria made the closing very easy. She was efficient, professional and very pleasant to work with.

Jessica McMahon on 17/11/2016 05:59:05 AM

Anna Maria was thorough, prompt and provided guidance to ensure I understood what was being signed. She provided excellent and professional service; would recommend her to others.

Karen Bachner on 16/11/2016 02:27:28 PM

Anna Maria was extremely professional, accurate and complete. Despite the title company's tardy production of documents, she notified of the delays and worked us into her schedule once all paper work was available.
If we were giving scores, she would receive 100 !!

Charles Pappas on 24/10/2016 03:54:15 PM

It was a pleasure working with Anna Maria, she was on time, efficient,knowledgable, pleasant and professional.

Florence Williams on 10/10/2016 06:48:22 AM

Anna Maria made this closing very satisfying. She made contact prior to closing and was very professional. I would recommend Anna Maria for future closings and will gladly share her name with others. Thank you

Jerry Snyder on 07/10/2016 02:25:38 PM

Anna Marie Boland was extremely professional. Was very thorough and informative with all of the documents. Would definitely consider her for any future Notary work.

Todd Comer on 04/10/2016 11:31:51 AM

Anna Maria called prior to her appointment to confirm timing and was on time for the appointment. She was very organized and professional in describing all documents. I would highly recommend her for your notary needs!!

Karen Rafferty on 03/10/2016 03:06:53 PM

Great job, would use Anna Maria's service(s) again if the need should arise.

Jonathan Smith on 30/09/2016 02:01:02 PM

Anna Maria has notarized many documents on site at our business location. She has always been prompt to respond to appointment requests and can fit us in quickly. She has been prompt and professional in every occasion.

Erin Robbins on 16/09/2016 08:35:32 AM

Anna Maria was very professional, arrived on time, was clear in her explanations and answers to questions. Our mortgage closing was a breeze with her help.

Jayme Trott on 15/09/2016 06:22:31 AM

Anna Maria Boland was highly professional. She was PROMPT. She was ORGANIZED. Thirty minutes from her arrival, she was on her way. It was a pleasure dealing with her for our mortgage refinance loan papers and will definitely call on her again if we have a need for notary services.

Thanks, Anna Maria! Great job.

James and Barbara Alderfer on 30/08/2016 12:56:49 PM

Anna Maria Boland arrived promptly when requested. She was very professional. Anna Maria was very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient.

Anna Oshman on 17/07/2016 07:31:12 AM

Anna Maria Boland arrived promptly when requested. She was very professional. Anna Maria was very knowledgeable, helpful and efficient.

Anna Oshman on 17/07/2016 07:29:46 AM

Ms. Boland was prompt, professional, proficient and helpful.

Vernon Herald on 22/06/2016 09:38:45 AM

Anna Maria was great to work with on my closing. This was my first time doing it this way and I will never go back to the old way again. Anna was very professional and efficient in handling my closing. I would have no problem recommending her in the future.

Bob Lombardo on 25/05/2016 12:31:09 PM

Anna Maria Boland went above and beyond in helping to close our real estate purchase. She was very helpful, prompt, and pleasant to work with. A true professional! I hope to use her again in the future. Many thanks!!

Jarred on 18/05/2016 05:52:03 PM

Anna Maria did our mortgage closing and was right on time a pleasure to work with and very helpful in the process. Thanks Anna Maria will keep you in mind for my notary needs in the future.
Thanks Mark G.

mark Gassman on 10/05/2016 02:34:40 AM

Anna Maria was an absolute pleasure to work with. She carefully and clearly explained all of the steps in the process (mortgage refinancing closing) and was very fun to talk to and interact with.

Would highly recommend her to anyone!

Justin Spaeth on 09/04/2016 12:49:19 PM

The entire process was very easy and was done with great professionalism. I was aware of when Anna would arrive, and she called in advance to confirm. She was able to get support folks on the phone to address my questions, and everything was done quite efficiently.

Hugh Davis on 25/03/2016 07:53:23 AM

Anna Maria administered the closing on our mortgage in our home. She was on time, exceedingly knowledgeable about the large amount of paperwork, described the contents and purpose succinctly and clearly, was very polite and efficient in the whole process and left us feeling satisfied that everything was done completely and correctly. She is very good at what she does.

Fred on 16/03/2016 12:00:42 PM

For my notary needs Anna Maria arrived before I did to set up, was professional and proficient. I would use her services again.

Sandy Brotherton on 11/03/2016 04:40:48 AM

Anna Maria was on time, very professional and polite. She said the process would be easy and after 12 minutes we were done with our paperwork. Thank you!

Katie Zenzel on 02/03/2016 07:21:06 AM

Very Professional and Personable. Would recommend working with her.

Elizabeth O'Donnell on 22/02/2016 06:58:52 AM

Anna Maria Boland did our signing. She was very professional.
She was on time and scheduled with us via the Internet.
She went thru the paperwork quickly and proficiently. The signing
was completed in the time she projected.

Margaret Nicholsonz on 21/02/2016 07:45:04 PM

Anna Maria was very professional but also very friendly. She knows what she's doing and is organized and efficient.
I felt comfortable having her in my home.

Elizabeth Charlton on 27/01/2016 12:31:35 PM

Anna Maria was both professional and courteous.

She was both friendly and punctual, and able to help navigate the mortgage closing from open to close within 30 minutes!

She took the time to go through each form with us there, to the level of detail we were willing to ask about.

I would definitely use her services again.

Bill Higgins on 21/01/2016 12:25:36 PM

We were very pleased with Ms. Boland. She arrived on time and we sat down and went right to work. She found a mistake in the bank papers and resolved it immediately so we could continue with our refinance. The whole process was smooth, fast, and very professional. We would recommend Anna Maria Boland to anyone who has a need for notary services.

Thank you
Dan and Helen Davitt

Helen Davitt on 19/01/2016 08:55:38 AM

Anna Maria was fantastic to work with for my notary needs. She arrived on time, prepared and did a very good job of the reviewing the purpose of the documents I was signing. She was helpful and really made my experience much easier than I expected. She is knowledgeable and made the overall experience very good. I appreciated her work and dedication to my need.

Teri Hoeft on 12/01/2016 02:14:52 PM

From the initial hello to the final signing and goodbye my experience with Anna Maria Boland was extremely positive. She was warm, professional and knowledgable. It's with this type of experience that I'm given assurance that my important documents were left in the right hands. I would hire Anna in the future without hesitation.

Jacob Kim on 22/12/2015 06:09:23 PM

She was a pleasure to work with on my closing. She was smart and thanks to her I was allowed to close on the refinancing of my home in Washington, DC while I was temporarily up in PA.

Jim Blowitski on 19/11/2015 05:45:39 AM

Anna Maria was the epitome of professionalism and courtesy. She made the closing portion of my refinance so quick and easy, it was amazing. It was a pleasure to do business with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of these services. 10+ stars for Anna Maria Boland. Thank you once again!

Robin Rosenthal

Robin Rosenthal on 03/11/2015 12:47:45 PM

Anna Maria was very pleasant and professional. Considering I am a notary and work in a law firm and I am sure to keep her in mind when we may need her professional services.

Kelly LaSerre on 02/11/2015 07:36:44 AM

Anna Maria definitely went out of her way to make sure our closing went well. She took the time at night to review our paperwork and identified issues. She took extra time and effort to get things resolved so we could close the day we planned. I would highly recommend Anna Maria.

Bryan Cashdollar on 21/08/2015 04:34:17 PM

Ms. Boland was courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. She put in a considerable amount of extra effort to make sure my documentation was correct, and that I fully understood what I was signing.

Highest recommendation. I would not hesitate to use her service again.

Lou Ciletti on 31/07/2015 03:25:07 PM

Anna Maria was the notary for my refinance. She is a very knowledgeable professional and a pleasure to work with. Because of her flexibility in scheduling, she helped my settlement process go smoothly. I would highly recommend her.

Sandra Twiname on 25/06/2015 06:36:34 PM

Anna Maria was congenial, efficient and very helpful. She fulfilled my request completely and confirmed where she was with each step in the process. I will certainly call her again when we have a need for a notary in her area. Overall I was very pleased with her services.

Julie Raymond on 15/05/2015 11:29:52 AM

Anna Maria was the notary for my refinance with Wells Fargo. Not only was she professional but very accommodating. I have an extremely busy schedule, and she met me at my house for the closing after hours, at 6:30pm on a Friday night.
If you're looking for a reliable notary that goes above and beyond, Anna Maria is your woman.

Joseph DiPasquale on 11/04/2015 02:57:50 PM

I recently used Anna Maria as my notary for the closing on my refinance. She was wonderful to work with! She was extremely knowledgable and helpful with corrections that had to be made by the bank/title company. My closing went very smoothly. She is the consummate professional and I would highly recommend her services.

Marion Abdalla on 22/01/2015 08:17:48 AM

We closed a loan with Anna Maria Boland this morning - and she was a very pleasant person! She came to our house and was very efficient and prepared to help us! We highly recommend her.

Bob Warth on 06/11/2014 07:54:11 AM

Working with Anna Maria was such a positive experience in the closing process. From first contact to signed documents was only 4 hours and it was all done perfectly. Thank you so much for the great job!

Diana Hogue on 05/09/2014 09:43:41 AM

I want to share the topnotch experience I had with Anna Marie Boland. Due to a very last minute cancellation with a notary I had been using for years, I had to search out a new notary online. I came across "123 Notary" and contacted Anna Marie. Within 15 minutes Anna Marie returned my call. Anna Marie arrived on time, was dressed beautifully and professionally, was very knowledgeable of her role as a notary and her pricing was very reasonable. (less expensive than the notary I had been using) I really enjoyed meeting Anna Marie and I highly recommend her services.

Needless to say, I now have a new Notary.
C. Gwynne

Carla Gwynne on 22/01/2014 02:42:16 PM

To Whom It May Concern:

I wanted to take a moment to tell you that we had the opportunity to meet and work with Anna Marie Boland as a notary for our mortgage closing and could not have been happier. She was very professional and friendly, and it was a delight having her in our home.

If you need further information I would be happy to provide any details that you need.

Jane DeVito

Jane DeVito on 14/03/2013 08:03:27 PM

I was pleased with Anna and how she handled the closing. Anna was the only "face" that I met during my re-financing process. On the day of closing, she was on-time, full prepared and walked me through the entire process - documents and addressed any/all my inquiries.

Kristin Baird on 01/03/2013 01:46:53 PM

AnnaMaria has completed several notaries for our organization. She arrives on time, is professional and courteous, and has the necessary paperwork prepared and organized. I am pleased with AnnaMaria’s work and would happily recommend her to others who require notary services.

Michelle on 25/01/2013 03:35:02 PM


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