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In our profession you have to be ready for anything. Most importantly you have to care, take the "ball" and run with it. You must be determined to get the job done and done efficiently.
I can't say enough nice things about Jennifer. I just may have to buy her a cape because she flew in and saved the day! Thank you!

Michael Goldfarb on 09/04/2014 06:59:48 PM

Absolutely stellar service. You can count on Jennifer; It will close, the client will be happy and Docs will be promptly delivered.

Luis Claudio on 22/07/2013 07:50:00 PM

Jennifer has been doing closings for us for a few years now. She has always been professional, efficiant and reliable. I would recommend her to everyone! Everyone here at the office just loves working with her. She always does a great job!

Diane Kirkwood on 03/01/2013 11:46:03 AM

Jennifer Anderer and her team have been closing loans for us for the past year and cover such a large area, therefore she is our first choice anytime we have a New Jersey or Pennsylvania file. Her team is very professional and we have never had a problem with any settlement they have closed for us. We would highly recommend them to anyone.

Max Mojica on 02/11/2011 12:56:47 PM

Jennifer has probably done 75+ closings for me and i have never had one problem. Most of my closings are at the last minute and she is always able to accommodate me. Even when the documents come at the last minute she always seems to work it out. She is very professional and an extremely hard worker.

tim stratton on 25/09/2011 11:03:42 AM

Jennifer does several closings a week for our company & every single one has been flawless. I highly reccommend her.

Meridith Lavallee on 30/08/2011 01:42:49 PM

I have been working with Jennifer for the past 7 months and have had nothing but superior service from her. Her communication to both myself and the borrower exceeds expectations. I never have to worry about missing signatures or stamps. I know once I give Jennifer the package the closing will run smoothly. She is professional, detail oriented and knowledgeable. I wish she could handle all of my closings and I will continue to utilize her for all future closing in her territory.

Stephanie Pettinichio on 30/08/2011 01:41:44 PM

Jennifer and Jeff Anderer are at the top of our list for anything in their coverage area. They are responsive, professional, attentive to detail and absolutely intrepid when it comes to handling issues and overcoming obstacles. We will pay additional travel costs to have them handle our files for our national title and attorney clients, who have come to request them by name. Once I hand the order and documents over to them, I don't worry about the closing at all; I simply wait for the good report and the rave reviews for a job well done. I only wish I had more business to send to them.

Robyn Allen on 19/05/2011 02:28:42 PM

Jennifer and her team have been providing closing services to us for approximately 2 years. She is a knowledgeable closer who is professional, prompt and service-oriented.

Additionally, her closings are thorough and I never have to worry about missed or unsigned documents in returned closing packages.

She is a true professional and I highly recommend her services.

Victoria Moate on 19/05/2011 02:28:05 PM


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