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6351 Red Cedar Place Baltimore, MD 21209

Norman is an excellent notary! Extremely professional, very polite and gets the job done on time in a very efficient manner. Highly recommended!!!

Jake Kasnett on 24/06/2022 11:25:56 AM

Norman is polite, well-spoken, positive, and extremely professional. I will be using him again for every job in the area.

It is a little nerve-wracking hiring someone you do not know to go to a client''s house (who you also do not know) to conduct business.

If you send a notary who freaks out your client you may not get the deal done. On the other hand, there is always the possibility that you may be placing your notary in harm''s way.

After working with Norman, I can say that he is trustworthy and a great representative. He also follows instructions to the tee. If you need a notary in the area he is your guy! Thank you so much for your help Norman!

Heather Howard on 23/04/2021 04:24:26 PM

Norman showed up at night at a hospital so I could get a dicument notarized for a real estate closing. I drove up from charlotte NC and he was so very accomodating and professional. I will use him every time I need anything notarized in the greater Baltimore or DC area. Highly reccomend!

Jared Dullum on 12/08/2020 05:14:48 PM

Absolutely a positive experience with Mr. Rosenzweig. He was available on very short notice. During the meeting, Mr. Rosenzweig was very thorough in explaining every step of the notary process to me, while at the same time, maintaining a professional demeanor throughout. I would 100% recommend Mr. Rosenzweig for notary services in the MD/DC area, great guy to work with!

Eric Lin on 17/03/2020 11:59:50 AM

Wonderful experience. Was very prompt in his response and sending the documents back to me. Very friendly and offers great customer service and communication. Would recommend to anyone!

Nick Fullmer on 31/07/2019 07:44:19 AM

Norman is incredibly professional and extremely fast. I called the day of and he made an appointment with me for the exact same day. He even gave me a discount since I live very close to him. He is professional, welcoming, and I would definitely chose his services over any other notary.

Lindsay Jacks on 03/09/2018 07:01:38 PM

Norman the Notary came to the nursing home bedside of my family member to work on POA papers. He was flexible, pleasant and professional.

Maria Conny on 29/08/2018 12:19:40 PM

I called Mr. Rosenzweig on a Sunday afternoon and he came to me on time, was extremely processional and explained every step to me.

Olawale Alao on 02/07/2017 12:56:04 PM

Had the pleasure of working with Mr. Rosenzweig. He was great. Informed me of exactly what his job as notary was. Very professional. Showed me his identification and license to be a notary in the state of Maryland and Washington DC. He was friendly, professional and quick. Would hire him again and recommend him to friends and family.

Wanda Hawkins on 07/03/2017 02:58:58 PM

My co-counsel and I used Mr. Rosenzweig's service to have a document notarized for an inmate at Baltimore City Central Booking & Intake Facility. He was prompt, courteous, and absolutely professional. And that was true even though we called at the last minute for an after business hours meeting and had a bit of trouble with the jail's policies on letting non-attorney's come along on attorney visits, resulting in some unfortunate delays. A complete joy to work with. We wouldn't hesitate to hire him again.

Kevin Finson on 19/01/2017 01:49:09 PM

Mr. Rosenzweig was professional and provided excellent service to our borrower. He was extremely responsive to all emails and our office wouldn't hesitate to use his services again. I highly recommend him. Thanks Norman!!!

Laurie McKinley on 18/11/2016 06:10:20 AM

Mr. Rosenzweig provided excellent service. I plan on using him again.

Bryan Beverly on 22/09/2016 08:58:51 AM

Norman was completely wonderful to deal with. Professional, yet personable, he was very understanding with my 88-year-old grandmother. If ever we need another Notary, I plan to call him. Would highly recommend.

Brittany Minser on 05/06/2016 10:20:43 AM

I have used Noros Group LLC services on several occasions. He gets all of my documents signed,dated and with a stamp of his commission then back to my office the very next day. He has even gone to the towson county maryland lock-up center to complete a signing, there is no place this guy won't go. Noros Group LLC gets the job done! Thanks for your services to the Maryland area!

Rodney Banks on 27/11/2015 07:22:48 AM

My family and I were very pleased with the service provided by Mr. Rosenzweig. He met us at the most unusual place (bowling alley) to notarized some documents so that we could finalize my dad's Will/Estate. He was very prompt, professional and courteous. I would definitely recommend him.

Anna Eckert on 06/11/2015 06:47:36 AM

In my opinion, Norman became a lifesaver and life preserver for my client to move forward in an out of state probate case. In record time he has solved a problem that has been a cloud on this case for 6 years. He also did so in a very professional and eloquent manner when faced with opposition. He was tenacious in getting the final documents signed and in the mail. I could not have asked for a better partner in this journey that will provide peaceful resolution to this family going forward.
Respectfully, Lynne Smith
United Real Estate Columbia

Lynne Smith on 27/08/2015 07:00:32 AM

I was looking for an attorney to get my driver's license notarized,I came across many names on,so I reached out to them.But no one bothered to answer my called except Norman Rosenzweig. I had to next day with this notarized letter to my embassy and Norman resolved this problem of mine in no time.The great thing about his service is like instead of me going to him,he himself came to meet me and gave me a notarized document in less than 10 mins!. I would highly recommend Norman Rosenzweig for all notary related work any day!.I am highly satisfied with the serivce.

Tariq Siddiqui on 16/07/2015 09:38:05 PM

Mr. Rosenzweig was fast, courteous, professional, and when called upon, informative. Same day service in notarizing my father's POA. I could not imagine anyone better.

Marc Chalmers on 08/06/2015 05:56:01 PM

I called Mr.Rosenzweig at approximately 3:30pm. I explained our situation of needing a notary the same day. Mr. Rosenzweig said he could be to my home by 5:00. Rt. 29 traffic had another idea, but Mr. Rosenzweig called around 4:40 and stated that the traffic was putting him about 15 minutes late. I appreciated the phone call with a lot of notice. Mr. Rosenzweig arrived around 5:15. He was extremely professional, yet very personable. Business was completed and Mr. Rosenzweig departed. Perfect transaction.

Kris Hamilton on 27/03/2015 02:18:24 PM

Mr Rosenzweig met me at my mother's nursing home. He was prompt, professional, and courteous. His work was meticulous - he took great pride in being thorough and exact. I am happy to recommend him and will use him again as needed. (date of service 2/9/15)

David Zolet on 15/02/2015 08:36:17 PM

Norman arrived early and was extremely professional and patient. He took the time to ensure everything that was required was completed, and he was friendly and kind. The circumstances requiring his services were stressful, but his calming manner put everyone at ease.

We had the need for a mobile notary several years ago, and wish the agency we were working with had found him instead of the notary they hired. Norman is an absolute joy to work with, and I recommend him highly!

Linda Sienkiewicz on 05/01/2015 02:31:31 PM

All the reviews of Norman are 100% spot on. He was exceptionally professional, polite, and efficient throughout the entire process. Extremely flexible and accommodating on a last minute request. Highest recommendations possible.

Joshua Girton on 13/12/2014 12:49:56 PM

Norman Rosenzweig arrived early, dressed professionally and treated everyone with in a respectful manner. He was very patient as we waited over an hour for my uncle's doctor to arrive so that Mr. Rosenzweig could notarize the doctor signature on a competency document. He was thorough, polite,and helped me feel comfortable in a difficult legal process. I would recommend him for any notary service.

Mary DeSimone on 04/08/2014 05:36:14 PM

Norman came to my house within an hour of our phone conversation. He was thorough, informative, and very friendly. I will certainly use him again if I need anything notarized and would recommend him to anyone who needs a notary. I enjoyed meeting and talking with him!

Joanie Nelson on 10/02/2014 09:36:56 AM

As a top mortgage originator for one of the nation's largest lenders, it is imperative we deliver excellent customer service. Mr. Norman Rosenzweig was not only professional and available. He accommodated a late closing that took place at 9 PM at the client's hotel. Our client gave us great feedback on Mr. Rosenzweig as well, re affirming his professionalism, and knowledge of all loan documents.

I highly recommend his professional services.

Emmanuel Fajardo on 28/01/2014 07:04:56 PM

Norman was extremely professional. He was punctual, thorough, meticulous, knowledgeable, and polite. An added plus: he was available on a Sunday and on short notice.

m ungar on 13/01/2014 06:39:27 AM

Norman was very quick, polite, and professional. He clearly explained the process of notarizing my documents and was transparent in explaining the various fees. I have employed Norman's services twice now and I highly recommend him.

sean preston on 11/07/2013 01:39:22 PM

We enjoyed working with Norman Rosenzweig. He was immediately available and easy to contact, courteous, professional and willing to go above and beyond for even a very urgent and last minute acquisition transaction. Norman helped us with our immediate need for a notary in a somewhat unusual situation and was able to get onsite within the hour. He worked within our very short time frame, was willing to provide additional shipping services to help us out and also provided needed supplies last minute. We would highly recommend Norman and have listed him as our preferred notary contact for our Baltimore-DC area. Thank you Norman!

Roberta Hurst on 06/10/2011 08:34:41 PM

Norman has been incredible to work with. He confirms appointments with borrower's as asked and follow instructions exactly. He is extremely professional, is flexible with hours and very courteous to our borrower's. I will continue to use Norman for any closings I have in his area as my premier closer!
Missy Deskin

Missy Deskin on 17/09/2011 03:47:59 PM

Norman was great! He was very helpful and we got the paperwork back immediately.

Robin Doran on 28/06/2011 01:31:41 PM

During my transaction with Norman Rosenzweig, he was entirely courteous, prompt, professional and patient. He was able to explain the process of hiring a notary to me, and to help me identify what our needs would be. He was able to come at a moment's notice, not for lack of being booked but to simply accommodate our quick turnaround. I would hire Mr. Rosenzweig again without hesitation, and look forward to doing business with him in the future.

Laura Fick on 06/10/2010 04:06:02 PM


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