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Available Upon Request Fresno, CA 93722

I expected a call from a notary since Friday, April 9. My agent completed documents for a home refinance. I got no calls, missed calls, or voice messages. I had insisted on meeting Monday April 12, as early as possible preferably 8am. So before 10am today, I made inquiries on where the notary was?? After I called and texted the title company which arranged the notary, an unknown local number called. I answered. It was the notary, and I asked why he never contacted me prior. He claims he called Friday and left a voicemail, and that he waited for me to reply with confirmation. He stumbled and mumbled around, without any apology or immediate remedy. He proceeded to verify my address and suddenly said the earliest he could arrive was 12:30pm-1pm. I stated back, “how can you call me once and leave a voicemail? You should have tried to call at least 2 or 3 times. Even text message me. I have no voicemails or missed calls... he wanted to change the subject and said something about it's water under the bridge and do I want to continue. I told him how he wasted my morning. I know the title company told him the time requested was 8 am, so why did he not call me at even 7:30am today or 8am today?????

He says do you want to process or not? I went back to how can this be professional? You call once and leave a voicemail, but I do not have such... he interrupts me saying there is no way to prove I called or left a voicemail, i called from a different number 214-*** (I didnt make out the last four)

But yes we can. Because landlines keep records. We could find out if he really called at all friday, or maybe he dialed wrong. Or never called at all if he cannot provide a number with phone records showing a 20-30 second call to prove a voicemail was left....

I said you're being a jerk, I don't want to do business with you and he said well you're a piece of shit and he hung up...

I called the title company to make them aware of what happened, while speaking to them Mr Marquez called and left a voicemail stating do not call me back, I just want to say I will not be completing this job. Do not call the company that hired me, I will contact them. Umm, let me know if you got this message, so call me back.. so he says do not call him, then says call him?? I have that voicemail still... it was just this morning!

He never called. He isn't professional. He was not apologetic for wasting almost 2 hours of my time this morning! And he calls a dissatisfied customer a piece of sh!t... sorry he shouldn't be in this line of work. Because he called me now with his cell phone, and claimed to call from a different number Friday (just once)... ridiculous

Kia Cha on 4/12/2021 2:28:43 PM


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