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How to write a quality review for a notary.

Positive reviews Positive reviews are generally no problem. Just make sure that you do not review your own listing. It is for the browsers to review you, not for you to review yourself.

Neutral reviews Please be careful how you phrase your review. You need to come across as an impartial client who is just stating the facts.

"We hired Joe the Notary to do a job for us yesterday. Joe The Notary arrived on time, but was dressed in ripped jeans which we thought was inappropriate. However, the notary got the job done quickly and answered all of our questions".

"Samantha did a signing for our borrower yesterday. She came twenty minutes late, but called us to know that she was running late. Samantha got the job done and got the paperwork back to us immediately"

Negative reviews
The trick here is to state the facts without engaging in character assassination or characterizations of the notary. Here are some examples.

Don't write this type of review - it assassinates Nick's character without stating the facts.
"Nick is a horrible notary. He comes late and is always rude. I will never hire Nick again." I would have to request that this type of review be rewritten by the reviewer.

Here is how to write about Nick using facts and specifics.
"Nick has done a total of two jobs for our company in the last month. He arrived 28 minutes late on March 21st, and 34 minutes and 20 seconds late on March 30th. He did not call the borrower to announce that he would be late in either case. He made a rude remark to the borrower about how slowly they signed, and we didn't appreciate that."

All negative reviews will be scrutinized before publishing them online

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