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Become a Notary

123notary apologizes, but the procedure for becoming a notary varies tremendously from state to state. Here is a very general step by step guide to becoming a notary. Please click on the link in the navigation bar called "find a notary" and then choose your state of residence and you can find state specific information about becoming a notary in your state.

Step 1
The first step in becoming a notary is to contact your state notary division. Please visit our home page and look where it says contact information for state notary divisions and click on that link. Most states will let you become a notary if you are a resident of that state and don't have any felony convictions. Other states might require citizenship, and many states don't accept individuals with misdemeanors involving moral torpitude. Many states allow individuals from neighboring states to become a notary in their state - some require that the individual has a business or employment in the state while others have no such requirement. Ask your state's notary division.

California and New York state have notary exams. We sell preparatory materials for the NY notary exam on www.becomeanotary.us.

Step 2
You will need to file an application with your state notary division. They can often mail or email it to you. Several states have online applications as well which is a time saver for all parties.

Step 3.
CA - You need to take a state approved six hour seminar.. NY - you need to take a seminar or take home course. LA - the training process in Louisiana is more time consuming than other states, please contact your state notary division for details. Other states - No exam in most other states - skip step 3.

Step 4.
If your state requires an exam, then schedule and take the exam and wait for your confirmation of passing the exam.

Step 5.
Once you are commissioned ( not certified, but commissioned is the correct term ) as a notary public in your state, you will need to file an oath and bond in your county clerks office if your state requires this procedure. Then you need to purchase a notary seal ( otherwise known as a stamp )and journal if your state requires this. We strongly recommend purchasing Acknowledgment, Jurat, and all other regularly used notary forms with your state of commission's official notary wording. Check on google.com to see who is selling notary supplies. The National Notary Association is who we recommend to purchase all of your notary supplies from.

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