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Welcome to the 123notary.com list of new and newly reviewed listings for Texas. If you want to find all notaries in a particular part of Texas, or all notaries in the entire state, please go back to the our main page for Texas. This page is only for finding new notaries that signed up with us, or notaries who have received reviews from browsers who have used their services recently.

New Texas Notary Public Listings on 123notary.com

123Notary Certified Laser Printer 24-Hour Service Texas Mobile Notaries Home State
Laser printer Michael Clawson (08-12-2018)
Austin, TX
Phone: 512-914-0670
Laser printer Harriet Vital (08-12-2018)
Pflugerville, TX
Phone: 832-341-6444
Laser printer Angelica Maria Garcia (08-12-2018)
Brownsville, TX
Phone: 832-541-0618
Laser printer John Keinrath (08-12-2018)
Nacogdoches, TX
Phone: 210-995-6030
Laser printer Pam Miller (08-12-2018)
Jacksonville, TX
Phone: 903-363-3080
Laser printer Juan Emilio Alfaro (08-12-2018)
Kilgore, TX
Phone: 903-571-1661
Laser printer Theresa Diane Davis (08-12-2018)
Arp, TX
Phone: 903-258-7747
Notary Essentials Completed...
Laser printer Tawanna Ford (08-12-2018)
Tyler, TX
Phone: 903-504-3350
Laser printer Shelley Gilbert (08-12-2018)
Whitney, TX
Phone: 817-819-3686
Laser printer Cynthia Rudd (08-12-2018)
Bardwell, TX
Phone: 214-616-0153
Laser printer Kimberly Burns Perrymore (08-12-2018)
Bardwell, TX
Phone: 972-877-3277
Laser printer Cora Belle Whitlock (08-12-2018)
Ennis, TX
Phone: 972-921-0636
Laser printer Felicia Reenay Grimes (08-12-2018)
Heartland, TX
Phone: 469-610-1383
Laser printer David Rogers (08-12-2018)
Forney, TX
Phone: 972-358-5595
Laser printer Curtis Curlee Coleman (08-12-2018)
Forney, TX
Phone: 214-334-0249

Texas Notary Public Listings that have received a recent review

123Notary Certified Laser Printer 24-Hour Service Texas Mobile Notaries Home State
Tray printer Nancy Nabors (review: 36)
(Last review on 08-01-2018)
San Antonio, TX
Phone: 210-275-1300
My mom had a stroke and was recovering in the hospital. Nancy came to the hospital and was consider...
Tray printer 24 hours Mya Byrd (review: 8)
(Last review on 07-30-2018)
Richland Hills, TX
Phone: 817-800-7579
We had an emergency situation that required a notary. I texted Mya on a Sunday morning, she respond...
Tray printer Juwana Turner (review: 5)
(Last review on 07-30-2018)
Spring, TX
Phone: 832-723-6308
Juwana Turner was very courteous & professional in assisting us with our closing... HIGHLY RECOMMEND...
Tray printer 24 hours Annette Fowler (review: 3)
(Last review on 07-30-2018)
Tyler, TX
Phone: 903-805-1923
(-2) July 30 2018 recert questions sent...
Tray printer Maxine Pride (review: 7)
(Last review on 07-28-2018)
Carrollton, TX
Phone: 214-662-4384
JULY 28 2018 RECERT BY EMAIL Notary 60%; Scenarios 40%; 1. Proof 2. Ack 3. Acts 4. WRONG Thum...
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