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Maine Notary Fees, Application, and Commission Information

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Maine Notary Fees
There is no schedule of fees that a Notary Public must charge.
The only statutory reference to fees is found in 4 M.R.S.A. Section
958 which specifies a charge of $1.50 in the course of a lawsuit to
provide for the notification of parties, making of certificate and
recording the proceedings. For other services, the Notary Public
may determine the fees to be charged. Given the fact the citizens
of the State of Maine are placing trust in Notaries Public when
seeking their services, it would be most inappropriate to
charge fees which are unreasonable or unfair.

Become a Maine notary public
A New Hampshire or Maine resident may file a Maine notary application. 
Notaries must be sworn into office by a Dedimus Justice.  The Maine 
Notary Handbook is downloadable from the Maine.gov notaries page.   A 
Maine notary may change their notary commission information without 
charge online at any time.  A Maine notary seal is necessary to be a 
Maine notary, but the seal must either be destroyed by the notary or 
Secretary of State upon termination of the notary commission. A notary 
may present Demand and notice on bills and notes, protests of losses.  
A notary with an interest in a corporation may notarize employees, stock 
holders, or directors of that corporation.  However, a Maine notary may 
not notarize for family members such as a spouse, parent, sibling, child, 
or parents, siblings, or children  of their spouse.  It is recommended 
that the notary keep a record book of all notary acts and safeguard and 
maintain exclusive custody of that book. The Secretary of State may 
suspend, revoke or refuse to renew the commission of a notary public if 
the notary violated any Maine notary laws. 

A conviction of particular crimes involving dishonesty makes an individual 
ineligible for ten years following release, the termination of probation, or 
if the applicant was not incarcerated after the date of the conviction.  
Also, if the applicant has been or is currently a notary in another state or 
jurisdiction and had their commission suspended or revoked for misconduct 
during the five year period before the application date, the applicant is 
not eligible for appointment.
A resident of New Hampshire may apply for a Maine notary commission providing 
that they are regularly employed or carry on a trade or business in Maine.