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Kentucky Notary Fees, Application, and Commission Information

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Kentucky Notary Fees
The fees of notaries public for the following services shall
be not more than set out in the following schedule:

Every attestation, protestation, or taking acknowledgment
of any instrument of writing, and certifying the same under
seal including, but not limited to, the notarization of votes
of absentee voters - 0.50

Recording same in book to be kept for that purpose -0.75

Each notice of protest - 0.25

Administering oath and certificate thereof - 0.20

No fee or compensation shall be allowed or paid for affixing the
jurat of a notary public to any application, affidavit,certificate or
other paper necessary to be filed in support of any claim for the
benefits of federal legislation for any person or his dependents who
has served as a member of the Army, Navy, or Marine Corps of the United States

Become a Kentucky Notary Public
You do not have to be a Kentucky resident to become a Kentucky notary public. 
You must submit a Kentucky notary application to the Secretary of State. After 
your application has been processed, a certificate of appointment will be sent 
to your county clerk's office. For non-residents, the county clerk's office 
where your application is filed should be the county where you are employed 
or run a business in Kentucky.   The new notary must get a Kentucky notary 
bond, take an oath of office, file and record their commission within thirty 
days of receiving their notary that their certificate of appointment has been 
received by the county clerk's office.  There is a $10.00 Kentucky notary 
application fee.  Contact information for the notary division is below.
Notary Commissions
P.O. Box 821
Frankfort, KY 40602-0821

A Kentucky notary division is good for four years.  A notary public application 
can be approved by a Circuit Judge, circuit clerk, county judge/executive, 
county clerk, justice of the peace, or a member of the General Assembly of the 
county of the residence of the applicant or in the county in which the applicant's 
principal place of employment is located.   If you are not a Kentucky resident, 
but employed in Kentucky, you may also apply to become a Kentucky notary public. 
A county clerk also has the powers of a notoary public.