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Welcome to the 123notary.com list of new and newly reviewed listings for Florida. If you want to find all notaries in a particular part of Florida, or all notaries in the entire state, please go back to the our main page for Florida. This page is only for finding new notaries that signed up with us, or notaries who have received reviews from browsers who have used their services recently.

New Florida Notary Public Listings on 123notary.com

123Notary Certified Laser Printer 24-Hour Service Florida Mobile Notaries Home State
Laser printer Kristen Marie Rios (12-03-2018)
Port South Lucie, FL
Phone: 561-660-1054
Laser printer Ramon Mescallado (12-03-2018)
Cape Coral, FL
Phone: 239-849-5209
Laser printer Alice Fracek (12-03-2018)
Lehigh Acres, FL
Phone: 239-989-7635
Laser printer Tamechia Nedds (12-03-2018)
Pensacola, FL
Phone: 402-813-2104
Latrela Nealy (12-01-2018)
Winter Haven, FL
Phone: 863-514-7481
Laser printer Isabel Lopez (11-29-2018)
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Phone: 954-415-4417
I have been in the Mortgage industry for 22 years. Notary for 14 years. ...
Laser printer Lidia Del Rey (11-29-2018)
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Phone: 305-302-8510
Laser printer Rochelle Maria Emanuel (11-29-2018)
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Phone: 772-807-0433
Laser printer Liselotte Irenheim (11-29-2018)
Sarasota, FL
Phone: 941-302-4859
Laser printer Tracey Copeland (11-29-2018)
Port Orange, FL
Phone: 386-212-0947
Laser printer Shelley Bayless (11-29-2018)
Tallahassee, FL
Phone: 850-556-6814
Tray printer Rose White (11-22-2018)
Brooksville, FL
Phone: 352-559-6321
Notary since 1998; I have worked in community services for eighteen years and a Mortgage Broker for ...
Laser printer Pearline Lewis (11-17-2018)
Key West, FL
Phone: 305-294-0954
Laser printer Constance Langmann (11-17-2018)
Fort Myers, FL
Phone: 239-940-3255
I am very professional. I owned my own kayak tour business and insurance business for years....
Laser printer Mary Zezima (11-17-2018)
Fort Myers, FL
Phone: 631-766-6329
I am a notary and do general notary work but do not do loan signings....

Florida Notary Public Listings that have received a recent review

123Notary Certified Laser Printer 24-Hour Service Florida Mobile Notaries Home State
Tray printer 24 hours Mark Latimore (review: 2)
(Last review on 12-07-2018)
Miami Gardens, FL
Phone: 786-554-4100
(-1) Dec 7 2018 login reminder phone message...
Tray printer owl hour Wendy Cartwright (review: 8)
(Last review on 12-07-2018)
Tampa, FL
Phone: 813-453-9903
Wendy is a supreme professional. She brings her deep experience and compassionate personal touch to...
Laser printer owl hour Sebastian Tavara (review: 0)
(Last review on 12-06-2018)
Altamonte Springs, FL
Phone: 954-952-2287
(ok) Login reminder phone message Dec 6 2018...
Tray printer 24 hours Cindy Bailey (review: 115)
(Last review on 12-06-2018)
Kissimmee, FL
Phone: 407-346-6277
(-2) Login reminder phone message 12 6 2018...
Tray printer 24 hours Barbara Keil (review: 33)
(Last review on 12-02-2018)
Palm Harbor, FL
Phone: 727-510-9290
Barb handled everything perfectly and did a great job. Very easy to work with and very nice. Thanks ...
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