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Alaska Notary Fees, Application, and Commission Information

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AK-Notary Public Notary Fees
Alaska Statutes do not address this subject for notaries without
limitation except that a published fee schedule must be provided to
the signer prior to the performance of the notarization if a notary
intends to collect a fee for their services (AS 44.50.062 (4)).
Statute does state that Limited Governmental Notaries may not
charge for notarization.

Become an Alaska notary public
Qualifications: Applicants for an Alaska notary public commission 
must be 18 years old and must be a resident of Alaska who is residing 
legally in the United States.  Applicants may not have had a felony 
conviction or have been incarcerated for a felony conviction within 10 
years before the commission takes effect.  If you have ever had a Notary 
commission revoked or have been disciplined for Notarial misconduct in Alaska 
or any other jurisdiction you must  contact the office to discuss before 
submitting your application.
Types of commissions: (1) Regular commissions are available to anyone who 
qualifies and may be used for any Notarial activity that is legally allowed.  
Applications for regular commissions must include a properly completed $1,000 
Notary Bond and Notary Commission Application form. (2) Limited Governmental 
Notary commissions are only available to Federal, State and Municipal 
employees. Notarial activity under a this type of Alaska Notary commission 
is limited to official government business.  Applications for Limited 
Governmental commissions must include a properly completed Notary Commission 
Application form and Employer Approval form.  The statutes allow both types of 
commissions to be held concurrently if you desire.
Term of office: Regular Alaska notary public commissions are issued for a 
four-year term.  Limited Governmental commissions are open ended and are 
active as long as the Notary remains employed by the governmental entity 
they were working for when they became commissioned.
Application fee: The application fee for an Alaska Notary Commission is 
$40.00, and is non-refundable and non-transferable.   The $40.00 application 
fee is waived for State of Alaska employees who are applying for Limited 
Governmental commissions. Please make checks payable to "State of Alaska." 
The State of Alaska's EIN number is 92-6001185.
Bonding:  An Alaska notary public must carry a $1000 bond
Renewals: Alaska notary commissions are not renewable. Although commission 
date overlap never happens, hypothetically, if you have a current 
commission that is about to expire and you receive your new commission 
while the current commission is still active, please use the old commission 
and its expiration dates on forms that you notarize until the last day of 
that particular commission.  Then, you may start using the new notary 
commission. Your new commission's start date will never overlap with your 
old commission's expiration date and you should not begin using the new 
commission's expiration date until the new commission has officially started.