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Tip: Confirming a jail signing - what to ask

If you are asked to do a jail signing, make sure to ask these questions to the person who hires you. The client in a jail signing is usually the girlfriend, relative, or attorney of the inmate.

(1) Do you have current identification for the signer?
(2) Please read the type of ID, serial #, and expiration date to me.
(3) What is the name on the ID, and what name is to be signed on the documnent.
(4) Do you have the document and what is it called?
(5) What is the jail name and cell # of the inmate
(6) When was the last time you confirmed where the inmate was and how long will he/she be stationed there?

Be sure to double check where the inmate is on the day of the signing because inmages are moved regularly, and lockdowns also happen regularly.

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