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Tip: Why become a mobile notary

Being a mobile notary is a way to:
a. Make a nice income.
b. Maintain a flexible schedule.
c. Maintain your autonomy.
d. Be on the road several hours a day. Full time mobile notaries make anywhere from $30,000 to $80,000 per year. The majority probably make around $50,000 per year. You can take a vacation anytime you want. But, if your customers sense that you are not there for them, they might go elsewhere. You can accept jobs early in the morning if you are an early bird. Or, late at night if you are a night owl. You can choose to work weekends if you like. You can set your own prices. If you don't like to do jobs on Saturday, you can charge double. Perhaps somebody will pay, you never know. Mobile notaries drive a lot and talk on cell phones a lot. If you enjoy these two activities, you may have found the career for you.

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