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Tip: Internet sites / directories

Internet sites? How many do I choose?
Which notary websites are popular? This changes over time. Various sites' market shares keep changing. One site may have a great forum, another site may have great results for attracting title companies, and another site might be good for attracting low paying jobs. Which one(s) should you invest in? Try them all out with free listings. Ask notaries advertising how their listing is working for them. Do your homework. If you are a serious notary, I would try advertising on the top four notary internet sites and see how it works. If you have a bad experience with one or two, you can discontinue when your membership runs out. Keep the memberships that work and forget the rest. Remember, that each notary has a different experience with the same site. You might have magnetism with a particular site while other notaries don't, or vice versa.

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