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Tip: Physical yellow pages - which ones work?

Physical Yellow Pages, which ones work?
If you want to advertise your mobile notary business, yellow pages are a good way to go. But, which yellow pages? Online or offline? The answer is that the effectiveness of various forms of advertising change over time, and these days, change happens really fast. Twenty years ago, yellow pages were probably the primary or sole way a mobile notary could advertise their business. However, now that the internet has become the primary source of information for those on our side of the digital divide, physical yellow pages are used to put on low piano benches more than they are used as a source of information. But, some people still use physical yellow pages. If you want to get jail and hospital signings, physical yellow pages are the way to go. Some books work better than others, so test them out for a year with a modest priced advertisement and see what happens.

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