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Tip: Children and phones

Children and phones
God forbid if you let your children answer the phone - unless they are trained.
American kids usually say, "Helllllo?" in a pained whiny tone of voice. Then they explain in an even whinier voice, "Shes in the bathroom", or "She's not here", and they rarely offer any more information or offer to leave a message.Train your children in the manners of the British upper class.
Child: "Rutherford residence, this is Charles, may I help you".
Caller: May I speak to Joanne please?
Child: I'm terribly sorry, she is unavailable at the moment, may I take a message?
Caller: I really need to speak to her.
Child: I do apologize, but she is indisposed at the moment, I'll be happy to take a message.
If your children are indisposed to proper manners, then only use your cell phone for your business, and make sure nobody answers it, but you -- when you are in a good mood.

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