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Tip: e-notarization

An e-notarization is a notary job done completely online. The signer would not actually come into contact with the notary. An online journal would be used to record the transaction as well. e-notarizations would never be used for deeds effecting real property since those are very critical and involve high dollar figures. An e-signing is different from an e-notarization. E-signings are electronic loan signings where the notary visits the borrower's home or meets the borrowers at a mutually agreeable location. The signer would appear before the notary in an e-signing just as they would in any normal notarization. Some or all of the documents would be signed using a laptop with a wireless internet card. However, the actual journal used for an e-signing would be a regular physical journal, while an e-notarization would use an electronic journal.

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