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1500 SW Pleasant View Drive Apt O-361 Gresham, OR 97080

I had the pleasure of doing business with Rosemary Wylde a few months ago when she facilitated signing of our loan documents. This was, by far, the smoothest, most efficient signing I have ever experienced.

I was particularly impressed by Ms. Wylde''s professionalism, flexibility, and her meticulous attention to detail. She contacted my husband in advance to make sure that the loan documents matched our names as they appear on our state ID''s. In my case, there was a discrepancy. Rosemary then walked us through the process of using two subscribing witnesses to help verify my identity so that we could proceed with the signing as scheduled.

All four of us were feeling a little anxious when we got there, but Rosemary was set up and waiting for us when we arrived. As she rose to greet us, her calm, professional demeanor immediately put everyone at ease. It was very clear we were with someone who was very experienced and knew what she was doing. She then patiently went through each of the documents, one by one; first explaining what the document was, then having us sign the document, then having us sign in her journal.

I highly recommend the professional notary services of Rosemary Wylde.

Charmaine Bevan on 18/01/2019 06:54:46 PM

I live in Washington state and attempting to help my 89 year old mother with a reverse mortgage in California. Rosemary was hired by the lender and spoke to me first as I had requested. Mother is very hard of hearing and when Rosemary told me of all her experience with similar troubles I felt a big relief in getting the job completed. I had heard stories of people having to yell and shout to get anything signed by a borrower. Rosemary was very soft-spoken with me as we discussed Mom''s needs, what a relief a woman coming to mom''s home would be much less intimidating than man and someone that could talk with her (not at her). All in the comfort of home.
I have not met Rosemary yet however would love her help again if or when the need arrives in the future. This story is not over yet as there will still be more signatures needed in the next month or so. Should we need a notary again I will most likely be there as well and look forward to meeting Rosemary.

Don Rogers on 17/01/2019 10:40:15 PM

Rosemary was a great help to me in the following way. I’m living in Mexico City and was petitioning the French Embassy for an extended Visa to live in Paris. They required a notarized document from the U.S. I’m so thankful that she was a Mobile Notary because he had to accompany my daughter during the evening hours to an agency to notarize the document. It was then mailed overnight to me in Mexico. I was so anxious about gettiing this paper work done in time. Rosemary saved the day and I now have an extended French Visa in hand.

Bobbye Trotter on 30/10/2013 10:38:07 PM

It was a pleasure doing business with her, she was efficient
knew what she was doing and made the process go smoothly.. diffinately will be using her service again..

juliet scarlett on 29/10/2013 10:43:58 AM


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