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8306 Wilshire Blvd #1907 Beverly Hills, CA 90211

Cheryl Harrington, The LA Mobile Notary is great to work with. She is professional, reliable and friendly! I will use The LA Mobile Notary again.

Lacy Winsor on 15/06/2018 07:24:57 AM

This was the first time I have used a mobile notary. I was very happy to have had Cheryl. She guided me through signing my closing documents and made me feel at ease. She communicated prior to her arrival and was on schedule .I would highly recommend Cheryl for your notary needs.

Douglas Jorge on 23/02/2018 07:29:20 PM

Cheryl Harrington passed the 123notary Recertification Test on July 7, 2017.

Jeremy Belmont on 08/07/2017 01:38:31 PM

Efficient, professional, knowledgable and a terrific price... I recommend her to EVERYONE!

Dee on 09/01/2017 01:13:00 PM

She was very pleasant, prompt and professional.

Barbara Mink on 06/01/2017 09:47:22 AM

Working with Cheryl was a great experience. We needed a notary within an 1 hour and she made it possible. We would love to keep contact with her for further needs & will recommend to other workers we work with.

Leslie Paniagua on 21/12/2016 12:19:27 PM

Cheryl came to our house on 2 different occasions. She made it quick and easy to get things notarized. She is diligent and has great attention to detail. My husband and I highly recommend!

Lisa Schurga on 09/12/2016 02:32:30 PM

Cheryl Harrington was on-time, fast and efficient. I would use her again.

Gerald Rosenberg on 06/12/2016 08:20:30 AM

Needed to get several documents notarized from several different people, so I thought to gather everyone at a restaurant and have everyone come over and sign everything over drinks! Cheryl came by and was super nice. Got the job done and it was the most fun doc signing experience so far! :)

Joao Coelho on 27/11/2016 04:15:28 PM

Cheryl assisted me with a big stack of out-of-state real estate documents. Cheryl was great! Not only was she very professional and upbeat, but she came prepared and knew the out-of-state notary requirements. I was also under intense time pressure to meet a Fed Ex deadline. I was grateful for Cheryl's calming support that day. She stayed focused and got the job done with time to spare. I can highly recommend her and would definitely use her services again.

Denise Waite on 21/11/2016 09:32:20 PM

Such a great experience with Cheryl! I called the day before to see if she was available to notarize a document for my boss and she responded right about and came by right on time the following day. She was responsive, thorough, organized,efficient and friendly! My boss was in and out of getting her form notarized and had a very positive experience as well. The whole process took only about 5 minutes. I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone who needs forms notarized quickly without needing to go to a store. This was perfect and I will definitely use again!

Jordan Moncada on 21/11/2016 10:18:32 AM

She was great ! Very informative patient and a professional. I would highly reocommend her to anyone who is looking for someone. Really enjoyed the experience.

Perry Baggett on 17/11/2016 09:59:32 AM

Cheryl was so helpful. She probably helped us more than is customary for a notary to do. But her help was very good, professional and accurate.

I will definitely call upon her again.

Catherine Smith on 09/11/2016 11:19:09 AM

I needed to find someone quick who could come to us and handle some confusing paperwork that needed to be notarized. Cheryl was gracious working with our situation and also proficient at guiding us about how to handle a pesky AKA situation.

We will continue to use her for all our notary needs where I work. Her price was great too!

Deidra Goulding on 09/11/2016 11:16:37 AM

The LA Mobile Notary is a great business. The representative who came out responded to my request quickly, set up an appointment time the same day, and executed the notarization forms quickly. Would use again!

Jodi Teti on 01/09/2016 12:13:24 PM

Cheryl is not only professional, always on time and works quickly but she is an absolute joy to work with. Caring, sharp as a tack and helpful in more ways than one, I cannot recommend her enough. There is truly no need to look any further and Cheryl should be your go-to notary, she's been mine for years.

Courtney Abbiati on 29/08/2016 10:38:38 AM

Cheryl is not only professional, always on time and works quickly but she is an absolute joy to work with. Caring, sharp as a tack and helpful in more ways than one, I cannot recommend her enough. There is truly no need to look any further and Cheryl should be your go-to notary, she's been mine for years.

Courtney Abbiati on 29/08/2016 09:38:54 AM

I worked with Cheryl regarding getting my documents signed and notarized. She was able to meet me close to where I live and everything went smoothly. It was great working with her and on top of that she's a great person as well.

I definitely recommend her services to anyone.

Jonathan McNeil on 28/08/2016 12:15:02 PM

Wow, that was fast and easy. I will use her again. Had her go to a real estate sellers house with two cashiers checks and deeds for two properties to sign over. Everyone seems happy!

Luke Smith on 30/10/2015 10:54:38 AM

Cheryl was professional yet cheerful. Very thorough & reasonable in cost. Took care of business in a timely manner. I would recommend Cheryl for traveling notary service.

Barbara Devries on 16/08/2015 12:34:13 AM

Cheryl was amazing. She came to us at a moment's notice and was very prepared. We were under the gun to get the contracts signed, but she was so efficient and friendly and made it all work out. I highly recommend her services!

Rob Sudduth on 27/07/2015 10:09:04 AM

Cheryl Harrington was very knowledgeable, professional and a pleasure to work with. I will definitely recommend her to my network.

Amanda Oyaneder-Balzan on 16/06/2015 01:21:11 PM

Because of my crazy schedule, Cheryl had to meet me in the lobby of my downtown LA hotel. She was so organized, professional and extremely personable. We will definitely add her to our list of preferred notaries. She's fantastic!

Karen Robertson on 29/05/2015 12:37:24 PM

Cheryl has always been reliable and professional even for our last minute requests. She's great and I would recommend her for anyone!

Alessandra Donati on 13/04/2015 09:32:31 AM

Cheryl was very professional, on time, and absolutely lovely. Great experience all around and I would highly recommend her.

sally mcelroy on 06/04/2015 01:43:51 PM

I am a closing attorney who represents a major lender in NY and needed a notary public in California to represent us for a refinance of a NY property. The closing package was a bit more confusing than a regular refi as we were doing a new deed into a trust. NY refinances also have additional documents that most California notaries are not used to seeing.

Cheryl did nothing short of a phenomenal job. She did not hesitate to ask questions to make sure the job was done correctly.

She truly went above and beyond to make sure everything went smooth and I would highly recommend her services!

Jason Law on 25/03/2015 08:30:01 AM

Cheryl was awesome at handling my urgent affidavit signing. She was prompt and handled the signing without any issues. I will definitely use her services again.

R Williams on 05/02/2015 08:44:57 AM

Cheryl is a fantastic notary! She was professional, thorough and efficient - even under a tight deadline.

Niki O. on 11/01/2015 12:28:14 PM

Cheryl was very flexible with my schedule. She brought all the necessary closing documents, including a copy for my records, and was extremely thorough.

Brent Oakes on 03/12/2014 03:25:59 PM

Cheryl was great!! She was prompt and courteous, and very flexible in setting up the appointment. She was friendly and overall it was a great business experience. I would definitely recommend her!!

Brandon Lott on 01/05/2014 02:29:51 PM

Cheryl notarized a long form contract we had signed. She was very easy to deal with, knowledgeable, and I would not hesitate to use her again.

Nick Bral on 21/04/2014 12:40:28 PM

Notary was very unprofessional looking for payment. We emailed her proof of her cleared check on 3/19/13 though she posted negative comments regarding our company with no just cause.

Deborah Salvatore on 12/03/2014 03:55:22 PM

Notary's responses:
The signing was on January 25, 2013. It is now ONE YEAR and Two Months since this closing and Quick Closing 123, Deborah Salvatore has concern about my query for payment?

I stand by my original complaint. Quick Closing123, hung up the phone on me and they were slow to pay and that is unprofessional. I made several calls and sent two emails regarding payment. On February 25th, 2013, I sent a one line email that said "Outstanding invoice with amount and attached a copy of the invoice." I called there after and asked if they would check to see if check cleared because I show no record of payment. That is when Deborah Salvatore's office hung up the phone! On March 6, 2013, I received an email from Quick closing 123 that said the "check #10561 had not cleared, to check back with them on March 27, 2013". On March 19, 2013 at 3:02PM, I received and email with a copy of the check that shows the date the check was initiated 03/12/2013. Attached is a copy of the check that shows the banks acknowledgement of the check being issued March 6, 2013.

The moment a notary accepts a job from a signing company we are sent 2-3 page emails of warnings and rules that if you make any mistakes you will see a reduction in pay, however when executing a clean signing, payment is 30 days away and we are now being annoying. As a Notary I sign under penalty of perjury, the signing companies are not regulated.

It is time the DRE and Secretary Of State set regulations for signing companies.

Cheryl did a great job by turning around the job, including apostille, in a single day. She was also very pleasant to deal with.

NILS RASMUSSEN on 14/02/2014 01:37:12 AM

We are a title company located in Cinti OH and we needed to find a mobile notary who could meet with our client who lived in LA. I called Cheryl and spoke with her and she was able to have our client sign the appropriate document within hours and put the document in the overnight same day and we received it the next day. I am very pleased with her. I will use her again if we ever need anything signed in LA County again. She is very nice and very professional. Thanks again Cheryl for your help!

Carrie Flischel on 16/10/2013 10:23:29 AM

Cheryl was fantastic. She was able to come on a holiday and brought with her all of the necessary extra documentation to notarize something for another state. I received a traffic ticket in Texas and my CA license needed to be verified and Cheryl was able to do it. I couldn't endorse her more, definitely worth a call!

Scott Buckley on 02/09/2013 01:15:41 PM

Some people succeed by what they know, some by what they do, and few by what they are. Cheryl Harrington has succeeded as a licensed notary for all three reasons.

These days, passion separates those who work for a living and those who live to work. I would suggest that Cheryl is the later. She is fulfilling her life purpose; essentially her calling, by assisting many individuals in times of need.

I have been using her services since early 2008. As a wealth advisor, we are faced with a bevy of financial forms - from Estate Planning matters to Patriot Act issues -
all of which require a knowledgeable and proficient notary.

Cheryl is professional, courteous and exceptionally bright.
I have to say, if there were 10 stars to give - she would get it. Her services are worth your time.
You will not be sorry; the value is there, you will see as I have.

Richard Downer on 25/07/2013 05:04:00 PM

Cheryl arrived on time, was professional in her performance, and she was very pleasant to deal with. She was systematic in going over a large pile of documents, which she explained, and then she doubled checked everything very carefully. I would not hesitate to use her again.

Harry Evans on 09/05/2013 04:20:53 PM

Cheryl showed up on time and was very knowledgable and thorough. we were getting a home equity loan and needed the deed of trust notarized. I would definitely use her again.

Raymond Fitzgerald on 19/03/2013 01:47:11 PM

Cheryl came to my rescue. I needed 4 corp resolutions signed in order to fund 4 multi million dollar transactions. She met the lady at a Starbucks, signed her up and then faxed and returned all within a few hours! I would definately use her again. You should too!

Teresa McNally on 28/12/2012 06:03:28 PM

Cheryl arrived as scheduled at our home. She was professionally dressed and notarized our loan documents with friendliness and efficiency. I would recommend her services to everyone.

William Umland on 15/10/2012 11:21:40 AM

The best notary in town.

Miriam Sierra on 12/10/2012 08:08:16 AM

Cheryl did an excellent job, communicated very well during the process and we look forward to her closing for us again.

Jimmy Jones on 11/10/2012 09:12:11 PM

Cheryl Harrington was very professional and timely. She had all the documents together and knew what each one ment. She answered all my questions and the process was very smooth.

marcia caldwell on 11/10/2012 08:06:07 PM


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